Friday, 19 December 2014

The Owl and The Pigeon

Kikiyan and Pura (A Short Story) By Suntou Touray
As it happens, many people accuse the Owl (Kikiyan) of being a witch. These accusations puzzled and troubled the Owl so much so that,  it took matters in it's own hand to clear it's cherished and reputable good name.
The Owl is depicted as wise, a night traveller, quiet, aloof and majestic. Are those the main reasons for the blatant character assassinations? It wonders!

The Owl trust that, since it is always around the Pigeon (Pura), a friendly and approachable bird. Enquiring from the good friend as to whether the accusations people make are valid or remotely true become a pressing issue.

The Owl asked, "Mr Pigeon, people accused me of being a witch, and I know it is not true, but what do you think?"
The Pigeon looked around and retort to the Owl, "well, are you facing me or is your back toward me?" 
The Owl said, "I am facing you". The Pigeon responded with a big surprise for the Owl "Well, the people are correct you are a witch." 
The Owl couldn't understand, "I am harmless and wise, why associate me to wickedness and bloodthirsty?"
 Yet the Pigeon like other accusers base their suspicions on the strangeness of the Owl, the wide eye, creepy looks and loner mannerism. 
And so the legend continues, those accused of beings witches are usually ugly looking grandmas, who are very poor and lacking extended family support. Especially if the old granny has perturbing eyes and slight facial hair. 
Lesson: Avoid suspicions and fear base accusation without proof.

(A Mandinka folklore, don't Judge by looks. The nicest looking person can the most evil.)

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

My short remarks on Falai Baldeh

In the eye of the blind, the one eye man is a giant. My Uncle Falai fell in a trap of the dis-honourables. Let us be gentle with him.
Falai Baldeh fell in a trap, set by the 'peace maker' Modou Njai.
Modou Njai's motives are scanty and unclear, however he seems to be putting the regime of dictator Jammeh in a favourable light.
People should take it easy with Falai. We need to see this struggle as a battle field. When the going get tough, we will occasionally attack each other, scream, haul insults and abuses, Sometimes, individual jealousy and unfulfilled expectations will get the better of people. But when it is all said and done, the struggle is full with honourable Gambians both at home and in diaspora.
Modou Njai is playing a very dangerous game. No one can make peace with someone who has no interest to change for the better. Therefore, entrapping vulnerable members of the Gambian activist force will backfire in the long run for Modou Njai. Falai is disputing some of the things in the propaganda statement written by the 'Lt Col Sam Sarr' Yahya Jammeh's new tactician.
We have all been label as one thing or the other, behind our backs, worst statements are made. But let us remember our humanity, no one is perfect. However, the Gambia means everything to us, and those suffering and losing their jobs needlessly are the driving force. That was/is Falai's driving force.
I hope others who may intend to capitulate remember the pains and tears of the widows, orphans, refugees in Senegal and else where, those disabled by gun shots and the many folks killed in suspicious circumstances.
One cannot be unique if one refuse to confront evil. All great men and women in history refuse to accept evil and injustices. Modou Njai, thanks for causing havoc and pain in the life of a one time hero, Uncle Falai Baldeh.

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My trip to Geneva with Yaya Dampha
We enjoyed the trip, visited important U.N offices and also pro-democracy groups. My thanks to our host and all the Gambian residents of Geneva city.

My interview with RFI Daniel Finnan

I spoke to RFI on the cigarette smuggling ring in Gambian embassy London

Oustass Bakawsu Fofana on The Importance of Marabouts

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

No Wig day for African sisters, a needed campaign

Whilst preparing for tomorrow's U.K local government finance conference, I cannot but express a deep and profound disappointment and betrayal on behalf of the Gambian male fraternity. Amean, we use to say, 'never propose to a lady on festival and celebration day' because the sisters will look totally different from their usual self. Lo and behold, our sisters are in mask twenty four hours now. The no make up day is actually telling us, we are now truly in cosmetic world, real simple beauty is gone.
Now let us be even radical and say, 'a total natural day, no make up, no wig, no nail extension, no artificial anything.'
Bring it on...natural African hair day, no hair extension bull crap. Pata PJ will you back me in the no hair extension day, no wig, no Brazilian hair, no maize, no anybody radical bro and back me. I know a lot of brothers will avoid the subject.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The kind hearted revolutionaries: Forgiving Gambian Dissidents

