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Former GPU President Message of Appreciation

APPRECIATION Ndey Tapha: As indicated in my opening remarks, service without checks and balances is of no use to you the leader and those you lead, therefore I am proud that the Gambia Press Union over the years has entrenched internal democracy, transparency in its dealings and stock taking as an integral part of the nature and functioning of our great Institution. I’m also proud that in every aspect of Union management, for every pillar of the raison d’etre of our Union, this executive has raised the bar to such an extent that in every part of the world, in every home in The Gambia, the GPU is a common name and one that is synonymous to sacrifice, hard work and belief on our cause.

Of course there have been and there will always be the detractors, but as my policy has been and its one that I tried to push within this executive, no amount of distraction will push us into losing our focus, our resolve to deliver on the mandate that we accepted and sought you to trust us with. Since we came in as GPU leaders in March 2008, our main priority was to be make decisions, as an entity and to consult each other at all times in a very transparent, honest manner and at all times putting the interests of our membership first.

I would be unfair to my team, Sarata Jabbi-Dibba, Modou Nyang, Bai Emil Touray, Lamin Njie, Madi Njie, Pa Modu Faal, Buya Jammeh and Amie Sanneh if I do not single them out for their steadfastness and commitment to duty. It has been hard, long and tumultuous but we have arrived, and we have made a difference, I congratulate you all. The same goes to our dedicated staff, executive director Aloa Ahmed Alota, Fatma Tambedou, Accountant, Nellie Grant, Librarian/Secretary, Isatou Njie, cleaner. Our ICFJ partners Alieu Sagnia and Chilel… who also share our office space with us.Unreserved thanks must be for GPU advisors Sam Sarr, Demba Jawo, Swaebou Conateh, Cherno Jallow, Amie Joof and George Christensen. Their experience, expertise and visionary outlook has at many times, dampened the fiery spirit with which this young executive would normally jump on issues and probably have acted differently.

I appreciate the genuineness demonstrated and support given. Ousman Sillah, Abdoulie John and Fabakary Ceesay are ordinary members who have gone over and beyond the call of duty to represent, to speak for and to defend the interests of this Union. Thank you for the support.Our partners and friends we have made over the years have played an integral part to every success that we have registered and every milestone gained, I thank our local partners in particular the US Embassy, British High Commission, UNDP (UNDEF Project team), ActionAid The Gambia, UNESCO/NATCOM, Unique Solutions, FLARE. Our international and regional partners have ensured that our agenda, our voice is being heard and that will continue to be heard, we therefore thank the IFJ, FAJ, WAJA, SYNPICS, Amnesty International, GAMES (Danida), Article 19, CPJ, International Pen, OSIWA, OSJI, Reuters, RSF.
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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Jammeh's First Footing with Gambian Press..

First press conference of the AFPRC at State House that evening: Mr. Malick Jeng: (Press Officer): Chairman of the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council and Head of State, members of the Council, members of the press, we are gathered here in the Cabinet Room at State House for a press conference with the Chairman of the Armed forces Provisional Ruling Council, Lieutenant Yahya Jammeh. This is the first press conference of the Chairman and we would now like to invite His Excellency to make a statement which would be followed by questions from the press. Fatoumata Ceesay, Freelance/Daily Observer: was the first to ask the junta ………

Mr. Momodou Musa Secka, Daily Observer: Your Excellency, it is indeed agreeable that you have lofty goals and noble objectives in toppling the previous government, especially where corruption is concerned, which was the headlines of many national and international newspapers. However, military governments in Africa do not have a rack record of fulfilling the lofty ideals for which they seized power, instead what happens the people experience more suffering, more often far worse than before.

This is because the military rule with guns, the people remain helpless victims of military and suppression. I hope this will not happen in this country and taking into consideration the unique record in which you have toppled this government, could you give us the guarantee that this will not happen in this country?

Lt. Jammeh: Well, it is wrong to judge our government by the records of previous military governments, in the sense that this is a military government with a difference. It is composed of patriotic Gambians. We are not here to enrich ourselves.

We are not here to live flamboyant lifestyles, and looking at the composition of the government that should send a signal that we mean an equitable distribution of the national assets; one getting what you have sweated for and we are assuring the public that we are not here to breed on the back of somebody’s neck.

