Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Malamin's reaction to my view against Saints in Senegambia

I will insahalah later today respond to brother Malamin. His reaction is brilliant and have raised important issues. I thank him for that.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Why PDOIS always attack other Gambian opposition Rivals

Truth is relative, it is not absolute. However, indoctrinations caused folks to be blinded in the face of falsehood. The guys at PDOIS are politicians, true or false? They have a stake in getting to the helm of Gambians state, true or false? They have a media outlets which they use to achieve the agenda of programmed, targeted brainwashing. They have been at it for over twenty years. Now, do you think, this men haven't perfected the craft of emotional blackmail of their members?
What has happen to them is that, people have woken-up to their years of long big messages. And now they intend to use other media platforms in selling this controlled message. This is why, Suwaibou went out of his way, in listing instruction to its members. This is a sad strategy. What we have done is highlight to Gambians that, these guys aren't monks whose preoccupation is sacrificing for a God. They are politicians aiming to assume power. And to that end, they will use nice words, castigate opponents, use whatever it takes except military means to get your vote.

And since their vote share in the Gambia is less than all active oppositions parties present in the Gambia, they intend to attack other opposition rivals too in an attempt to sell them their ideas. And what we have told them is that, look if all is equal, the Gambia has a flourishing democracy, with fair playing field, that is politics as usual. But that is not the case in the Gambia, therefore, let the opposition maintain a decorum of mutual respect.
But hell, for PDOIS, that is not on. They see themselves as God-send. They don't value any Gambian. What God has bestowed on them is not comparable to any living or dead Gambian. This is why, they cannot allow themselves to join hands with any party in the Gambia. They see that as betraying their reason deter. This is why, PDOIS will always create an environment, a climate where opposition unity will be far away dream of Gambian across the globe. Hence, what they will do is try to insert clauses which will fall flat on all sound reasoning. Write elongated documents basing their agreements on that. Yet, when you look at their size, voter share, you see nothing. This is what is causing disunity and anger among wider Gambians.

The end result, PDOIS achieve what they always wanted. Swift the blame on Gambian opposition to the bigger party and they run around trying to provide an expert opinion. This is what happen in NADD and sadly it may happen in all plan talks. They don't want any other way, it is the PDOIS way or no way. Yet, The Gambia is blessed with intelligent men and women. Who are more than capable of taking the country by the croft of it neck, stare it towards reconciliation and greatness. But Lo and Behold, PDOIS executives believe that, there is no true son of the Gambia to match them. They disregard us all. Yet, when you go through their papers, for God sake, let them stop the hype.
If executive members of the party make themselves the subject of discussions by bias analysis of rivals, we have no option but name such individual and provide a fitting response.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

A Tribute to the Late Imam Karamo Touray


Our tribute to the late Imam Karamo Touray. I will explain how the material was put together, and the people i consulted before releasing the article. Bamba Mass was an eye witness and also journalist PK Jarju. I thank all the online medias for carrying the piece. And I'm also thankful to the sons of Imam Karamo for their views. Although as their blood father, some children express the uneasiness in us publishing the tribute.
They feared that, some disgruntle elements may try to attack the Imam's good name. We affirmed to them that, the Imam was a public figure. However, his legacy is an open book, and should any of his rivals or their supporters try to attack the Imam, we shall standby his reputation and defend his honour. Thanks all. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Ameen.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Ramadan Kareem to all Muslims

Fasting has commenced on the 11Th of August 2010. Muslims will observe the no eating, drinking and sex from morning to evening. In England, fasting starts at 3.30 am to 20.44pm. The total number of hours without the intake of any food or beverage is 17 hours in total.
This is all in observing the command of God. He ordered the Prophet Muhammad to fast, as this is in line with the habit of all Prophets before him, including Jesus.

Fasting has many benefits for those who observe it with sincerity and proper understanding. One learns how to control harden desires and urges. One can feel the pains of those who lack the basic necessities of life. The things we take for granted are precious to many in the global village.
Food, water, accommodation, health care and many other small things are major issues for halve the world's populations.
Fasting provides a mechanism for universal brotherhood. We don't have to all belong to one religion, faith or dimension to feel for one another. The British nationals for instance are known worldwide for their generosity to charitable givings. The solidarity they show to other less well off is an immense show human spirit and care.
Fasting in similar vain makes Muslims understand the seriousness of been a good human being. The humility and restraints it imbue is without match.
May God accept the little sacrifices. Amen

Thursday, 5 August 2010


But why?
Heat, pain, anguish and sorrow
Loneliness and lies
Framing, canning betrayals
Oh Jesus!
The tears of Jesus is not that of fear
The drops expose more than we envisage
After the Sound bite and cliché
Chinese whispers ensues

Adventurous cronyism caused the likes of Jesus to
Be left to dry
He knew, he is a crook, a common bandit
However, is he a lone?
The operations in the damned franchise
Is steered not by lower movers like him
He has been part of a lot
Rough and ready decency
Personal odyssey laid bare

If foot soldiers are blamed for serious crimes
What then happen to the General?
We told Jesus, aiding a tyrant means one thing
Like gangsters, when you become a liability
The sounds of bullets reap your heart
In a shadow state, the imbecile Judges and magistrates, do the arm twisting

Jesus cried because, he knew the big cat is as culpable as he is
That, no wanton crimes happens without the orders from above
That he Jesus was reassured and pet
Now, he is laughed at
Passersby sneered at him
They wish he is dead
Jesus’s tears is that of a broken man
A man left to dry
He now feels the injustices sane Gambians wail over
The tears of Jesus is that of anger not pain
His hurling of insults is to stir passions
To give ammunition to populist overtures
To him, I say indignantly ‘silence in the court’

By Suntou Touray

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Jaliba Kuyateh's interview in Mandingo with ML Sillah


An indept interview with Jaliba Kuyateh. ML SIllah did a mervelous job, Jaliba is relax and talk openly about all issues. from Cultural, musical, religious and social.. i encourage all Mandingo speakers to listen to it.