Tuesday, 27 July 2010


By Suntou Touray U.K
On the 22 of July 2010, I was among a group of Gambians from different parts of Britain to protest against the lavish and spend-rift wastage under the guise of the ill-fated July 22nd Revolution.
After picketing at the Nigerian high commission, a so call West African super power, our team walked a mile to the Commonwealth Secretariat at the prestigious Pall Mall in the heart of the magnificent landmark of Great Britain. Trafalgar Square embodies all that is great in her Majesty’s England. Richard the Lion heart must be envious of the giant lions, the statues of great military figures, the water falls, the tranquil surrounding and the ever present diversity of tourist from all the four corners of the globe. Indeed, coming to England without visiting Trafalgar Square would be missing out a lot. Our mission to the Commonwealth, a selected port of call by Amnesty International, was to appeal to the good spirit of the Secretariat, by highlighting the wayward behaviour of one of her member Presidents, the outrageous mafia President of the Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, a man with all known titles.
Pall Mall is a sizeable area; however the point of interest for Malick Kah, Chairman Coalition Of Gambian Human rights U.K, Abdoulie Bojang, former Gambian High commissioner to London, Sarjo Bayang, editor In-chief of the Allgambian newspaper, Saptieu Sarr, a UDP Supporter, a representative of Amnesty International and my humble self. Is that, human reasoning and self-respect is something for all human beings to have. The short walk from the Nigerian embassy to Marlborough House was not less emotive, the feeling of seeing fellow human beings treated with dignity and respect. The orderly fashion in which everything happens, without elaborate pressure or control hindering the freedoms, or interaction of citizens and visitors results in sincerity and admiration of the tranquillity in a higher human consciousness.
The history of the Commonwealth is rooted in her Majesty’s administrator’s post-colonial overhang. The effect the lowering of the Union Jack has in many former colonies was enormous. And to fill the void the Commonwealth of Nations was created. The congregations of former British colonies, appropriately, more or less, the union gave added leverage to Britain in asserting its past glories with further diplomatic advantages from her former colonies. The Commonwealth, we know does not publicly reprimand her members except in extraordinary circumstances like the Zimbabwe saga and the suspension of Mugabe. However, we the powerless citizens of the Gambia matched to meet the Public Affairs Division Adviser and Human Rights representative with few fundamental questions.
- Will the commonwealth continue ignoring the actions of dictators and tyrants?
- Isn’t the commonwealth aware of the manic witchdoctor, HIV and AIDS curer, Yahya Jammeh?
- Is the Commonwealth Secretariat afraid, that should she be tough, the tyrants will abandon it to form Unions of their own, entailing a weaker English speaking block, reliant on the United States in matters of diplomatic wrangling?
- Is the Commonwealth actually aware of Yahya Jammeh’s continuous and persistent human rights abuses and what is the motivation for not severing ties with him?
The defenceless, faceless, powerless Gambian people hereby call the attention of the Commonwealth. However, our spirit is such that, we will continue the standoff until the end of the pain and suffering. And that the sooner Institutions like the Commonwealth speak for the weak, the better.

