Sunday, 19 June 2011

The So-call Independent Abdoulie Jobe Misfired

I think anyone who is honest and principle in dissecting our politics will see the usual rhetoric in Jobe's so-call analysis. A man who inhabits the streets of London for 30years, never went to see how the Gambia is after his departure some time in the 1980s. How can such a Marxist in today's term pretend to care about Caste system more than us, pretend to care about land redistribution more than us?
This is the dept of hypocrisy in someone dying to be heard on the Freedom Radio. The UDP has more structures in place than all other opposition parties, the UDP make monthly visits to constituencies of voters, either by the youth wing or some Executive members. The UDP women wing is the largest in the country and one of the most active. If the UDP has anything to answer to is not patronising the media enough with their activities and engagements.
Yet Mr Jobe who doesn't even know many of the UDP Executive members is pretending to have study the party and its affairs. This is a seriously cheap lie that Mr Jobe who call himself independent should desist from. Sometimes we need to call a spade a spade. The guy is in bed with his PDOIS friends, hence his pretension, because Mr Jobe privately even to me attack PDOIS more than any other, Yet in public he comes out all hyperbolic.
Now on Caste system, I asked Mr Jobe when I appeared with him on freedom to pen down his issues on it and how he want Gambians to do away with it. I am still waiting, yet he went on again to make such a lesser relevant issues as his focal point. Who is Abdoulie Jobe deceiving?What is it about Caste system that, we haven't discuss? Land Reform, does Jobe have any data on who owns what Land in the Gambia?
Land ownership all over the world is the same, if you want to take way people's land, then compensate them fairly for it, This is what Ousainou told him, but the hypocrite can't help himself. If you have another way to take land or property from individuals, then voice it out in a clear written form, so that, sound minded Gambians who knows the facts on the ground can debate it. But to go on radio shouting with half baked pretend care for the society, is merely disingenuous and irrelevant.When Gambians are thinking on ways to discuss and bring faring parties together, what is the Independent Panelist hungry for his voice to be heard do? Jobe, you don't have to answer all the questions of an interviewer.

The interviewer did well by taking you out of your so-call neutral position, you should have been smart enough to avoid any question which will violate your impartiality. But I guess, when you lie enough, you leave abundant holes behind.Personally, after speaking to him on several occasion, I knew he is not neutral neither trustworthy and this is the problem with all so-call broker organisations.
Unless, the pretension is stop, folks stop believeing that, they can deceive people with palatable words, they should stop bothering people about their wish for opposition Unity.Jobe keep making reference to STDGP, is he mandated to speak for them? I know the man want to chat with somebody, but please, before shooting, consult carefully, this is not 1980, MOJA is dead. THe UDP is a party that will welcome competent Gambians of all shapes, it will institute the concept of accountability and responsibility. It will not bully Gambians, however it will set out laws that will prevail over every section of the country.
The UDP don't believe that, politicians should teach Gambians how to understand their society, that is the job of the educational system just like we have in advance societies. WHo in the Gambia don't know sovereignty belongs to the people? Isn't it the educated elites who are working with the tyrant to subjugate the masses? UDP members are mostly farmers and the common people, instead of politicians lecturing them, they should listen to them. This is the hallmark of our parties monthly trips. We don't have to publicise what we do, we leave that to smaller ones. We are engaging the people, however, the environment is dictatorial.
Serious concern Gambians looks at the bigger picture, how to remove a killer. You don't truncate over minor issues which with social evolution, will die a natural death.Caste System will die it natural death. What is require is higher education for all. Jobe, don't be desperate to be heard, it will end up relegating you and the insignificant crowd you may have earn. We know you, so I am not the least perturbed by your comments, with time, people will come to know the real Abdoulie Jobe.
The old boy need to chanel his boredom appropriately. We know he is lonely after his wife left him with his child some years ago. He should stop being destructive, malicious and overbearing on the host of the Freedom Radio. The man is simply the same as the usual PDOIS heads whose indoctrination left them bespoke by academic politics of no substance.

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