Friday, 30 January 2009


As an organisation, the PDOIS is one party that has stood the test of time. The party has learnt how to survive on a tight budget and meagre resources. This is a great strength in African political landscape. The party founders knew in order to sustain themselves and their ideology, self-reliance and financial discipline must be a top priority. The African continent is filled with political parties that haven't a glue how to manage their party's affairs without recourse to corrupt practises.The PDOIS executive are men whom i can trust with our country. They have shown that although trying to establish themselves as a viable option for Gambians to consider as potential leaders, still remain dignified and humble in their resolve to attain the party's rason deter with regards to proper procedures. Humility, down to earth, educated, composed, philosophical, etc.These are their strengths.But what is evident which no one can deny is the fact that, after so many years, Gambians hasn't consider according the executives the mandate to lead them. This i believe requires the party to consider fighting for a constitutional amendment so that, the party can choose a new fresh leader from the diaspora The PDOIS has many young and committed supporters who can lead the party in modern Gambia were the internet is a key tool in interaction and politicking. The likes of Musa Jeng, Joe Sambou, Jabou Joh, Demba Baldeh, Fra Barbar, Kobo, Shaka, Kayatta, Brikama, ML Touray, Tijan Nimaga etc are all good Gambians that the party can choose from.To challenge Jammeh, fresh blood in our politics is needed. The diaspora PDOIS supporters will do a good job in reinvigorating the party and connecting with young people and those siting on the fence.The current executives can be there as a guide and advisers on policy issues and maintain the party's ideas and philosophy.The new methods of friendly and approachable public relations can be cemented and a network of communication channels created.My humble opinion.suntou Bolong Touray

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