45 years ago, the tiny impoverish nation of the Gambia gained her independence, albeit reluctantly from the empire of Great Britain. The reluctance was not due to any tangible benefit Her Majesty’s government was gaining by her rule of the Gambia; it was in fact the fear that Gambia may fail. The country lacks natural resources other independent African nations have and utilises to bargain for their survival.
All being equal, after independence, African countries demanded that they be left to govern themselves independently, freely and without any preconditions or arm-twisting in any form. The notion of liberation and sovereignty echoed loud and clear in the consciousness of the African. “No nation or institution should tell us how to run our affairs; we are equally good to take ownership of our affairs without recourse of seeking advice from anyone”.
However, with the departure of the last colonial administrator, Africa or more important to us, the Gambia has a Commander In-Chief who swears regularly to bury the good citizens six deep should they object to his tyranny. The President regularly travels the country threatening opposition supporters of leaving them out in the allocation of development projects. He arrests perceived or alleged enemies of his government. The demarcation between being a friend and a foe to the mystical President, Yahya Jammeh, is so thin that no one knows who his enemies will eventually be.
45 years after independence, the Gambian President cracks down very hard on opposition politicians, the media and human rights groups, trumped up charges take all the time of courts in Gambia. This madness has not lightened up since 1994 when Ousman Koro Ceesay was burnt alive (the young Captain, Yahya Jammeh´s first victim), the mass killings of the alleged November 11 1994 military officers, the shooting of Students in April 2000, the regular arrest and torture of journalist, the disappearance of Ebrima Manner, kanyiba Kanyi and others. The long sentencing of military and civilians on false treason charges, the famous sedition trial of Journalist and activist Fatou Jaw Manneh, the jailing of UDP campaign manager Femi Peters this year and the recent concluded farce trial and sentencing of the former Gambia army chief of Staff, General Lang Tombong and six others to death.
One would have thought, after independence, Africans would treat each other better. That the dignity believed to have been taken away during the long and painful colonisation period will never again happen to any African. Today, in the year 2010, the prisons are overcrowded and impunity supremely rules in the actions of the government. The fear instilled administration is such that, men and women do not dire criticize the government. The President tours the country, insulting the opposition supporters and sacking any civil servant sympathizing with the opposition. And the trigger-happy torturers of defenceless Gambians are even more disheartening. The electrocutions, blind folding, solitary confinements, the hunger induced conditions, the poor prison conditions, the mosquito invested tiny cells and many more secretive horrors make us look and feel ashamed.
What can the Commonwealth do:
- Call on the Ambassador of the Gambia to Britain, express the unacceptable nature the President is presiding over the affairs of the country.
- Strongly emphasise the zero tolerance on human rights abuses.
- Simplify the reason d’ĂȘtre of the Commonwealth, and remind the ambassador of the possibility to suspend the Gambia from the union of nations should the President continue on its oppressive endeavours.
- The Commonwealth should regularly update on its website, the conditions in each of her member countries. Look for independently verifiable information instead of state controlled lies and fabrications.
- Create the Commonwealth member country human rights index; this can be review at regular intervals discussed publicly at its annual meetings.
- Be tough on persistent offenders by advising donor countries against patronising tyrants since the funds are squandered and spent on politically manipulated projects.
The commonwealth need to raise the importance of member countries living up to the universal standard of respect for citizens. The observations of due processes by independent judiciary are a matter which cannot be compromised. Notwithstanding other mechanisms to send wakeup calls to tyrants
Finally, the commonwealth Secretariat was reminded and refreshed with vital information about events unfolding in the Gambia. We know, this is a small step, but it is a necessary piece in the jigsaw. Since the lifeline of tyrants is power and control, we will show them that they cannot bully or control us and thereby achieved a huge score against their psychotic mental state.
Long live the struggle for a dignified democratic Gambia for all.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Torture story by Sarahata Jabbi and Demba Dem in mile two

A very harrowing video links from Amnesty International. The truth about the torture and human rights abuses by Yahya Jammeh. Listen Gambians. If you aid and abete a tyrant, you have God to answer to, and humanity to be ashamed as member. Open your eyes my good country men/women. Suntou
Below is an amnesty report:

Gambia Global Day of Action
Journalist Sarata Jabbi Dibba talks about life in Gambia and the time she spent in prison

© Amnesty International

Former member of Gambian Parliament Demba Dem talks about his time in prison

© Amnesty International
Thursday 22 July 2010

Amnesty International is calling on the Gambian government to end its widespread use of arbitrary detentions and torture as activists worldwide stage protests against the authorities' appalling human rights record on 22 July, the country's national holiday known as "Freedom Day".

"The Gambia is a torture state, where the authorities commit widespread human rights violations with total impunity," said Etelle Higonnet, West Africa Researcher for Amnesty International. "Last week's sentencing to death of eight men in a mockery of a trial for supposed attempts to overthrow the government is a testament to the level of human rights abuse being carried out in the country today."

"It is a shameful travesty that, in country where freedom remains an illusion for most people, the President names the national holiday Freedom Day."