We are here to accept ideas and criticisms and that our government will be open to criticisms and at anytime you are free to see us, criticize us where we are wrong and contribute where you can contribute.

We are not serving ourselves. Remember, every one of us, as Gambians, must serve the interest of the Gambia. Whoever is appointed is not serving the military government but is appointed to serve the interest of the Gambian people.

Deyda Hydara, the Point: the outgoing government recently put in place an impressive and very comprehensive plan of action aimed at alleviating poverty in general and improving the lot of Gambian masses in particular. In the same vein, that same government recently conducted far-reaching negotiations with the Bretton Wood institutions. I would like to know if your administration is going to pursue the same objectives within the stipulated programmes?

Lt. Jammeh: Well, the stipulated programmes you mentioned were instituted by the overthrown government. We are coming in with our own programme that will not only be there to impress the people but that will yield results for the entire people to benefit. We are not here to fool Gambians by giving them bogus programmes that will never be implemented.

Mam Sait Ceesay, Freelance: the former government recently abolished the death penalty. What is your thinking on this issue?

Lt. Jammeh: As I said before, we are not here to kill anybody and the nature in which we took power, I think, can concretize the idea that we are not here for bloodshed. We avoid the death penalty as much as every Gambian. We are not brutes from the army coming to kill anybody. We will make sure that a judiciary system is in place and it is the duty of all Gambians to decide whether or not they want the death penalty in force or not and let nobody fear because we are not going to set any military tribunal. That is why we only suspended the constitution but the judiciary is not suspended. All due process of law will take place without the interference of the constitution.

Halifa Sallah's view Before Yahya Jammeh Became a Civilian Tyrant

Halifa’s views: Halifa Sallah’s open letter to the AFPRC dated the 8th October 1994 sent to NCC. 


Unlike many countries where members of the armed forces engaged in so high a degree of atrocities against civilians that they are purged and tried as criminals after a change of government, as has happened in Latin America, in The Gambia, the members of the armed forces had relatively been acting with discipline. the armed forces of The Gambia have proven to be a patriotic army which would deserve the utmost protection and support by any future government.

Those who have the opportunity to behave like patriotic men in uniform and prefer to live under difficulties to prevent their country from disintegrating into chaos would also deserve honour, respect and care.Opinions have been expressed that the members of the AFPRC cannot possibly return to barracks after handing over to an elected government. The fact of the matter, however, is that there are many options before the members of the AFPRC.

Whether one likes it or not, no one can bar them from forming a party and take part in democratic elections. No one can bar them from joining other political groupings to contest elections if they do desire. If they do not want to contest elections, but have done their best to prevent the country from disintegrating and the lives and liberties of the people from deteriorating, any future government would have the obligation to treat them with respect. For example, instead of a Ministry of Defence, they could be part of a Defence Council which shall be empowered to exercise direction and control over all defence matters. They may also wish to represent the country abroad in foreign missions or simply pursue other careers of their choice abroad with the help of foreign governments in order to prepare themselves to participate in future government since they are still young.

In my view, your Committee can make one thing abundantly clear to the members of the AFPRC, that is, if they preside over the affairs of this country with maturity until the country moves into a democratic constitutional arrangement in peace, they are bound never to be forgotten.

To conclude, I must again say that your Committee is constituted to shoulder an unprecedented responsibility, that is, to engineer a new transitional arrangement which can earn sympathy of the Gambian people, the AFPRC and the international community. We must be imbued with absolute and unshakable conviction that we have to succeed through dialogue or perish in isolation through confrontation.

History, the wise judge, is recording every event. Tomorrow it shall deliver her judgment. Our actions today will determine whether we will be vindicated or castigated tomorrow. Time will announce the verdict. We now have the opportunity to think before we act. Let us think maturely and act wisely, then history shall vindicate us.Please, accept the assurances of my highest consideration in supporting you on this.

Yours faithfully,

Halifa Sallah

Did Foroyaa miscalculate the Intentions of the Military Junta by Attacking Jawara back then

Foroyaa's attacks Jawara:

Unless Jawara knows what we did not know, the evidence at hand was that there were nine members of the Constitutional Review Commission excluding the chairperson who was the only Ghanaian and foreigner. They said there was a drafts person who is a British but what difference does that makes when majority of the members are Gambians?FOROYAA said the decision of the Commission shall be determined by the votes of the majority of members present .

