Sunday, 17 June 2012

All His Excellency's Imams and Priests

By Suntou Bolonba Touray
To God will be our return
Them and us
As guardians and overlords
The Imams and Priest swore to stand for our God's people
Yet the bare bottom ruler overturn it without breaking wind!
Even as some Imams get laid, The others look away
Hoping their hands will be free from blood and innocent sufferings
Yet the puppet scream in joy, claiming "god is him" and the Imams and
Priests are his drummers
Fear no more unprepared masses, the day of account giving is nigh
That day all his Excellency's Imams and Priests will wish they can be
swallowed for licking the blood of comrades and the ordinary
Sermon no more, we know your lips are for the Dalasis and the Cameras.
" In Allah, let the believers put their trust"

Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Brutalisation of Critics in the Gambia

Confirmed reports from NIA detension and interogation units reveals that, non-Gambians are hired to torture Gambian black and blue. An eye witness state that, if you look closely at the scene of some hidden places, you can see human remains. Anybody who report a Gambian to people for him or her to be brutalise is lower than a wild beast and yet some people live on income from working as secret agents, yet they claim to be praying and fasting. I wonder for what purpose? In Tunisian, certain people are punish in prison by depriving them of their prayers. It is said that, beating this political prisoners does not affect them, the prison torturers resort to urinating in the place of worship of the prisoners during the old regime. Now any person who will do that, just to do his maters work is not worth been called a human being.