Since gaining power through a coup in 1994, President Yahya Jammeh's government has cracked down on political freedom, subjecting Gambians to unlawful arrest, torture, incommunicado detention, unfair trials, rape, disappearance, and extra-judicial executions.

The eight men sentenced to death last week are the only people to have been tried out of hundreds arrested in November 2009 and March 2010, accused of treason or attempts to destabilise the government.

In the video, Gambian journalist Sarata Jabbi Dibba talks about life in the country and how she was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for criticizing the government.


Hi all,
I am acting on behalf on a U.K charitable organisation. They have been operating in the Gambia for some time now. However, i have commenced liaising with them in reaching out to the rural poor. This year's Ramadan, the plan is to distribute food aid to needy families, orphans and widows that are finding it difficult to cope.
I have been tasked to locate contact people in the rural areas from Bansang to Fatoto. So please, if you are from the rural area and you know a trusted person in your community who can help this people distribute the food aid, write to me privately as soon as possible.
Some local agents have acted untoward in certain engagements, this is why, we want to identify relevant people before the aid (fund) leaves U.K. The good thing is, the needs of the family or individual person will be bought in the Gambia, to help the local area business people. If they need rice and sugar, they will buy it at the local market and given to the family.
This strategy is encouraging. Please provide contact individuals. Thank you

Thursday, 22 July 2010

A brillaint Gambia Day of Action

We had a fantastic day at the Amnesty international sponsored Gambia day of action on the 22 July 2010. The event was to show our displeasure with the impunity and criminal regime of Yahya Jammeh.
The July 22 brought us rights abuses and reppressive unbalance political playing field. Yahya Jammeh became an overlord with tyranical governance style. He doesn't respect Gambians one bit.
Many families are crying today due to his arrest and unnecessary long term jail terms for politically and journalistic individuals. Gambians most put an end to this injustice and speak out.
This is a Gambian problem, and we must stand up and be counted. We have to salvage our country, no one will do this for us. Let us sacrifice today to leave a better and free Gambian for all of our children. No one is winning in a Yahya fear rule Gambia.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Making Matters straight to the defender of Gambian dictator (Fangkung)

Fankung (the debate on freedom radio)

Hello All,
I call on Freedom Radio Editor to moderate a debate on "why july 22nd is the most important date in our history". I call on Abdoulie Jallow (if he is still here) to join me in making our case. I invite Dave Manneh, Ansu Koroma, Kejau Touray, Abdoukarim and any other to debate me and Abdoulie Jallow on Freedom Radio. I hope Bambalaye responds. The proposed date is july 22.

Pa Nderry is CC on this e-mail


My response to his call:
I am on. However, on my part I will explain that since your balls where never electrocuted, you will narrowly see the 22 July as a good thing.
Again, I will explain that, God should have allow you be one of the men killed unlawfully, in which case, your childish snarling will never happen. Also, the families of Daba, Koro, Omar Barrow, Dot Faal, basiru and co should damn you with their ugly prayers.

I will also argued that, all those gleefully winding up Jammeh's victims/ families and sympathisers should match to NIA and Mile two prisons and get their penis and ball electrocuted a couple times, then be blind folded and left in the mosquito invested cells for days. Then and only then, we can talk like adults.
Fankung are you on?
And afterwards, you can volunteer to assist the missing Gambians held under politically motivated charges... If this terms are ok, Pa Nderry can count me in. And we can also look at it in another angle. Should rape victims be happy at their rapist because he build a bridge for them or a TV station? These men that where killed because of the aftermath of July 22 deserve a more sombre remembrance. I wonder whether you have ever mourn a love one. If you have then, Ahebani Hakili.
I know of a time when the first wife of Basiru was suppose to be remarried. She was so down Fankung, she declines to even discuss the subject. And multiply that by 50 wives and children asking their Mums about the whereabouts of their loving fathers?
Such is the legacy of July 22. However, a playful Fankung never intends to be bothered by such.... As I said, God works in mysterious ways... Keep laughing.

