Thursday, 20 December 2007


The cultures we have in the SeneGambia region need looking into.The whole system needs overhauling.From child upbringing to the mechanism of societal structures.Why is this our culture getting so messy and frosty ?
Parents desiring only material wealth from offspring's,they wish to flash the status thing.No one asks how the wealth is gain ,all the people want is MONEY ,MONEY,MONEY.

From the early 80's to present ,the SeneGambia travellers to the European countries create a climate a of false hope and huge desires.The Semester syndrome. Many a Mother and father taken to Mecca for hajj now a status symbol not a religious right.The wealth use to transport and support parents in hajj are usually very suspicious. But what clarification do the parents demand before using suspect wealth for a religious act ? none. Using unclean money for hajj is very serious.The parents act ignorant of the wrong ways most of this wealth is gain. In reality are they ignorant of the funny ways this tens of thousand of Dalasis are put together ?
I think not.

Why is it that our parents don't bother how they get fed,how they go on hajj ,the shoppings they do ,the philanthropic activities they engage in; why is it that they don't question the sources of this wealth?

I blame it this our culture .Our society has change so bad,all what matters now is money,money,money. Any how one gets it ,that doesn't matter. Just get it and do big things.
The traditional pillars of of our culture and societies; the parents are now into worldly material things equal to youngsters.

The concluded hajj will create another party chance.Yes a party chance.The hujaj will return back home shortly and the hundred thousand Dalasis plus spent of the hajj package will be increase by another welcoming party.The families in the SeneGambia will organise a family and friends together party for the new hajji. He/She will bring presents for all the family member ,this act of buying and thinking about what presents to buy is so stressful ,some hajjis lost touch with the real purpose of hajj itself.They keep thinking of what present to buy for the many family members.

Th real significance of hajj is lost .The time that should be spent on prayers and invocations are lost ,the time of meditation and self-analysis is lost .The hajj that should be an emotional journey end up being the most stressful time of that particular individual hajji's life.What happen to us ? After hajj one should change spiritualy for the better. ,but how many do change from their old wayward ways?

I blame it on our now culture of show off .The look at me mentality.The boastfulness culture.
The day when our parents use to be strong with both their male and female children is more or less lost. The days children use to be asked to explain were and why they have come home late is a matter of importance is lost .The hard work culture of our elders is more or less gone taken over by my son or daughter is in paradise Europe hopes.
The questioning of children is very tricky ,especially if that son or daughter is responsible for putting food on the table.Whether he/she romance old western ladies or old western men,whether he/she do the easy rider thing or not ,it doesn't matter much now,all the parents want is money.

Truth became clouded and very hard to tell.Loyalty and trust hardly no more.What happen to our culture ?

Event likes weddings,naming ceremonies are another avenues of wastage and bravado .The poor push them self to breaking point just to proof some thing.The sincere donations are largely not sincere. What happen to helping Friend Ous for the sake of God and friendship? What happen to us? I seek answers because i am young,i wish my children to grow up in a good society. I am not blaming any one, i am included in the derailing of our values .

What can we do to halt this situations ? many are doing things just to fulfil others expectations of them ,that need to change.

Thursday, 13 December 2007


Today is Friday , a big day for all Muslims across the globe.count your self lucky and attend a Friday jammat prayers in your local mosque. There are many hadiths expressing the significance of Friday prayers.Friday is a mini festival for Muslims ,we met as one unit and invoke the blessings of God on all human beings and we submit our will in a communal manner to that of the will of our creator Allah the most high ,the incomparable, the unique ,the sustainer .

I hope the Sanyang kunda folks will not get dezy on this great day.get up and attend what is of eternal good ,the juma prayers. go a bit early and read some quranic verses and invoke God's forgiveness on you and others. Wasalam.


I did not aim to disrespect the efforts of our Gambian online forums debaters the pioneers.I took immense courage from them to start spending any spear time i have on forums and reading to gain better ideas for a good cordial exchange of opinions.I respect the views of Jabou ,she is an intelligent woman and a dedicated person.We are in the struggle together.I owe Momodou Camara a big thanks for his easy format at the bantanba,that helped me reconnect with the one Gambian family. Momodou is an elder who is very easy going and an understanding individual.

A big thanks to all the brothers/sisters for partaking in online debates ,we don't know each other ,but our ideas speak daily.what a great thing for the human family.I applaud Haruna for giving me a moral courage in my little endeavour to write some little nonsenses in my new blog.Thanks again MAsoud.