The chairman who is a Ghanaian has simply had a casting vote but that does not change anything. There is no indication from any quarter that Justice Quaye acted in a way that puts his reputation into disrepute.

FOROYAA advised that Gambians who are fair- minded should, therefore, dwell on the contents of the draft Constitution rather than attack the persons associated with making the proposals, the bulk of which now constitute the draft Constitution of the Second Republic……………

FOROYAA ASKED whether Mr. Jawara was against all these provisions. And asked its readers what they thought of that because the draft consist a lot democratic.

Suntou's note:

The Junta hide their intention for contesting elections. They were on nation wide tour, attacking traditional politicians whilst selling themselves, making huge promises. Jawara's fear of the potential infringement of the human rights of Gambians and Gambian residence is a self-fulfilled prophesy. The Yahya Jammeh of yesterday is now a full blown Crocodile with wide open mouth. Thus Jawara's fears came true.

Former President Jawara's Fear of what became the 1997 Constitution

Former President Jawara’s Views On The Draft Constitution June 1996, Sir Dawda K. Jawara, the former president of the Gambia also made the following comments in his opening remarks. Jawara opined that “The draft constitution was crafted by the military with the active assistance of Ghanaian lawyers drawing their inspiration from the peculiar history of Ghana and with one aim in mind, i.e. to keep the AFPRC in power at all cost.” Mr. Jawara also asserts among other things that: “The preamble to the Constitution is self serving propaganda. It is superfluous and should be expunged from a serious document like the Constitution.”

Mr. Jawara says the preamble should be out.Furthermore, Jawara asserted that ‘The protection of fundamental rights and freedoms should be total and absolute. These basic rights should not be watered down by the juxtaposing of other rights to confuse the people as practiced in former Communist regimes.”

Monday, 20 June 2011

WHy Arrest ALh Ismaila Manjang

The unreasonable and rediculous arrest of ALH Ismalia Manjang of Gunjure last week is a very low down in Jammeh's madness. How can you arrest a preacher for saying, certain places use for offerings are similar to Idolatry?

He didn't mention Jammeh any where in his speech. And it is true, The shrine at the River side, Sibindento, The retreat of Omar Futi is not an Islamical acceptable place for worship. Omar Futi waged unnecessary wars against even Muslim for his Tijaniyaa sect. How can such a person be elevated to a level he does not deserve?

Omar Futi whose usual retreats are taken a Shrines is the dept of ignorance amongst some Tijaniyaa sects. He waged wars against those refusing to accept his Tijaniyaa sects in Mali, Niger, Guinea, Senegal and parts of the Gambia.

He was killed by a combine Bambara forces and Sarahuleh inhabitants of Masina. Such a warlord does not deserve to be made into a Saint. He is alleged to use the agency of Jinns for his adventures. The so-called miracles attributed to him where nothing but the usual traits of those involving with Jinns. Let people direct their worship and dedication to God. It is a waste of time, resources and effort go to Sanne Menteren, Kenye Kenye Jamen, Sibindinto etc.

Omar Taal was a empire builder who hide behind his sect.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The So-call Independent Abdoulie Jobe Misfired

I think anyone who is honest and principle in dissecting our politics will see the usual rhetoric in Jobe's so-call analysis. A man who inhabits the streets of London for 30years, never went to see how the Gambia is after his departure some time in the 1980s. How can such a Marxist in today's term pretend to care about Caste system more than us, pretend to care about land redistribution more than us?
This is the dept of hypocrisy in someone dying to be heard on the Freedom Radio. The UDP has more structures in place than all other opposition parties, the UDP make monthly visits to constituencies of voters, either by the youth wing or some Executive members. The UDP women wing is the largest in the country and one of the most active. If the UDP has anything to answer to is not patronising the media enough with their activities and engagements.
Yet Mr Jobe who doesn't even know many of the UDP Executive members is pretending to have study the party and its affairs. This is a seriously cheap lie that Mr Jobe who call himself independent should desist from. Sometimes we need to call a spade a spade. The guy is in bed with his PDOIS friends, hence his pretension, because Mr Jobe privately even to me attack PDOIS more than any other, Yet in public he comes out all hyperbolic.
Now on Caste system, I asked Mr Jobe when I appeared with him on freedom to pen down his issues on it and how he want Gambians to do away with it. I am still waiting, yet he went on again to make such a lesser relevant issues as his focal point. Who is Abdoulie Jobe deceiving?What is it about Caste system that, we haven't discuss? Land Reform, does Jobe have any data on who owns what Land in the Gambia?
Land ownership all over the world is the same, if you want to take way people's land, then compensate them fairly for it, This is what Ousainou told him, but the hypocrite can't help himself. If you have another way to take land or property from individuals, then voice it out in a clear written form, so that, sound minded Gambians who knows the facts on the ground can debate it. But to go on radio shouting with half baked pretend care for the society, is merely disingenuous and irrelevant.When Gambians are thinking on ways to discuss and bring faring parties together, what is the Independent Panelist hungry for his voice to be heard do? Jobe, you don't have to answer all the questions of an interviewer.