Fangkung’s response:
My friend, be serious.. go tell that to the people who did it. Why should I be guilty or feel guilty of a crime I did not commit... Come on.. Go tell that to people like Kejau, Samsudeen Sarr, Bajinka and otehrs, who after witnessing all those atrocities (alleged) still served with the "DEVIL" (according to you). I will never regret supporting Jammeh. I did not kill anyone and I did not see him kill anyone... You call yourself a muslim, there are thousands of better muslims here who are serving as doctors, nurses teachers etc. working for and supporting Jammeh. Will all of them go into hell fire for supporting him? please help me here Ustass. Will supporting Jammeh make God to kill me? Please help. You have some serious issues if you think that way...

With all this you joined with another memeber insulting each other here on this forum.... Come on keep your advice to yourself. I condemn those things I feel unjustified here (Like PAP SAINE SENTENCING) others the truth will come out.

For your information, Jammeh doesn't feed or pay my bills

"However, a playful Fankung never intends to be bothered by such.... As I said, God works in mysterious ways... Keep laughing."

Mein, go get a life if you think that is what will scare me... Go tell that to the person who called you all sorts of names and maybe he will be scared of your powers. I did not offend any of those you mentioned. We are all entitled to our opinions.. so stop that crap and concentrate on the substance of what people write. Why will I laugh at anyone here...?
Kejau Touray's response:
At long last you managed to drag Fankung out o his caucus! He has finally admitted to Jammeh abusing other's rights with impunity, but look at the lame advice he is advancing once again! Served with Jammeh! I have indeed served near him on many a times, but I was never a sycophants like you, for I have conscience, unlike you, Fankung! Nurses and teachers supporting Jammeh is discerningly different compared to being a sycophant and advocating one party state in Gambia and refusing to comment on anything that has to do with human rights abuses, people's lives, and only concerned with roads, bridges, schools, etc, and not accepting that those were tax payer's monies and not Jammeh's! How you sleep at night is beyond me! Even Bamba Laye has abandoned you here, Walter! You are all alone, lonely, sad, unconscionable and an eye sore for you are among distinguished Gambians and friends of Gambia. Your refusal to comment on matters affecting Gambians surely disgusted a lot of people, here. You could have said something, am sure, even Jammeh is angry with you, for lack of principle! For even the beast of Kanilai has principle which being to rule the Gambia by force, with cruelty, no matter what, come what may! So whats your then, Fangs? Will support Jammeh no matter what he does or says, even if he kills all your household, you will not comment though on human rights abuses, etc!

My response to Fangkung:
Thanks Fankung
However, let all those who support Jammeh realises that, we don't see that as a crime but the refusal and failure to admit that, the crimes you alluded to took place under the watchful eye and the direct command of Jammeh is the crime. Therefore, as the supreme god of the Gambia, we held Jammeh responsible for the criminal leadership.
Why is it that, only coup suspect and alleged enemies of Yahya are taken to court with tangible result?
Why is that, the killers of Koro Ceesay have never appeared in any court neither jailed?
Why is it that, the killers of the November 11 alleged coup plotters are never brought to justice Fankung?
Why is it that, the killers of our student brothers and sisters were never jailed?
Why is it that, no one is jailed for the killing of Dumbuya?
Why is it that, the missing fellows of Daba and co whereabouts are ignored by the state?
Talk less of the many jail birds on manipulated charges..

You see Fankung. Any Muslim who goes about his business ignoring human dignity does not understand the concept of Ummah. We are one human chain, one connection. Tell the nurses, doctors, lecturers, accountants. civil servants etc, their loyalty is to the Gambia not to Jammeh, Halifa, Ousainou or Hamat.
Islam teaches that, no one should blindly follow any human being. Hence, the crimes of Jammeh are his to face. The sidekicks you name are foot soldiers; we need the rat who is giving the command.
I mean, have you ever visited families living is stress and loneliness because their love ones were eliminated for the unlimited fears of Jammeh? If you haven't then do the Islamic thing and lend a shoulder.
Don't you know cowardliness is a serious short coming Islam. And siding with an oppressor is even more damning.
The Qur'an says "Stand firm for justice". And saying the truth to a dictator/tyrant is an act of worship. Therefore, we are actually up holding the dignity God bestowed on human kind.
To see the material things as compensation or substitute for injustice against human kind is a sad dumb thing to do. I have friends Fankung who are working directly for Jammeh. He has promoted some of them in such a short period, it baffles me. However, when you speak to this people, you will find out that, the overwhelming answers they give:

I want to get the experience and then find some kind of international appointment.
Some will say, it is just a short a career path.

