Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Gambia's Problem Is collective

With my limited Wollof, I appreciate this saying: "Jaan chi suff taanka chi suff lummu jaga-jaga dinnanu daajey". If the Gambia sinks, it will not affect any one section. If anyone thinks, the continous tyrany will affect only some, day dream.
As the opposition leaders are engaged in private dialogue, some Gambians couldn't have the level of restraint and maturity to let them be. Whatever opinion we have of them, doesn't matter in this few days...These are men who have sacrifice it all, yet we away from the fire have no one to stamp on but those trying to find solutions. Sometimes, one wonder why the involvement in Gambian affairs. I urge every Gambian Mandingo to ignore those attempting to create a talking point by making insulting remarks against us.
If a jornalist lack descipline and awareness of wider issues, they further lacks the sophistication and level of thought necessary to have proper grasp of fundamental issues. To travel and to be aware is different. Good luck to all detractors of genuine citizens of our country. if you have an opinion, you need to measure the timing and relevancy of such remarks...You don't set a house of fire and attempt to rescue those inside...

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