Tuesday, 9 September 2014

No Wig day for African sisters, a needed campaign

Whilst preparing for tomorrow's U.K local government finance conference, I cannot but express a deep and profound disappointment and betrayal on behalf of the Gambian male fraternity. Amean, we use to say, 'never propose to a lady on festival and celebration day' because the sisters will look totally different from their usual self. Lo and behold, our sisters are in mask twenty four hours now. The no make up day is actually telling us, we are now truly in cosmetic world, real simple beauty is gone.
Now let us be even radical and say, 'a total natural day, no make up, no wig, no nail extension, no artificial anything.'
Bring it on...natural African hair day, no hair extension bull crap. Pata PJ will you back me in the no hair extension day, no wig, no Brazilian hair, no maize, no anybody hair...be radical bro and back me. I know a lot of brothers will avoid the subject.