You see, mainly those trying hard to ignore Jammeh's crimes do so for personal aggrandisement. Is that what good Muslims do?
Why is Zakah instituted in Islam? Why freeing slaves is is among the highest act of worship in Islam?

Still my offer is on, if anyone want to gloat over the schools, University, bridges, TV, Internet etc as a necessary good for the crimes against Gambians, the sad state of fears, then my response is go get your balls electrocuted, give away your close brother for mile two, have your sister lose her husband or your mother lose you. Then we can see these things in the real sense.

How many little children are searching for answers on where their doting fathers are? Fankung can you measure the pleasure your child gets playing with you? Do you think any other man can replace you?
Think about those hard facts...
I am not preaching to you neither do I ever state that, My faith is better than any person, hence don't side tract the issues. Will you agree to debate me then? I am ready and waiting.

My Response to Kejau:
Thanks... Fankung is seeing this issues as a play ground banter. We are talking about human life here. Yes, Gambians want a modern state with all its trappings. No one will deny that. We are not Amish trying to avoid material pleasures. But when such trappings dangled on a 70% illiterate population, they continue to dance on the graves of their fellow brothers, ignoring the sadness of the tormented group, it becomes a decent thing for those who care to speak.
Jammeh is using the hopes and aspiration of a poor nation to enslave them. The wild promises and threats counter-balance each other. He has brilliant blood suckers as advisers... These people are serious enemies of the Gambian people. One is tempted to name them, but every injustice has its day..

God himself says "those who know and the illiterate are not equal". The Judgement of God will vary according to one's level of comprehension, knowledge and intellect. The learned brothers ignoring the state of affairs are only deceiving themselves.

Just look at all third world countries, what do we have in common? Ignoring the oppression against our fellow countrymen/women. From Syriaa, Egypt, Morocco, the whole of Africa etc... we let this leaders become gods over us and then they actually make us worship them. Look closely how Gambians behave in front of yahya?
I was once told that, even in Kanilai, the top bras are scared of handing gifts to griouts, for fears that, they might get fired or investigated. Jammeh is the only one to give the nod for any such act. they labour at his farm like slaves and many other things. Jammeh is in short a Gambian Idol.

Some of us have trainings that allows us to operate more productively in the private sector to the government or public sector. We have adequate training to come home and join the blood sucking team. However is that what live should be about? Me me me...

Fankung is an intelligent brother. But he allows his mind to be fooled by triumphalism..which is a sad weakness. People tend to join a bandwagon of what is perceive as a success story. Fangkung symbolises just that, this is why he ignores what is uncomfortable to Jammeh's legacy?

Saturday, 17 July 2010

A Sad Day in the Gambia: General Tamba sentenced to Death

Here is a link were General Tamba was talking openly before his sacking, arrest and trial.


His was jailed together with 7 others on flimsy charges. The regime of Yahya Jammeh hell-bent oppressing free Gambians cannot be allowed to continue with this ruthless conduct.
I wonder how the Nigerian Judges go to bed at night.
They are acting as the devil advocate for Yahya Jammeh. This madness must stop. We want our country to be a free, democractis country where young people can cotribute towards its socio-economic prosperity. The Gambia belongs to every single Gambian. Why should few people be criminalising decent citizens?