As dictator Jammeh's conveyor belt chuck out his former enablers at our midst, our hearts warmed up to them. We embrace and welcome the never ending former President Jammeh helpers.
Are we too sissy to be tough with the tyrant and his entire system. No offence but the tears for Momodou Sabally and co are easy ones. Let us continue to shed tears for real victims. Momodou Sabally and those like him knew the territory they thread.
If you hunt with a lion, don't expose your bear skin, it will sniff it and take a bite.
Many Gambians too quickly get drunk with power, position and status. It makes me terrified to even visit the offices of colleagues who get rapid promotion. They change so fast, people became irrational. Hence Jammeh's trap.
I am reserving my tears for genuine victims.

Head veil, modesty, piety, decency and understanding why wear 'the head veil'

My advise to brothers is, don't fall for the beautiful veil of our sisters alone. Marriage is a live long decision. Sit down, have a detail chat with your future partner, talk about your idealism in life, the values important to you, instead of just focusing on the veil, you can get the shock of your life. The veil should not be your singular barometer in choosing a lifelong partner.

Men all over are getting the shock of their lives with their misunderstanding of what i call the 'veil statement dimensions'.
There is a huge unprecedented rise in young Gambian women wearing head scarves or veil (Hijab) in Arabic. Yet not all women wearing hijab/veil have the religious or deeper understanding of why they put on the veil in the first place, this is why, a category of men who prefer veiled woman, a significant proportionate number of them are experiencing serious divorce cases among Gambian men.
A woman wearing veil can be doing it for the simple reason that, men with stability, serious personality and God-fearing would only choose a woman who put on the veil. Such men avoid women who use skin bleach, artificial hairs and highly commercial expensive cosmetics.

Yet some sisters go with the flow, some are wearing head veil, because they think it is cool to do so. This is why, there are many inconsistent styles of veils. Some even expose their expensive ear rings, some wear veil, but put on tight jeans, short sleeve shirts, all kinds of contradictory clothing. Sometimes, some put the veil on in normal occasion but take it out in social events. What is what?
What is the problem with being quick to marry a lady with a veil without ascertaining whether, the person understands your reason for choosing her as a veiled woman. Head veil is a religious statement, not a fashion statement. Our sisters who wear it as a fashion statement have succeeded in causing huge confusion, since, a category of the wearers don't live up to the ideals of wearing a veil. It is like a Monk who enjoys all the trappings of the modern world, yet claims to be a Monk.
However, men are to blame also for not sitting down, going over many issues before merely tie the knots on false pretense. I have come across many sisters who use to wear the veil, and now put on all sorts of Brazilian hair, artificial hairs and even slightly bleach. This means, such sisters were wearing the veil as a fashion statement.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

The power of Ignoring Idiots

With the powerful words of Ali (RA), we have to speak and ensure, justice, fairness and truth never crumble. We cannot speak against, a system in our country that slowly started with good people saying nothing, until we reach a point, nobody can say anything within the corners of our country and remain safe. In that vain, let us not avoid discussing national issues because of our own ambitions. If our ambitions stands in the way of us being afraid to be truthful, honest and patriotic, then we have no legs to stand on in chastising our dictator. Yahya Jammeh came to us innocently, and he slowly transform himself to what he is due to his inner greed, but also due to the calibre of people he surrounds himself with. If Gambian organisations want to be left alone, then let them not assume over reaching status. if they say, we want to speak for Gambians as a whole, then they cannot preach leave us alone. Do not respond to wild goose chase, respond to substance...May Allah forgive our shortcomings and bless our country, our fast, charity, prayers and community. Amin..

