Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Proud Daughter of The late Basiru Barrow Killed By the Jammeh Junta

The late Lt Basiru Barrow's daughter got married not long ago. Her father was not on her side for the weeding. Gambians in their usual 'let us leave it to God' compelled the family of the late Basiru never to question the killers of a hard working Gambian soldier.

Basiru's wives and children have been looked after by family members. The Gambia has become a country where orphans due to state killings is a normal unpreventable state of affairs.

May God Bless the soul of Basiru Barrow, Dot Fall, Copral Nyang, Sey and the rest of the November 11 alleged coup plotters. They deserve a proper treatment rather being shot at point blank range. Gambians speak up!! those suffering in silence are Gambians like you.

Basiru's daughter may not like her photo be seen by Gambians. She will wish to be left in silence, to mourn her father's passing, however, this is our struggle. It is a Gambian nightmare.

The family of Basiru have never been compensated, neither where the death explain in a proper process. May Allah bless the Daughter's marriage and look after her and the rest of the family. Amen. Basiru would be proud of your beauty and dedication, modesty, piety and seriousness. Be proud of your late father.

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