Gambia Day of Action against the Oppression in the Gambia With Amnesty International

Gambian and Friend of The Gambia Thursady 22nd July is The Gambia Day of Action. The Demonstration is Taking place in two venue in London. Please for those coming the meeting point is at Trafalgar Square at 12pm.
The Day of Action will first start at Nigerian High Commission at 9 Northumberland Avenue London WC2N 5BX Nearest Tube is Charing Cross on Northern and Baker Loo Line at 12.30pm to 1.30pm.
While we are at Nigerian High Commission two person will be dispatch to hand our protest petition to Jarvis Matiya Human Rights Adviser at Common Wealth Secretariat at Marlborough House.From the Nigerian High Commission we will then proceed to Senegalese Embassy at 39 Marloas Road, Kensington London W8 6LA Nearest Tube High Street Kensington on Circle, District and Picadilly Line. ( About 50 T-Shirit are available and also campaign information).Please read below the detail information about the Day of Action.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Imperefct Journey.. Film about difficult political climates


The Ethiopian film maker Gerima has tackle a radical subject in African politics. This film is very educative and a serious eye opener. The dictatorial style of rule has been exposed beyond redemption. The film can be use to explain dictatorship all over Africa. A highly recommended film.


http://www.onegambia.com/orahistvids.php Check the play list and click on Kartong Folonko. The story is fascinating however, the denial by a village elder that, it is not an Idol is remarkeable. The equivalent of Kartong folonko is the Gunjure Sandy Mosque by the seas side (Kinyi Kenyi jamemw). The late Sheik Hatab Bojang rejected the rituals in Gunjure Sandy place. It is not a mosque as far i understand but a well close to the sea.
The explanation of Kartong Folonko is both historically relevant and clouded in mystery. However, the place was own by the Sonenkes in the past. their practices may have been imported within the current rituals. The narrator emphasises that, there is no Idol in Folonko. He said Folonko means, fon loo.. meaning to place your head on the ground The act was said to be performed by Omar Taal (Omar Futi)... A lot Sufi Myth is entangle with Omar Taal's legacy. Thanks Suntou

Tuesday, 13 July 2010



It is fascinating watching the African gay men standing their grounds amidst the protest of the wider community and Religious groups. The argument the anti-Gay groups put forward is that, Gays are unAfrican and a western import. The protesters threaten to burn the Gays alive. The torn between free sexual expression and the over-powering cultural prevalence.
My personal opinion is that. Homosexuality is not a western practise alone. It is a life style choice that anybody can adopt including us Africans. Yes, tourist have made it a common currency in many impoverish African countries, however, if the young men really don't have the inclination, they wouldn't venture into it no matter how poor they are.
We have heard as youngsters that, element in our societies who are married and at the same time indulge in Gay affairs. Some of this people are said to be prominent individuals, hence the Gay thing is an individual issue.
The debate as just began...Serious Samura as usual exposed a phenomenon Africans will talk about for years. The booming Gambian Tourist industry has created a petty income generating capacity for male sex workers. In the past, young fit Gambian men sell sex to old age western women in their fifties and sixties, now they have advance to selling sex to male tourist. I have seen some Dutch Tourist paying rent for Gambian men, bearing all their expenses, and at the end sleep with them. Sadly, this Gambians feel that, they are only doing it for a time, before they knew it, they walk different, some even leak when they sit and people start to stay away from them.

It is a phenomenon. There are brothers who like to act like women. To this brothers, their homosexual urges is natural, 'they will say God made me Gay'. We may have come across brothers who talk, walk and act like women without ever meeting any western Tourist or person. Every society have folks that are different. Africans should handle this debate maturely and avoid public executions or on camera rantings. This will defeat the purpose of intelligent logical dialogue. The gay Africans have rights and that it is for the state to recognised. They must treat this people as citizens and deal with their affairs fairly in accordance with human decency and the rule of law.
I thank Serious Samura for a brilliant documentary.

Monday, 12 July 2010

THE SIX POINT OF THE MASALAS----Their principal steps in understanding Islam

By L Darboe (divided into parts)


