Thursday, 22 July 2010

A brillaint Gambia Day of Action

We had a fantastic day at the Amnesty international sponsored Gambia day of action on the 22 July 2010. The event was to show our displeasure with the impunity and criminal regime of Yahya Jammeh.
The July 22 brought us rights abuses and reppressive unbalance political playing field. Yahya Jammeh became an overlord with tyranical governance style. He doesn't respect Gambians one bit.
Many families are crying today due to his arrest and unnecessary long term jail terms for politically and journalistic individuals. Gambians most put an end to this injustice and speak out.
This is a Gambian problem, and we must stand up and be counted. We have to salvage our country, no one will do this for us. Let us sacrifice today to leave a better and free Gambian for all of our children. No one is winning in a Yahya fear rule Gambia.

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