Wednesday, 21 September 2011

In The Current Affairs of the Gambia: There is no Fence sitting

By Prince Oberian Cooker

Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the Knowledge we have lost in information? T.S. Eliot (Chorus of "The Rock')

I have said it before and I will say it again and forever, that in the current affairs of The Gambia; there is NO FENCE to sit on. You either condone the Orwellian State or condemn its inhumanity. It has become commonplace on these forums to bolster the agenda of the status quo, than to demonise it. For those who see Yahya Jammeh as the world greatest leader could be easily excused since Jammeh has all the qualities that Morons and Idiots look for in their heroes. For some of these people, their policies sit invariably far above their consciences.
There are those among us who profess to oppose Yahya Jammeh, but are doing more effective things to get him re-elected than the entire APRC. What I find funny with these people, is the fact that they never come out and tell us who they would really prefer to rule the country. It is about time we stopped closing our eyes in the dark and face reality of the politics of our country. Some of these people are always against anything possible to get rid of the APRC regime.
One well-known contributor recently stated this: “As you are aware, even the developed economies are facing serious fiscal slippages. You know that even in the mighty USA states are struggling. Similarly, U.K, France, and others are facing the same problems.The Gambia is not any different because we are part of the global economy. However, I believe professor Jammeh can weather this storm just like he did when he first came, and throughout his tenure. Here is the evidence below.
I compared 15 years of Jawara and 15 years of Jammeh.”. One thing that this twisted brain bugger forgot to mention was that the Gambia is an “Almoody” nation in comparison to the counties he mentioned. The Gambia neither produces nor manufactures, thus anything we have is given to us by the very countries he is trying to put the Gambia on par with. Another thing that we are less pragmatic about is the unification of the opposition parties.
We failed to emulate the formulae of successful coalitions and also failed in our unwarranted castigation of the people duly elected by thousands of people to be their leaders. One thing has to be borne in mind by all Gambians is that any united opposition WITHOUT the leadership of the UDP is bound to failed and mercilessly too. The UDP, since its inception, has done better in all Elections than all the other parties put together. It’s about time we faced this fact.
I am aware that there are those who would want to advocate that PDOIS should be in the forefront of any decision making body in the opposition. PDOIS, the oldest of the functional parties in the opposition is yet to garner more than 6% of the popular Gambian votes. It is high time that we put an end to the “ostrich” politics that is hampering our progress. I urge all well-meaning Gambia to exhort all leaders to work together to get rid of the abomination we are now in. Prince

Sunday, 11 September 2011

The crimes committed by King Leopold of Belgium in Congo

Crimes in Congo, how natural blessing became a curse.


The strange story of a Gambian who tries to teach a Tibetan monk how to be silent. but the monk was puzzled when he saw the Gambian man chatting away of music, fashion, social gatherings, attaya, and women. The Monk enquired, "what kind of Silent tranquility do you practise?" the Gambian said, you misunderstood me, "I am not like the Delai Lama, I am all for mundane chats am afraid, no public live interest, especially when powers are involve. The Delai Lama fights for the rights of others, I look after my self-interest. I am silent whenever rights are concern." Thank you very much. The Monk went away even more puzzled.
The Monk being worried that, his live long training in celibacy, self-control, discipline and meditation just to attain purity in flesh and spirit is doubted by a Gambian. He couldn't fathom the strange thoughts and go away with his mind restless. He call out to the man, "hey, is there any incidences in your country where the rights of people are unfairly trampled upon?" The Gambian man looked in two direction and said "don't no", "Can't say". Right the Monk said. Give me your number, "I will get back to after sometime, because you have cause me to question my principles." They parted company. What will the Monk do, we shall see.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Two scholars and a Tyrant

Two scholars were once invited by a tyrant. They knew the tyrant like embarrassing and punishing his critics needlessly. So when they were told to answer to the Caliph (President), the two scholars became very worried.
They discuss a plan of action to avoid any punishment. One of the scholars proposed to the other a plan. He said, they should agree with everything the dictator told them, "let us say, we agree your excellency, you are right etc etc".
However, when they arrived at the Caliph's office, the scholar who proposes a complete submission to whatever the Calipher said, changed his mind.
As soon as they exchange greetings, he launched at the Caliph with more attacks on his tyranny and lack of tolerance to the people, his attacks where so fierce, the Caliph was dumb founded. After the scholar finished talking, the Caliph never said anything, he told them to leave.
On their way home, the other scholar asked his colleague, why has he change his mind and attacked the dictator?
The response was that, when he thought of the majesty of God, his powers and excellence, the tyrant looked like a pussycat. He said, "why should I be afraid of someone whose will die and be punish for his crimes?
Let us not be afraid of our tyrants. They are humans like us. They go to the toilet, they sleep, eat and fall ill. We should think of the majesty and Dominion of God.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Arab Spring, can Africans emulate the mass action
"...And every obstinate, arrogant dictator was brought to a complete loss and destruction." Quran 14:15
Hi Fatou, it is politically educative if this link is put on Maafanta's video window. The Arab Spring answered a lot of question in dealing with tyrants and their enablers. This four part documentary demonstrate that, any actions against dictatorship is for those on the ground to come to that conclusion.
And one significant matter surfaced is the fact that, mass protest should be devoid of partisanship. A total unified action is the only way Africans can also stand against dictatorship and oppression. For far too long, people have been critical of the Arabs, but they have shown the way.
The other complex issues in starting masses protest against dictatorship is that, people will die. The decomentary also shows that, coming to terms with the death of innocent people is something that shouldn't be taken lightly.
Therefore, political activist on the outside have to put that into their equations. Dictators are cowards by nature, and they will hardly ever avoid inflicting death as a measure of last resort.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Gambia's Problem Is collective

