Monday, 12 March 2012

Healing The Hearts Of Gambian Opposition

The few steps taken to heal the hearts and aspiration of the opposition is in gear. Let us supporters don't try to make the issue at hand a point scoring or a saint crowning. Over the weekend, whilst an array of Gambians came together for over five hours in a marathon conference call, seeking to find a pathway in helping the boycott get a meaning and yield tangible result. Some people want to hang a badge of honour for their efforts.
As the dictator is sitting pretty, he is still there doing his thing. No single Gambian today alive can take credit for anything or be crown for anything. Let us stop trying to divide the camps.

There is hardly any body amongst us who can be deceive with cheap propaganda. The opposition's hearts need healing just like we online. If we fail to see that, then we will be missing something serious. When Hamat pipped the Leadership in the last elections, some thought, that will change him to be serious, but it never did. The remaining opposition parties going ahead with the boycott should the election not be postponed deserve our commendations. Yes, there will be missed-parliamentary salaries for some, but that is the prize. And we outside should understand the prize others are paying with their comfort.
I called on UDP supporters, PDOIS supporters, GMC supporters, Henry Gomez supporters to lay off tit-for tat criticism and focus on bridging the gaps. We should be bold enough to understand that, a divided society is a difficult terrain to operate in. Unless the rule of law rule supreme, no one is safe, no one is beyond the long arms of the lawless gangsters.
We the partisans should let the leaders work hand in hand to find a common ground. This is not easy, but we can play our part. Our elders have spend a good part of their lives finding solutions against the organised system of Jammeh who is helped by our graduate brothers. So let us not underestimate Jammeh or his clownish comport.
Let us recognise that, the activist community is very small. Any organisation wishing to be an umbrella outfit must contact all the activist by private email or their organisation email, and we talk as Gambians.
A Gambian with a broad shoulder and a big head cannot be ignored and then you expect to have your way on him. It will not happen. We have one man organisation been taken seriously than several member groups. Let us open our minds, hearts and give each the respect deserve.

The solution is easy. UDP, GMC, PDOIS, and others should have regular meetings now, work a plan of action, meet the opposition supporters, tell them to stay home, or do as the joint parties advise and then a continuous action plan be in motion. No one single opposition figure can take credit for anything, because Gambians are sick and tired of glory seeking whilst the battle is raging. We have seen and read big pronouncements, agendas and way ahead coming to nothing but division and further causing polemicist posturing. Let be serious and tackle the menacing despot.