Why Did Barack Obama Invite Gambia Dictator, Yahya Jammeh to U.S-Africa Summit

First Lady Zainab Zuma Jammeh is once again coaxing her husband to fill her purse with taxpayer’s money to allow her buy expensive dress. She does not want to be left out in the U.S-Africa summit in Washington DC, White House next month. Is this not another slap on the face of Gambian activists? They will come close to puking upon reading this editorial.
After returning from the U.N General Assembly meeting in the U.S. last year, President Yahya Jammeh went berserk like a mad dog, barking at “U.S. and Britain for aiding and helping those attempting to overthrow” his government. He even unilaterally pulled out the Gambia from the Commonwealth of Nations. What more could be hurting him than being reduced to a pussy cat by Gambian activists in New York? That hostile reception should have been a rude wakening for him but dictators only learn to accept the reality when the fall completely.
Defeated and dumbfounded, the wounded leader flew home only to open the gate of hell for the United Democratic Party Treasurer Amadou Sanneh who was physically and violently assaulted for an unrelated case. President Jammeh surrendered Sanneh and co. to his heartless dogs (torturers) to simply massage the already battered and bruised ego of the leader who compares himself to no mortal being, Remember he once bragged of talking to God.
Jammeh is in the habit of intoxicating his civil servants with his grievances. All of them, including the currently detained Secretary General, Momodou Sabally, have mastered the art of unleashing venom on anything Jammeh hates. History repeated itself again when Sabally scolded the United States and Great Britain for siding with the Gambian opposition and dissident groups. He didn’t stop there but went ahead to accuse the main opposition UDP of being infested with unpatriotic Mandinka speaking people. No wonder why Sabally today finds himself in the NIA cell with no one raising an eyebrow.
The much touted U.S/Africa summit to be hosted by President Barrack Obama put Gambian leader on the‘White House African Heads of State Invitee List watch’. Africans, more so Gambians, have been on the look out, wondering whether the ineffective Obama government will leave out psychotic African tyrants and oppressors. Lo and behold, the Point newspaper’s story indeed confirmed that our own attention seeking mad and evil human rights abuser too is not only gracing the occasion but also billed to wine and dine with first Lady Zainab Zuma Jammeh in the heartland of western capitalist capital, Washington DC.
The lingering question therefore becomes: is Obama government ignoring all the crazy antics of President Jammeh or is not well informed about the extent of tyranny exhibited by men like Yahya Jammeh, despite having two American citizens – Alhagie Ceesay and Ebou Jobe – kidnapped and held incommunicado by the Jammeh regime?
In any case, it is a matter of wait and see whether president Jammeh will honour the White House invitation from the country he and his wife cannot do without. If President Jammeh accepts the invitation and attend the Summit, then his words mean absolutely nothing to him. We will then point daggers at him and trumpet his hypocrisy and appetite for lying all over his ugly face. On the other hand, his refusal to show up in Washington D.C. could depict his cowardice.
UDP Amadou Sanneh is unlawfully imprisoned by the run away former Judge Emanuel Nkea, serving nonsensical long prison sentence on flimsy and cooked up charges, Momodou Sabally has now drowned in his own mess, the late Buba Baldeh’s copse was denied burial, and all crimes against Gambians remain unsolved, political prisoners put in chains, with the dictatorship firmly in-grip of power, yet the Obama administration saw the need to invite such a lunatic is beyond baffling. All these are indications that it will be Gambians who will sort Yahya Jammeh out, not foreign governments.

Standing Against Ethnic domination of Gambian Public space

Paraphrasing the great Nelson Mandela 'I will fight against Mandinka domination, and will equally fight against Wollof, Fula, Jola, and all other ethnic domination, to see a Gambian public space that is sensitive, cordial, respectful and tolerant of others. So long as we allow interest groups to be pretentious and sweet talk their evil plans into our hearts with emotive sanctimonious tricks, we will continue to have a divided agenda.
People in our land should be bold and happy to speak their mother tongue to anyone without fear or apathy, respect others and expect the same, evaluate whether you attempt to speak the language of your co-country men/women, evaluate even further whether you are sensitive to the feelings of others, and we will find out that, many of us, are found wanting in that department. 
Without mutual respect, emotional sensitivity and tolerance, dictators will continue to have fertile grounds in our shores and they will come in many shapes and sizes, be they military, intellectuals, scholars, revolutionary Marxist, Pan-Africanist, Liberal, Religious etc, watch your attitude to others, no one wants to be disrespected, however nice/soft the person be come across" Rest in peace Mandela

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Gambia: A country of Drama and Tribulations

The High court Judge responsible for putting behind bars prominent and high profile Gambians is on the run. Justice Emanuel Nkea, a born again Cameroonian liar and fake legal luminary meddled his way to the top seat of Gambia's legal establishment.
The Joke that is the APRC government, the laughing stock which has consumed every fiber of our government institutions is a daily source of drama and tribulations for many. Now a days, Gambians get bored if they don't read or hear news of trials and tribulations of fellow Gambians. It is as if the whole Yahya Jammeh rule is a Nollywood film plot at every given twist and turn.

