Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Folks, forgive my ranting, but sometimes you cannot but rant. I have known and came across quiet a lot of Gambians in Europe selling American cloths, shoes, and other accessories. I have never been tempted to buy any such cloths. This brothers and sisters who engage in the trade knew lots of people don't like American cloths in Europe, they are mostly oversize and expensive.
So they employ a tactic of smooth selling. They hand you the items and then tell you pay anytime, by installment. This is a trick. I have seen many got caught up this quagmire, i felt sorry for many.
Guess what, i became a victim of this unscrupulous sellers. A month or so ago, i chaired a meeting were Gambians from nearby towns came. After the meeting, an old brother about 45 years old came to me. I knew him but not very well. He is a close friend to my elder brother in their city. He was having a car full of this trappy American cloths and shoes. He approached me and said, "i have a shut for you". I said what, he said have a look. I said, sorry but i don't wear shuts often, becise, i wear the cheapest ordinary brands, mostly grey and black, nothing fancy. he said, no, have this and pay anytime.
I said, how much, he said £125. Come on, a shut for £125, i said that's way too expensive. He said no problem. pay any amount you like. I said no, thanks, i don't need it. He started getting into some emotional stuff and his friendship with my brother and so on. I said ok, i will pay not more than £80. becus as Gambians we should patronise our brothers. He said, take your time and pay by installment if you like. After all i am a student, paying heavy fees, talk less of my fuel for the 80 miles return journey to my lecture a day. So installment it is.
A week later this guy started texting and calling me Demanding payment. I was shocked, i said you said anytime and by installment. he said yes, but that he is in financial problem, woo woo woo.
I said ok. I took his account number paid some money, i phone to say i will pay the rest later. Two days later, he call again.
I got angry man. What is this, I never even put on that Italian branded American shut. Come pick it up, i said.
He calm down. Another few days, he phone for the balance. This time, i said to him, i will pay when i can, clear off. He even came knocking my door for the money.
Be mindful of this smooth talkers and tricksters. If you have cash to buy your American cloths, please do, but avoid the credit sellers.
That's my rant.

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