Sunday, 11 September 2011


The strange story of a Gambian who tries to teach a Tibetan monk how to be silent. but the monk was puzzled when he saw the Gambian man chatting away of music, fashion, social gatherings, attaya, and women. The Monk enquired, "what kind of Silent tranquility do you practise?" the Gambian said, you misunderstood me, "I am not like the Delai Lama, I am all for mundane chats am afraid, no public live interest, especially when powers are involve. The Delai Lama fights for the rights of others, I look after my self-interest. I am silent whenever rights are concern." Thank you very much. The Monk went away even more puzzled.
The Monk being worried that, his live long training in celibacy, self-control, discipline and meditation just to attain purity in flesh and spirit is doubted by a Gambian. He couldn't fathom the strange thoughts and go away with his mind restless. He call out to the man, "hey, is there any incidences in your country where the rights of people are unfairly trampled upon?" The Gambian man looked in two direction and said "don't no", "Can't say". Right the Monk said. Give me your number, "I will get back to after sometime, because you have cause me to question my principles." They parted company. What will the Monk do, we shall see.

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