With my limited Wollof, I appreciate this saying: "Jaan chi suff taanka chi suff lummu jaga-jaga dinnanu daajey". If the Gambia sinks, it will not affect any one section. If anyone thinks, the continous tyrany will affect only some, day dream.
As the opposition leaders are engaged in private dialogue, some Gambians couldn't have the level of restraint and maturity to let them be. Whatever opinion we have of them, doesn't matter in this few days...These are men who have sacrifice it all, yet we away from the fire have no one to stamp on but those trying to find solutions. Sometimes, one wonder why the involvement in Gambian affairs. I urge every Gambian Mandingo to ignore those attempting to create a talking point by making insulting remarks against us.
If a jornalist lack descipline and awareness of wider issues, they further lacks the sophistication and level of thought necessary to have proper grasp of fundamental issues. To travel and to be aware is different. Good luck to all detractors of genuine citizens of our country. if you have an opinion, you need to measure the timing and relevancy of such remarks...You don't set a house of fire and attempt to rescue those inside...

Friday, 2 September 2011

Gambian Progressive Pan-Africanist Madi Jobarteh of TANGO comment on Nkrummah

I know Madi Joberty loves Nkrummah: Laye asks "If Ghana’s first president, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah had not declared Ghana a one-party state and vested ALL political power in his person and his political party, would he have been overthrown?" Laye Jallow of Gambia L.

I know Comrade Madi will not disappoint.

Madi Jobarteh Responded Below

As an ardent believer in the rights of people and good governance, we notice shortcomings in the tenure of Nkrumah and other patriots such as Sekou Toure. The PDA enacted in 1964 and the declaration of one party state have been major...r issues we continue to encounter on the subject of Nkrumah.

I have always argued that we always need to understand the times and circumstances of Nkrumah, and the genuine urge and urgency with which they were confronted. while this cannot excuse tyranny, let me say that Nkrumah had no intentions for dictatorship for personal aggrandisement, nor was he a man of vain leadership. I think the challenge of the time was partly, in fact to a large extent, due to the limited or lack of institutions, necessary experiences and skills and knowledge on state and social management and governance. For example, i think his response to dissent, even though such dissent was fueled by selfish bourgeois elites bent on maintaining feudal and colonialist systems and structures, would have been different if the state of Ghana had enough and strong institutions, resources and experiences and skills.

Compare Nkrumah to one of his contemporaries JFK, and consider that during JFK's time America faced major civil unrests, but the US government did not declare a one-party state or give incredible power to JFK. this is because by then US had already developed strong institutions and culture to manage such crisis. the state was already established on strong foundations and therefore could deal with such uprisings.

Compared to Ghana or most of Africa at the time, such institutions and popular culture of governance and rights were either very weak or absent, and coupled with the intricacies of the world, Nkrumah had exercised paranoia and extreme responses in cases were it was not necessary.

Having said that, we are very convinced beyond any shred of doubt that Nkrumah was a visionary leader who understood the demands and challenges of the time, yet weak in terms of institutions, experience, capacity to organise an already disorganized society and under threat from more powerful forces. No doubt those forces, internal and external, could easily deprive the people of Ghana and Africa of such leadership which could have transformed the face of Africa by now.

The present African leaders cannot give same excuse. Even for Nkrumah this is not an excuse, am just giving an analysis in order for us to understand that part of our history, but i disagree with him there. We need to develop and 50 years later ...we cannot claim the same excuse therefore.

If you check even in the US George Washington was opposed to multipartyism and when it was clear that differences were emerging leading to the creation of democratic and republican parties, he raised serious concerns about that in his farewell address.

What we have to learn from the past and even from today is the fact that we have to build strong institutions, democratize our culture and nurture a culture of rights and have this reflect in our institutions, systems, processes and structures.

We require a leader that understands this and begin that process. It is clear that even in Europe and America, bad and myopic leadership causes serious damages to freedoms. For example after 9/11, George Bush came up with the patriot act. Even in UK today, Cameron is talking about controlling facebook, twitter and the like. But they have not seen their own misguided leadership which is causing social strife. The struggle continues...