UDP Amadou Sanneh was tortured and brutalized, yet Emanuel Nkea, pointedly declined Amadou's legal representatives the right to reveal his body to him. Emanuel Nkea is not a oblivious of the crimes he presided over, he is part of the engine that drives, 'legal base oppression' in the Gambia. 
Will the High Court do the decent thing and free all victims of Justice Nkea? Will a precedent be set, whereby, all his cases be reviewed and thrown out as incompetent and unworthy of the rulings?
The point newspaper bravely published the current status of Justice Nkea, Yahya Jammeh's many fake, laughable and criminal blood shocker Nigerian and Cameroon legal brigade.
Nkea, the jailer of a good Gambian, Amadou Sanneh is on the run, to where? In fact, it was peddled in the rumor mills that, Justice Nkea was smuggled out by the security officers, after doing so many dirty jobs for President Jammeh.
What we Gambians most realize is that, Yahya Jammeh is good at burying evidence, and if his evil accomplishes are not buried six feet deep, abscond, they are smuggled out.

Blood Crimes: Are We Getting Closer To making Jammeh Pay Up

Since coming to power through the trumped up bloodless coup slogan, many sons and daughters of the Gambia have suffered horrific violences and the crimes all remain unmitigated, unsolved and an open case against the Gambian blood thirsty President. The international tribunals only get involved in serious large scale human rights violation, deeming it ‘crime against humanity’. The Gambia may not have witnessed mass murders in the capacity of thousands of deaths within days, but it has suffered incidences that have all the hallmarks of igniting a situation of civil war if the other side does not remain sane and non-violent.
The ECOWAS court ruled against the Gambia government in many high profile cases, including the gruesome murder of Deyda Hydara and the brutal torture of journalist Musa Saidykhan.
However, the floodgate is still yet to be opened. The ECOWAS court should not just remain at ruling against the Gambia government, it should also ensue sure that it’s ruling has meaning and backbone. The court must use every influence of the ECOWAS high office to prevail on the Gambia government to honour its decision or face consequences. ECOWAS have to place some sanction against any government that fails to abide by the court’s ruling.
The pending compensation of Musa Saidykha and Deyda Hydara mean many others will remain unconvinced that, taking their case to the regional court has merit. The assets of the Gambia government in member countries can be seized, travel ban be place on the regime, suspension of members and it’s benefits and ending trade agreements. This will be clear indications that, the value of human rights means something to ECOWAS members and that, dictatorship has no place in modern Africa.
Yahya Jammeh is determine to rule in the old fashion shameful bloody style and he has seen no reason to change. The political opposition on the ground are cornered and they lack the financial, communication and material capacity to challenge the system adequately. Gambians have been subjected to terror on such a long time, people are safer distancing themselves from all forms of opposing the regime and it’s daily atrocities. There is a cold war style system in place. The Gambia lacks free media, and the ordinary person is even more dangerous to opposition activist than the regular intelligence officials. The unending hardships in the country have provided the opportunity for ordinary people to sell information against activist and opposition supporters on the cheap to the security officers. Therefore, the Gambia requires help and clear indication that, institutions like the ECOWAS, AU, EEC will not continue playing normal diplomatic ties with the country, whilst people are suffering in silence.
The Gambia civil service is filled with moles ready to implicate decent hard working civil servants. Personal jealousy can easily be translated into one being branded ‘a member of the opposition or someone listening to online radios and news’. Gambian activists are calling on the ECOWAS to put more meat on the bone and make the Gambia government comply with it’s ruling, so that the families of Daba Marena, Kanyiba Kanyi, Kebuteh, Sarjo Kunjang Sanneh, Sedia Sanyang, Basiru Barrow, Dot Faal, and many others can file their cases against the the bloody regime of Yahya Jammeh.
Make Yahya Jammeh pay up and shame him diplomatically to serve as a deterrent or warning signal to other tyrants who want to emulate rear breeds like the monster Jammeh. He is a shame to the Gambia in particular and Africa in general. Gambians are now watching whether ECOWAS will have the muscle to prey on it’s belligerent members like the Gambia to stop disrespecting the court’s verdict.

