Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Non-Government Organisations: For the people or For their salary

Understanding NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisation)
Many Gambians want to work for NGOs, EDF, EEC, USAID, IMF, World bank etc, why? The salary primarily and not saving Gambian people. Any cut to EDF funding in the Gambia, spell job loss, because another country will get the funds. IMF, World Bank officials meet Gambians who work hard to make sure, the government get funding, through that, they too get job security. The sinister side to NGO work is thus:

The Gambia government work hand in hand with certain NGO officials in facilitating funds being made available to the dictatorship. We have to remember, EDF, EEC projects or USAID all make it possible for some people to have secure jobs through the NGO branches. So in as much as we see EDF as a non-government organisation, the people who work there see it as an avenue to have an employment, so if we propagate against the government, the NGO officials see it as a threat to their job. The abandonment of NGO projects means, the loss of work.

 This is why, EEC, EDF, and other NGOs secretly help the bids of the Gambia government. They will make presentations, highlighting that, without the EEC budgetary support, without EDF, without USAID, etc, the Gambian people will suffer. But in actual fact, they are only protecting their position. It is a complex world, whilst we speak, rant, scream, and highlight the human rights abuses, it is also in the best interest of NGO officials to secretly encourage their donors and campaign for funds to continue supporting the projects and making direct help to the Gambia government. 
Hence, we have to continue working hard in making our case. This is why, speaking with a one voice is paramount. NGOs are indirectly helping Yahya Jammeh secure funds...
World bank for instance knew the Gambia banking officials were making false presentations in securing help. They decided to fund the computerization of the Gambia treasury department.

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