Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The man is handsome and the lady is beautiful:

The rivalry will never go away. My thoughts part 1:
The Struggle is not affected or derailed by human folly
In recent days, the never ending bickering and bitchy spats between the two camps: The Freedom brand and the Fatu Radio network descended into blows below the belts. Hence, some people started assuming just because, two media personalities fight a tug of dirty slinging back and forth throwing dirty, the struggle is suddenly at halt or in a stand still.
Actually, folks in Gambia aren't even aware of the hullabaloo on facebook or online media. Seriously, what we are witnessing is a natural human folly. Those who want the entertainment to take on a more productive slant should merely talk the parties involve to end getting personal and outright bitchy.
I believe both Freedom news and Fatu radio follow similar media practice; hence the rivalry and animosity will always be there…
Our era is now that of, ‘look at me, I am the big shot, I am successful, I am it.’ So long as we all follow such trend, folks will always have sporadic encounters.
However, my advice to Pa Nderry and crew and Fatu Camara and crew is to all big up by going toe to toe with stuffs that are damaging to the empire of the tyrant. Brings us more inner circle confidential.
Pa Nderry got his unique selling point on getting into Jammeh’s defenses, and since Fatu radio network got set up, she too bring us such saucy, highly anticipated news stuffs.

Dealing with Rivalry and disappointment: Part 2
Gambian online news and radio addicts have no loyalty to any platform, they patrol all media outlets.
My advice to brother Pa Nderry is, look at Oprah Winfrey, look at John Steward...you can do better by taking borderline issues out of the fray. No ethnic stuffs in your discourse, no one wins with the topic, no dirty laundry stuffs...you will be loved even more.
On the main, the other news focus media outlets have also been doing well: Gainako continued un-bothered, Banjul Focus, Kairo News, Jollof News, Kibaaro, Maafanta, Diasporium and other blogs, bringing Gambians educative and informative radio and news articles.
Hence, the struggle is going undisturbed, what we have been seeing a ‘Bitchy fight’ which will end sooner or later. Pa Nderry need advisers and guides to restrain him when it get hot and Fatu need advisers and sisters who will talk her out responding in kind should she be attacked. Gambians are not stupid or easily swayed by slanders, people now reason and analyse the motives of statements uttered.
The struggle is undaunted since, both media platforms are players in the struggle and not the owners of the struggle. Those working hard on the ground seek no fame, fortune or reward, and they are unaware of the rampant noise. My advice to brother Pa Nderry is, look at Oprah Winfrey, look at John Steward, look at all the successful America news and media anchors. They up the stakes by making their programs more focus and interesting not personal or slanderous.
You can do better pa Nderry. Don’t allow your lower instincts to overcome your better side. Fatu Camara, you have brought celebrity clout to the media airwaves, however listen your sisters before tit-for tating. In any case, we are moving ahead with the noise and entertainments. Thanks,

Nude protest in Africa: Gambian women in struggle

However idiotic an African man may be, one thing that no African tyrant or head of state dear stand up to is the nude protest of old and young women. No African President has yet brave a parade by nude women, yet lazy Gambian men are threatening to exposing nude photos on facebook.
How useless can one be. Very sad mentality of brothers whose head are in a bottle. Be man enough and stop being a low life. Women's body are not for joking with.
Gambian women in the struggle should redeem each other and not peach against each other. There are few leading women in the struggle and the Alpha-female tendency can easily arouse scornful dismissive attitude and leading to strong under current, sisters hating each other. Let the sisters redeem each other and be a block that embrace rather than fight overtly.
Any man who goes out of his way to manipulate photos or spread nudity is not worth the trouser he wears. With technology now, anyone can be undressed, anyone can be placed at place you never visited. We have seen dictator Jammeh and nude women, are those photos real?