World cup: Appeal for understanding

A general appeal to our better halves, our wives. As men, football has that little ability to distract us from your beauty, elegance and fragrance, so our sisters, pardon us whilst the world cup is on. May the best team wins, I wish the African teams to go far, and may be even win it. I have already drank my Attaya, nothing to distract me, apart from Prayers...I think Brazil has a big chance, but no one can predict this tournament.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

UDP Amadou Sanneh Is a Victim Of Oppression pure and simple

What did we do for jailed UDP treasurer Amadau Sanneh a Gambian based in U.S asks? And the writer did not venture into what crime Amadou Sanneh was jailed for? It is like blaming the Muslim Brotherhood for the jailing of Mosey or blaming Thomas Sankara for his killing..Who do you question when oppression is taking place against innocent defenceless citizens? The oppresssed or the oppressor?

The UDP did a lot for comrade Amadou Sanneh and are continuing doing even more. Some of what we did or planned to do cannot be divulged willy nilly. But the UDP don't have guns, neither free Amadou we need fighting men and women not pen pushers and public attention seekers. Is Sam Phatty willing to enlist and fight? I dont think so.

The UDP will not call a unilateral protest at this juncture..with hearts disunited and eyes wide shut. We will do actions appropriate for our wider members. Amadou Sanneh himself urge such efforts. If Sam want us to call our supporters and break into mile 2, that can be done provided we have men with rifles to defend the ordinary civilian..Amadou Sanneh is among many UDP militants oppressed: Kanyiba Kanyi, late Sedia Sanyang,, late Sarjo Kunjan Sanneh, late Kebuteh, Femi Peters, late Shyngle Nyassi, and many others. Some of whom were assaulted by military and para military officers resulting to their eventual death..hence our records in fighting President Jammeh and his dictatorship is unblemished.

We can tolerate constructive criticism..and given that is what democracy is all about.
Did i hear Sam Phatty say anything on the arrest and persecution of UDP youth Secretary Solo Sandeng? Did i see any article from Sam Phatty on the recent arrest and persecution of the 14 UDP militants? Did i hear or read any article from Sam Phatty and his ilks on the current persecution of UDP press officer Lasana Jobarteh,? So Sam we have been fighting our fight and we don't need opportunist name seeking ramblers to use Amadou Sanneh as a pretend crocodile tears card.
UDP members visit Amadou Sanneh regularly just like they do with Femi Peters when he was jailed, just like they did with the 14 youths, with Solo and now doing with Lasana Jobarteh.

Fighting dictatorship is not a celebrity contest. Some of you are failing to see that. It is the poor, the weak and vulnerable who are suffering. And the UDP leadership has been standing for Gambians since 1996. We have never waivered or run from this fight. Our party leadership has defended the innocent plea of 15 party activities in the past 14 days. We deserve support and compliment not rediculous opportunist caricature.

UDP IS READY FOR PEOPLE UPRISING BUT ARE YOU SAM? Photo opportunity facebook posting will not scratch the sufface in this fight. In the coming days UDP is hosting a lunch for our brave youths and more youths are listening for a Gambian uprising. UDP is a political party by that partisanship will stop non-members to attend a UDP general call for protest if that is what you opine.
We are reading both the dynamics of Gambian diaspora individuals and groups and Gambians at home well. No rash action young man. Enjoy your coffee and think properly. This is about human lives. I have no clue in your orrientation, however Jammeh and his Monodou Sabally recent comment should pump some fresh air into you. Thanks..
 — with Kaironews Gambiaand 2 others.

Abducting innocent people is Un-Islamic, let alone Girls

"Seeking knowledge or getting education is compulsory on Muslim men and women" Prophet Muhammad. 
Now what is education/knowledge? Is there any education that is Western, Eastern or African? Is knowledge just a basis for mankind to understand him/herself and utilize the environment and societies we live in, finding cures, advancing human development and giving greater chances to all in attaining a fulfilled life.
Islam encouraged the seeking of knowledge so much so, the middle ages belongs to Muslim scholastic, and they contributed immensely to the world knowledge body.
The decline of knowledge creation among Muslim start when tyrannical rulers assume the throne in Muslims lands, capturing the minds of people and further relegating knowledge to the minor.
This is the causes of crisis and lack of growth in Muslim lands. On that backdrop, how can anybody, group or gang aim at fighting people seeking knowledge? Boko Haram is a criminal gang handled by enemies of Islam first and foremost and enemies of the poor in Nigeria.
A lot of Muslims get entangled in attempting to be apologetic for the criminal acts of arm gangs. This group is no different to terror groups who are handled by twisted political interest individuals/groups purported to be speaking for world Islam. They have no mandate or right to do so, however, because Islam have to made un-preachable or unfashionable: There comes idiots who have no better things to do, but cause harm and sadness to vulnerable people in the name of a 'religion'.
Islam lies innocent of the criminal murderous acts of criminals, our central theme is love for mankind, live and allow others to live in peace. God, the is ultimate Judge. We can encourage each other to live spiritual lives, but that is as far as you can go. Live by example.