The kalimat consist of two part, 1.La illaha illaha illal lah and 2. Muhammad rasoolulah. In the literal translation it means " None is worthy of worship but Allah(God). Note that we used the word Allah instead of God because this has a profound connotation. In this contemporal times there are many objects of worship, ranging from stars (football, films stars) to some religious symbols like Pandit Baba of the Hindustans and so called Suffie and christian saints.
The word Allah is inique because, He told us in soorah Iklas who He was, is and shall ever be... ALLAHU AHAD, ALLAHU SAMAD, LAM YALID WALLAM YULAD, WALLAM YAGULAHU KUFWAN AHAD.
So no creation animate or inanimate fits this description. We go on,............None is worthy of religious devotion or worship except The one, unique' independent omni-portent, omni present Allah. So if any of creation said he/she is god and should be worhip, we should ask, is he unique in every sense, is he capable of indepently existing off the evironment, has he got begining in the womb or otherwise; shall end by death and sarcastically; "does he ate food",.
If he eat food it means he has to go to toilet like anyone, meaning he/she was dependent on the evironment. If he did not eat he would certainly die. definitely not the earth, the heavens , human, jinns, angels, gibril, kursi but one Allah who control every atom of existense, not influenced by nature or any creation. So we should bring yakin, absolute and unshakable belief in that one Allah, that harm and benefit come only from him, everything else is creation and he is the creator and preserver of the whole universe. Musa once ask Allah whether He does not become tired and thus need sleep. He ask Musa to stand and put an egg in his hand and sleep. The egg fell and broke . Allah said, the whole universe will fare thus if I am to sleep.

Power and majesty belongs to Allah so we should devout worship to him alone, not any saints or prophet or angels because they are all creation and cannot by there own accord do benefit or harm to any one.
One would ask you can kill a person or provide benefit to him. In history we read that Ibrahim was put in fire and not burn, Ibrahim knife could cut his son, ismils throat,..musa's stick turn to real snake and cause the see to split but into avenues for bani,israeal.
The objects here are only servants themselves but the power to burn, cut and turn into snake is in the control of Allah. The creation by itself have no control over things, we only see their intevention as means but behind the means is the controller; Allah. If a person have firm yakin(show belief) in Allah, his perspective in life remodelled, re-calibrated to met the purpose for which he is created-to worship allah and to please Him.

Allah forbids injustice, so the person would not do injustice; Allah forbids lying, he will not lie, Allah forbids adultery he will not comit it, and so on and so on. Tha'st why we perpetrate certain actions because our belief in Allah is deficient. We will be patient on the trials of life, by believing that Allah is aware of our situation and give us mishaps as a trial.
To belief this kalimah mean to fight with ones nafs(desire), that is to subjugate ones desire to the desire of your Allah and put him first. When one has a problem he should first present it to Allah by supplication, zikr/ remmembrance, saalat etc. But today we first think about saints and some holy men first, docters etc then if everything fails we think about Allah as the last resort.

MUHAMMAD RASOOLULAH MEANS........... No way of life; no "ism" is acceptable to Allah except the way of life of his beloveth prophet, Muhammad. So if you want Allah to be pleased with you, you must follow his prothet sunnah, not the way of life of others.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Starting a family

Forming a family By: Dr. Ali ShariatiShare
Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 10:51pm
Forming a familyAt the present time, men and women freely satisfy their sexual urges in universities, restaurants, outings, and various gatherings of this kind. This continues until a woman comes to herself and sees that it is empty around her. No one any longer seeks her out or if they do, it is to review, to revise a memory of the past.
When a man has passed the freedom of his sexual cycle, when he has picked a flower from every garden and from each flower, taken its perfume, there is nothing any longer for him which is interesting or new. His sexual urge has subsided. It has been replaced by attachment to his position and his money. He seeks fame and worships position. His inclinations are now towards getting a house and forming a family. These feelings then appear in his being.