The interviewer did well by taking you out of your so-call neutral position, you should have been smart enough to avoid any question which will violate your impartiality. But I guess, when you lie enough, you leave abundant holes behind.Personally, after speaking to him on several occasion, I knew he is not neutral neither trustworthy and this is the problem with all so-call broker organisations.
Unless, the pretension is stop, folks stop believeing that, they can deceive people with palatable words, they should stop bothering people about their wish for opposition Unity.Jobe keep making reference to STDGP, is he mandated to speak for them? I know the man want to chat with somebody, but please, before shooting, consult carefully, this is not 1980, MOJA is dead. THe UDP is a party that will welcome competent Gambians of all shapes, it will institute the concept of accountability and responsibility. It will not bully Gambians, however it will set out laws that will prevail over every section of the country.
The UDP don't believe that, politicians should teach Gambians how to understand their society, that is the job of the educational system just like we have in advance societies. WHo in the Gambia don't know sovereignty belongs to the people? Isn't it the educated elites who are working with the tyrant to subjugate the masses? UDP members are mostly farmers and the common people, instead of politicians lecturing them, they should listen to them. This is the hallmark of our parties monthly trips. We don't have to publicise what we do, we leave that to smaller ones. We are engaging the people, however, the environment is dictatorial.
Serious concern Gambians looks at the bigger picture, how to remove a killer. You don't truncate over minor issues which with social evolution, will die a natural death.Caste System will die it natural death. What is require is higher education for all. Jobe, don't be desperate to be heard, it will end up relegating you and the insignificant crowd you may have earn. We know you, so I am not the least perturbed by your comments, with time, people will come to know the real Abdoulie Jobe.
The old boy need to chanel his boredom appropriately. We know he is lonely after his wife left him with his child some years ago. He should stop being destructive, malicious and overbearing on the host of the Freedom Radio. The man is simply the same as the usual PDOIS heads whose indoctrination left them bespoke by academic politics of no substance.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

I Pray that, God Protect me from My Friends

Former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo commented that, the problem of African leadership is their reliance on sycophants. He said, "sycophancy is a big problem to African leaders. Because they always tell them what they want hear." He further said that, he recognise two major errors in the attitude of African leadership. "An error of omission and error of commission" meaning, sometimes, the Head of states don't have a clue what they are doing, and those around them don't know any better. He said, such error is not serious.

But the errors of commission which is when leaders commit fraud, criminalise the state machinery, act unfairly, deprive the rights of the people, align themselves in close circles or within their tribe, he said, such errors should be punishable.

Obasanjo said, the question of leadership transition is a major problem. African leaders he said, don't know when to quit, "because sycophants encircle you, telling you things that cloud your judgement." He said "every leader should prepare somebody within their party to succeed him. That way, power transfer will be smooth and less problematic."

The remarks were made on sky Chanel 199 ( A moment with Mo) Sunday, the 12 June 2011

Obasanjo being a former leader captured the essence of our African problem. Many of the so-called close aids to the head of states are actually self-serving people. They careless how long the Presidents stays in power. They careless who he jails, and frankly, all they are interested in is to enrich themselves and create bigger profiles for their future business ventures. These pseudo elites are the big destroyers of the African dream.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Jammeh Bites Again, Going After His former Ministers