Global warming

Listening to a morning radio program today on the climate change debate.I was flabbergasted to hear the experts from Europe blaming birth rate for the compounded problem.The expert opinion claim that ,increase birth rate is bad for our climate.What reason do they give ? Well as usual the experts reiterate that the more human mouths in this vulnerable planet ,the worst the result will be due to increase usage of energy which will in turn increase Gabon emission.

In reality the experts are right BUT what can we do now? the world we are living in is collapsing as a result our number. This is funny. Who is Suntou to question the experts ? but what is of major concern is what else can we do to change the effects of global warming? We most procreate to continue the source of life in this world .We most have family and we cannot reduce the number of children due to climate change. The experts most device other plans to reduce carbon emission ,may be more green products in the market.

In the blame game ,Africa will not be blame here.The majority of our people there don't have electricity,cars,electric cookers,gas cookers or central heating ,the majority don't have any thing that affect the climate .I hope the experts don't switch the blame at us. Africa is blame for all ills but this one ,nah nah ,we will not accept this tag.The global warming issue is affecting us more than many but we contribute less to the overall impact than the major polluters.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The Sir Jackal Story

Another great installment from the Gambia echo online news paper cutesy of the man Sir Jackal an ex-military officer's story.What is more interesting from the interview is the fact that ,sir jackal was held in some kind of mysterious way by many who don't know him.

After saying the niceties, i will turn my attention to why the interview ? He has escape a long time ago and the online news revolution has also been around for a while. Why the delay in coming out with his side of the story considering the fact that some of his colleagues died in that infamous incursion of November 11?

I respect his decision to give an exclusive interview to the echo this week, but many sceptics will questions sir jackals reasons for the revelations about the whole coup plot.I know the family of Basiru Barrow very well and they have tried hard to put the memories of Basiru to rest and pray that Allah bless his soul with his fallen comrades .I hope sir jackal remembers that many families will be affected with his interview ,and for their sake he should be brave and shed more light on the unfaithful incidence. Sir Jackal should say only the truth ,the temptation to please the interviewer is some times very high but for the sake of posterity and future prosecutions his story should be true and balance.

I hope that the Gambia can handle all the horrendous crimes perpetuated on its soil ,by our own disaster president accurately characterise by Sir Jackal as ''a coward and a boy scout'' who kills to instill fear into innocent Gambians. May God expose Yahya for what he is ,a nuisance, a brute and an enemy to all peace loving Gambians.

The purpose of life

What is our real purpose of existing? many people refuse to ponder of over this very important question. can our intelligence alone answer our spiritual dimensional questions?

The life of sheik Abdul Gadir Jelane can give us a brief prelude to what life is all about. Jelany was a strong believer in God and he always try to do his best to live the life of a rigthous human being. One fine day,he was engage in deep remembrance of God.The enemy of all human beings,the Satan,appear in a the form of light which glow the whole room that Jelany was in.The devil wish to make Abdul Gadir jelany believe that his knowledge alone can save him from the temptation of the satanic whispers.The Satan called out to Jelany and said ''Oh Abdul Gadir ,i am your lord and it is no more obligatory for you to engage in any acts of worship ''. Abdul GAdir thought to himself, the Prophets of God were never stopped from engaging in the worship of God so ''who am i to deserve such a high status?''.he immediately realise ,the caller was the enemy,the Satan himself trying his best to deceive Abdul Gadir. He told him ,''there is no helper ,no protector accept Allah,you are the devil and you intend to misguide me''. The devil device another plan, he said to Abdul Gadir ''you are lucky ,your knowledge has saved you from me ''. Then again Abdul Gadir thought ,this is another trap .he said to the devil ,'' it is God who has saved me from you not my knowledge ''.

Devil went away. these story high lighted that ,if human beings rely solely on their knowledge ,intellect and wisdom ,they will not do any acts pleasing to God.All they do which is good will end being for show and name. Our ultimate purpose in life is not just to get educated ,work,enjoy the good things and suffer the bad things and then die . Our existence is much more grander than that. We are here for our self's and to believe in the creator of the heaven and earth and all that which is in between them. Our believe in God should be in the ways that he wish's us to believe not just any philosophical ways we have invented.

parting quote ''it is easy to be brave when you are not scared or when not in a scary situation''.

To be continued