Friday, 19 December 2014

The Owl and The Pigeon

Kikiyan and Pura (A Short Story) By Suntou Touray
As it happens, many people accuse the Owl (Kikiyan) of being a witch. These accusations puzzled and troubled the Owl so much so that,  it took matters in it's own hand to clear it's cherished and reputable good name.
The Owl is depicted as wise, a night traveller, quiet, aloof and majestic. Are those the main reasons for the blatant character assassinations? It wonders!

The Owl trust that, since it is always around the Pigeon (Pura), a friendly and approachable bird. Enquiring from the good friend as to whether the accusations people make are valid or remotely true become a pressing issue.

The Owl asked, "Mr Pigeon, people accused me of being a witch, and I know it is not true, but what do you think?"
The Pigeon looked around and retort to the Owl, "well, are you facing me or is your back toward me?" 
The Owl said, "I am facing you". The Pigeon responded with a big surprise for the Owl "Well, the people are correct you are a witch." 
The Owl couldn't understand, "I am harmless and wise, why associate me to wickedness and bloodthirsty?"
 Yet the Pigeon like other accusers base their suspicions on the strangeness of the Owl, the wide eye, creepy looks and loner mannerism. 
And so the legend continues, those accused of beings witches are usually ugly looking grandmas, who are very poor and lacking extended family support. Especially if the old granny has perturbing eyes and slight facial hair. 
Lesson: Avoid suspicions and fear base accusation without proof.

(A Mandinka folklore, don't Judge by looks. The nicest looking person can the most evil.)

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

My short remarks on Falai Baldeh

In the eye of the blind, the one eye man is a giant. My Uncle Falai fell in a trap of the dis-honourables. Let us be gentle with him.
Falai Baldeh fell in a trap, set by the 'peace maker' Modou Njai.
Modou Njai's motives are scanty and unclear, however he seems to be putting the regime of dictator Jammeh in a favourable light.
People should take it easy with Falai. We need to see this struggle as a battle field. When the going get tough, we will occasionally attack each other, scream, haul insults and abuses, Sometimes, individual jealousy and unfulfilled expectations will get the better of people. But when it is all said and done, the struggle is full with honourable Gambians both at home and in diaspora.
Modou Njai is playing a very dangerous game. No one can make peace with someone who has no interest to change for the better. Therefore, entrapping vulnerable members of the Gambian activist force will backfire in the long run for Modou Njai. Falai is disputing some of the things in the propaganda statement written by the 'Lt Col Sam Sarr' Yahya Jammeh's new tactician.
We have all been label as one thing or the other, behind our backs, worst statements are made. But let us remember our humanity, no one is perfect. However, the Gambia means everything to us, and those suffering and losing their jobs needlessly are the driving force. That was/is Falai's driving force.
I hope others who may intend to capitulate remember the pains and tears of the widows, orphans, refugees in Senegal and else where, those disabled by gun shots and the many folks killed in suspicious circumstances.
One cannot be unique if one refuse to confront evil. All great men and women in history refuse to accept evil and injustices. Modou Njai, thanks for causing havoc and pain in the life of a one time hero, Uncle Falai Baldeh.

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