New Generation and Love tokens

The new madness of sending sex messages can come to haunt you. Remember, you can become anything 10 years down the line.
It is the height of foolishness to reveal the sacrosanct and honourable occereneces in a marital relationship. For a man to resort to fighting his ex-wife with their private nude photos is not not only sinful, but a path to the man's utter destruction.
Even in war zone Ivory Coast and Liberia, the biggest weapon women have is to threaten rebels and government fighters of exposing their nakedness in a public place en-mass if they don't stop killing.
How then can any sane man reveal his ex-wife nudity to the public?
Any man who even sits and watch nudity is on a path to failure in life. Although the body of women, have form part of our modernity and new beauty, no man or woman should reveal the intimate moments between existing or felled relationships. It is hateful in the sight of God and decent human beings.
I may be coming into this saga very late, that is because sex-gate sagas are serious trivial personal matters. However, since I am a husband, a brother to 4 sisters same mother and father with 3, same father with 1, also a father to two daughters, it is imperative, we men occasionally express our opinion on social matters affecting our community, not just politics.
Our sisters must never attempt to express love by unduly attempting to get the attention of a man. The new madness of sending sex messages can come to haunt you when you least expect it. As human beings we are a very complex, understand that, love is not a permanent state of affairs, hence, our best friends/lover can always turn to hate us more than our worst enemies.
Islam recommends that, we be moderate in all our affairs, even in marital relationships. There are dos and don'ts.
In the technology age, don't send a message with photos of private parts of your body to any man. Polygamy is part and parcel of our culture. Your man can later in life marry someone else, he can be besotted and fall madly in love. That new lover may be more technologically aware than your man. All text message with nude photos or videos can be spread around.
Safeguard your honour and integrity. Falling in love should not make you irrational, always expect the worst from a modern man/woman. Your body should not form part of attracting someone 6000 miles away. I may sound old fashion, but the sanctity of a woman body cannot be over emphasise

Monday, 5 May 2014

Warrior Marabou at Kurukan Fuga: Siriman Nghana Touray

In founding of the Mali or Manden empire, the five marabou clans played a pivotal role in spiritually preparing Sunjatta to come from exile. And at the famous congress where the first Manden constitution was written 'Charter of Kurukan Fuga' the Touray clan was represented by Siriman Nkna Touray, hence many griots praise the Touray with him. Siriman Touray was a warrior marabou and also Ruler.

A Short History of the Touray Clan: Five Houses of Marabous

The Tourays ancestor is said to be 'Majou Ibn Jabal' Hence Touray's totem is 'Manjou'. Majou had 4 children: Karan Jatou, ManJatou, Sebee and Kiyamakan. Karan Jatou became Touray, Manjatou Became 'Bereteh', Sebee became 'Kommah' and Kiyamakan became 'Janneh', whilst Yusupha, a wife Majou Ibn Jabal marry as a second wife was with her son, whose name was Yusupha, the Ceesay surname came out from Yusupha.
The Five surnames are all linked, Touray, Janneh, Kommah, and Berreteh are all from one father and mother. Whilst the Ceesays surname was brought up along with the 4 related surnames. However, all of them became scholars impacting knowledge and helping the spread of Islam in Manden and conducting spiritual rehabilitation, which later became known as Marabousm.
The surnames spread and have many off-springs who settled among-st different ethnic groups, thus speaking the languages of those regions. Originally, Touray, Kommah, Janneh, Berreteh and Ceesay spoke Mandingka, Malinke, Jula and when some travel to the Jollof region, some took up the Fanafana Wollof.
Our roots is seriousness and custodianship of knowledge, not dancing and vanity. Go back to your roots the Touray Kunda, Kommah, Ceesay, Janneh and Berreteh. God bless you all. I will provide which other surnames came out of Touray later, how some interpret Touray. 

Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Bitterness of PPP former Ministers:

I am totally baffled by BB's reaction to the fine piece by Gainako. In actual fact, you have been very charitable to the PPP and the so-called revival for that matter.
PPP could have taken certain course of action when they were banned. Among them: 1. challenge the banning of the party in court, in as much as the Judge at the time may be bias, it will be on the records.
2. The PPP could have mobilise its supporters to stand with the party and decline the banning.

3. Demba, the PPP ruled and govern the Gambia for 30 years, I mean, 30yrs not months, or weeks, but years. Yet collapse without a fight. In 30 years, the PPP could have had a plan B and plan C of undermining the coup, but there was no plan, nothing, yet our elder BB a man with immense credibility and credential continue to insist that, the blame lies on Gambians or other opposition parties is baffling. We are picking the pieces still of PPP's lavk of plan B.

4. Demba, BB Darboe is not a lazy intellectual, after the coup, he went back to University to earn himself a law Degree. However, BB should have known that, a single political party (PPP) that dominated our country's politics for 3 decades will not readily get any sympathy from Gambians, because they should foresee all the pitfalls having a disgruntled military breeds.

BB's opinion is no different to few former big wigs. They are indirectly telling us that, the political parties that came out after the coup should have decline to participate in election with the APRC because the PPP was banned unfairly. This is the 2 decades of bitterness some former PPP heads are harboring. They blame the UDP, NRP, PDOIS and GMC. 
Demba, once people taste political power, it is the grave that quench their taste for prominence, power and influence. The former PPP Ministers are no different.

 However, will Gambians look at them twice in our modern era? An era that saw the emergence of all sorts of caliber of Gambians, different interest groups, personalities etc? I don't think so, hence, the race for the custodianship of the Gambia will take many twist and turns. The winner takes all is the option we all have to fight against, and that is the option underground groups are working on. The PPP if they can swallow their bitterness, OJ and BB in particular, in any post Jammeh, they may have a seat at the high table. But blaming Gambians for their failures is calamitous political suicide.
BB should realize that, no one feels sorry for a dominant outfit. So the sooner he accepts that, the better, if not political players on the ground will continue to distrust the PPP revivalist elements, because what they say and what they do will continue to be deceptive, and this will not help the struggle. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Risking It all For Europe: Men as breadwinners

Libyan Jails full of Gambians: I was called this morning by a concern Gambian in Libya. He said "Libyan prisons are full of young Gambian men." He said, "there is nothing we can do to help here. Other Gambians (middle men/cokser) are taking money from these young boys aiming to cross the sea to Italy and then reporting the vulnerable young men to the Libyan police." He finally said, "many of this young men are returned back to the Sahara for a journey back."

This is a sad state of affairs. No one can deny young men and women aiming to better themselves an opportunity to be independent. None of us residing in the West can Judge these hundreds of our fellow country men taking the risk to go through hell before finding themselves in Europe. Whilst we ponder and work delicately in finding lasting solutions to our country's problems, let us please give wise advise/council to our young brothers....It is not worth landing in Libya, Italy is overcrowded and are only dumping people in camps. Please, do your bit, speak to parents, advise them of the dangers.

Non-Government Organisations: For the people or For their salary

Understanding NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisation)
Many Gambians want to work for NGOs, EDF, EEC, USAID, IMF, World bank etc, why? The salary primarily and not saving Gambian people. Any cut to EDF funding in the Gambia, spell job loss, because another country will get the funds. IMF, World Bank officials meet Gambians who work hard to make sure, the government get funding, through that, they too get job security. The sinister side to NGO work is thus:

The Gambia government work hand in hand with certain NGO officials in facilitating funds being made available to the dictatorship. We have to remember, EDF, EEC projects or USAID all make it possible for some people to have secure jobs through the NGO branches. So in as much as we see EDF as a non-government organisation, the people who work there see it as an avenue to have an employment, so if we propagate against the government, the NGO officials see it as a threat to their job. The abandonment of NGO projects means, the loss of work.

 This is why, EEC, EDF, and other NGOs secretly help the bids of the Gambia government. They will make presentations, highlighting that, without the EEC budgetary support, without EDF, without USAID, etc, the Gambian people will suffer. But in actual fact, they are only protecting their position. It is a complex world, whilst we speak, rant, scream, and highlight the human rights abuses, it is also in the best interest of NGO officials to secretly encourage their donors and campaign for funds to continue supporting the projects and making direct help to the Gambia government. 
Hence, we have to continue working hard in making our case. This is why, speaking with a one voice is paramount. NGOs are indirectly helping Yahya Jammeh secure funds...
World bank for instance knew the Gambia banking officials were making false presentations in securing help. They decided to fund the computerization of the Gambia treasury department.