A woman, face to face with the reality that no one seeks her out, and, a man, exhausted from his freedoms and indeed by sexual experiences which have finally turned his heart, confront each other. They reach out towards each other at the end of a long and tiring road. They want to form a family. A family is formed but that which draws these two together that which causes them to join hands, is fear and fatigue. On the part of the woman it is fear of bankruptcy and no longer being noticed.
The man is tired and no longer interested in anything. A family has been formed but in place of love and the intensity of an ideal, instead of creative happiness and imagination, exhaustion and ennui set in so that nothing is new. They know what is there. Nothing! There is nothing for which their hearts beat. They know why they have found each other. They know what needs they have from each other. Both, completely conscious, calculating, aware, seek each other out. Each knows what the other meant by the words, 'be my divine sacrifice'. Each has achieved their wishes. Both sacrifice for the other. Both die for the other. But in the opposite way from which we normally understand it. On the day of weddings, city hall is filled. Someone from city hall, with a medal on his coat, looking like a bureaucrat attends to them, not a clergyman who is a symbol of spirit, faith, reverence and sainthood. Each couple is called forward exactly like molded sugar cones.
Their names are read from a list. They answer, "Yes." Often several children standing behind the bride and groom also answer yes. It shows their existences have influenced the yes of their mothers and fathers. They pay their money. They sign the register. The ceremony is over. Each returns to his mould, his home. From among the 200-300 brides only 20-30 wear a bridal gown. Most of them say, 'What?', at my age, in my condition, it would be degrading to wear a bridal gown. It is not right." Then the wife goes to work and the man as well. They have a rendezvous with their friends to meet at noon in a restaurant and eat lunch together. This, of course, only happens when the wedding to some extent has been full of happiness and excitement. Otherwise they forget what had happened and what event had occurred.
Most often, outside city hall after the civil ceremony, the bride and groom (who have been living together for years and each one has probably spent a year or more living with someone else), give each other a cold look as if to say, "So what? Where should we go? Fun? We've gone out a thousand times together. Embrace each other? We've tasted each other a thousand times and we've fled from the taste. Home? We came from home." What appeals to them? Do they excite each other's imagination and feelings? Not at all. Then its best if each continues his work each day like always. Families are formed in this way.
Both the man and the woman have schemed to find each other and form an economic union. Or else, they were married because of the other pressures. Perhaps a child was born causing the father and mother of the child to become a bride and groom. They show understanding, feelings and desires towards each other. They do not sense any secrets in each other, no paradox in their unirol. Nothing begins. Nothing changes. No imaginary flights, no heart beats, not even a smile upon their lips.
This is why the foundation of a family becomes frail. Once the foundations weakened, the children in that family no longer see understanding, warmth and attractions. Because the mother and father will not sacrifice all of the freedoms for their children they put the child in a school or boarding school and only give it money so that they can continue their free life. Afterwards, having formed a logical but deceitful partnership according to the laws and having created a faxnily, they then separate from each other.
The possibilities continue for the man who has experienced thousands of warm and young embraces. How can this woman who is tired and fallen in spit it and whose masculine actions cause disgust in the man, satisfy his needs? And visa versa? A woman who can make thousand comparisons, takes the worn out man into her arms. Through her comparisons, his number is up. In such a situation, within a household which lacks understanding, he turns to bars, fraternities, new experiences, official and unofficial centers. Once again, contrary to the original invitation, the factor which keeps these two within the same household is an illogic one.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

New Not-for-Profit Organisation (GDRA)

I have started a non-profit organisation geared towards relieving the needs of rural Gambians. The aim of this organisation is to provide literature in every subject to rural Gambian children.

The name chosen is: The Gambia Dawah and Relief Agency (GDRA).
I am especially thankful to the U.K Islamic Mission, The Islamic Foundation and Muslim Hands for the support and encouragement. These organisations provided literature in diverse field of studies for the rural Gambian children. I am also grateful to Mr Ebrima Kamara for reviewing the project and providing valuable advise. His advise on maintaining a centre ground for fostering harmony, the respect for life and diversity is without a doubt meaningful. The pursuit of intellectual and intelligent dealing should be a corner stone of our activity. I thank him for his advise.

The books will be distributed across the provences. The aim is to furnish school libraries, mosque book stores and other areas. We want to inculcate the habit of reading. With a strong reading population, extremism will be a thing of the past.
We will also respond to emergency situations in the rural Gambia. We will work with relief agencies across U.K and Europe. The fostering of one human society.
Life is about loving, caring and believing in ways that will be un-harmful to the human society. Tolerance, mutual co-existence and togetherness is our motto.
However, we will respond to propaganda materials of lies and distortions in the media. This will be conducted in an open, respectful and diplomatic manner.
Please, give us your prayers and kind suggestions.
Send ideas to: suntou@btinternet.com or call 0044 07852491734.
Thank you
Suntou Touray (Founder GDRA)