Amadou S Janneh Arrested
It is crude to see Gambians been arrested on unclear grounds. Mr Janneh is a private businessman, the state should follow the proper procols of granting bail to individuals, allowing them access to a lawyer and explaining the reasons for the arrests.
However, we all know Yahya Jammeh, his intention as always is to cast fear in the hearts of private Gambians, thereby he can continue his divide and rule, wastage and monstrous governance. Regretably, brother Janneh made a mistake by working for him in the past. Yahya never give a post to any Gambian with the aim of moving the Gambia ahead. An intelligent brother like Amadou now appreciates that. We hope his rights are respected and he is free to go about his business.
I am wondering, what is the take of our prominent Gunjure legal expert LJD on the subject of the arrest of Amadou Janneh and Chief Ajey Janneh. With the rumour meal going around that, Ajey is been undermine to take the Cheiftiancy away from him, paving the way for another political coup in conquering Gunjure for the forrth coming elections, LJD's analysis will be relevant to many observers.
The NIA should grow up now and realise that, assisting a despot for the sake of national security is no exemption from being an accomplish to human rights violations. They have over 17 years been the key ingredient in inflicting harm on Gambians, both physically and mentally. They sold their souls to Yahya by committing crimes on his behalf, this means he is better than many of them.Suntou

Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Proud Daughter of The late Basiru Barrow Killed By the Jammeh Junta

The late Lt Basiru Barrow's daughter got married not long ago. Her father was not on her side for the weeding. Gambians in their usual 'let us leave it to God' compelled the family of the late Basiru never to question the killers of a hard working Gambian soldier.

Basiru's wives and children have been looked after by family members. The Gambia has become a country where orphans due to state killings is a normal unpreventable state of affairs.

May God Bless the soul of Basiru Barrow, Dot Fall, Copral Nyang, Sey and the rest of the November 11 alleged coup plotters. They deserve a proper treatment rather being shot at point blank range. Gambians speak up!! those suffering in silence are Gambians like you.

Basiru's daughter may not like her photo be seen by Gambians. She will wish to be left in silence, to mourn her father's passing, however, this is our struggle. It is a Gambian nightmare.

The family of Basiru have never been compensated, neither where the death explain in a proper process. May Allah bless the Daughter's marriage and look after her and the rest of the family. Amen. Basiru would be proud of your beauty and dedication, modesty, piety and seriousness. Be proud of your late father.

The Reason Yahya Jammeh Can Never Be Compassionate

Suntou Touray

Jammeh like other dictators before him are never adored neither do they ever enjoy their time in office. Hence all the killings, jailing, sackings and insults are all from the pains in the heart. Jammeh is not happy because he knows, 99% of all those praising him, will be the first to laugh when he dies or falls. Such is the deep pain the man who uses arms to come to power feels. So sometimes, just look at his face, the sadness is intense.

A man who has killed and wasted many lives have no reason to be compassionate, therefore, when some Gambians expect a devil worshipper, killer, restless soul to be nice, they are looking at a wrong scenario.

Take drug dealers for instance, their money is a pain, so you don't expect them to have a good night sleep. Jammeh like Mubarack, Gaddafi, Idi Amin, Abacher and many others will all die in disgrace.

Human life, human dignity cannot be bargain with any structure. This is why, Gambians in their number are abandoning GRTS, everyone now want a satellite disk to avoid been slow poison with the depressing image of a monster.

Rest In Peace brother Koro. The first blood spilled by the Junta led to many more deaths. Therefore those who rain bitterness because we refuse to accept Jammeh should put themselves in the place of Koro and others buried 'six feet'. But if Jammeh's crimes are overlooked for other reasons, those Gambians have lost the moral compass to argue on anything. Nothing is worth more human life or human rights.

Friday, 3 June 2011

The Mad APRC Louis Bass's Letter To me

From: louis bass To: suntou@btinternet.comSent: Tuesday, 6 April, 2010 13:12:36Subject: FW: Matter of urgency

From: untou@btinternet.comSubject: Matter of urgencyDate: Mon, 5 Apr 2010 22:53:08 +0100
Dear Mr Touray, Let me first of all say hi to you and your loved ones. By the way, I am a uk based gambian but apolitical. Nevertheless, I have some pressing issues I would like to communicate to Mai Fatty, chairman of GMC___I hope I have his party's name correctly and I am wondering whether you can help me with his email. I used an email he had featured on one of his articles but all my sent-to-him emails have come back failed. Thanks Louis.