Monday, 3 February 2014

The secrets to the Chambers of Tyranny

The tyrant was asked, how did you succeed for so long??
He felt dazed and perplexed...

Wondering, whether the questioners knew anything of human folly!
Isn't it obvious he thought to himself that, “a tyrant is always a singular individual, who does not have unique any human super human abilities. He eats, drinks, use the lavatory, sleep, cohabit, indulges his fancies, and will ultimately die”.

In essence, tyrants are always quietly laugh out loud. They keep wondering the societal make up that allows, one man and his click holding them captive!!!
So the tyrant answers: “tyrants succeed because people offer themselves for cheap, in being enablers. They come at the cheap, because they refuse to belief in the veracity of the criminal acts the whole society is subjected to.”

The questioner couldn't understand still, The tyrant dwell saying, “people prize themselves at the cheap, because of multiple factors.. they either fear hunger and taste, or the fear losing their ranks and prestige”
The tyrant could not make it any simpler, the more society places more values on status, name, greed, titles, fear of poverty, and the like and are happy with humiliation so long as they get small tile and recognition, tyrants and tyranny thrives.
It just happen that, there are Head of States who are tyrants, but on lower levels, there are minor tyrants all over the place. With people willing to accept small favors, in return for picking crumbs.

The Elephant occupying The Gambia’s Political Space

by Suntou Touray

The phrase is use in situations where everyone suspect what is dividing people or causing mistrust but no one wants to mention it.
The cause of the simmering bad blood in Gambian groups is linked to many factors. But what is the apparent, very clear factor, which affects, elites, highly educated men and women, ordinary folks, politicians, journalist, radio host, nearly all of us?

Some say, the elephant in the room is Poverty. They say because we are poor, people are not interested in the collective goal. However, poverty is sending Gambian thousand of miles away in search of greener pasture, crossing dangerous seas. It cannot be poverty.

 Some say, because are afraid. The fear of the oppressive regime has created the atmosphere of political apathy, but what about those not consume by fear. Why can’t opposition leaders unite, speak with one voice?

Some say, because we are political uninformed. However, we  have been voting and witnessing political campaigns for over 40 years. At least there is some awareness of politics. People get involve politically, and they feel the pains of high cost of food, water, school fees, medicine etc.

Some claim that, educated Gambians are to be blamed for their greed, distrust, treachery and lack of compassion for the poor. However, there is a sizable educated Gambians who have sacrificed the opportunities and prestige they may get if they don't stand against the oppressor in the Gambia.

Some say, President Jammeh uses the military, NIA, Militia killers, to intimidate and harass his opponents, however, if we stand together, no army, NIA, Police, Militia can divide or defeat us. 

We all know what is the ‘big elephant’ in our Gambian political square is!!!, it is ethnicity which is helping Yahya Jammeh, not the other way round. Hence, unless, we all overcome that illness, we may not be using guns against each other as South Sudan, or CAR, but we will be equally continue to be divided and far apart. We all lose.

Due to ethnic animosity and pseudo battles, people continue to pretend to one another, and undermine collective efforts. Gambians who know, without a shadow of doubt, they are incapable of competing for leadership in the struggle, all hide behind certain media personalities, feeding them lies, falsehood, to conduct treacherous fights for them.

This is the reality of our dictatorship. Ethnicity and tribal mud slinging is according President Jammeh a free way to do as he pleases, without solid unified encounter. Gambia is divided, angry, bitter and imploding. All due to insignificant motives.

Powerful Quote

"The physical strength of a man is not to abuse, assault,  beat or attack women and children, it is to protect them from external dangers." Jali Mamadi Amadou Diabateh 

Stability and Honest Societies

A stable society is nearer to an honesty society. I come across all sort in my work, but a lady called to say, she was given a grant of money to use for a job. "I hired some contractors, they came and did half the job and never came back since to complete the work. I still got the money, should i hire another contractor to complete the work with the same money" .

This may sound simple, but how many people in poor societies will call back to explain about their non-spending of a grant? Hence, with a stable society, a working social safety net, people are more likely to be honest. As Africans, we need to work hard in making our government deliver on stability and a social safety net, this will lower corruption and dishonesty.