Monday, 29 September 2008

Happy Eidul Fitr

Tomorrow the 29Th of September mark the end of fasting, the holy month of Ramadan. I wish all visitors to suntoumana a happy eidul fitr. May we live to witness next year's Ramadan. The month of fasting is a great experience for all who practice it. one stays away from his food, drink, snacks, teas, coffees, his husband and wife and anything that one gets pleasure from. This abstinence is all for the sake of Allah. That is why God states in the Quran that only he can say reward the person who fast.
We fast because Allah commanded us to do it. It is out of God consciousness that Muslims fast. There are other benefits of fasting, among them is feeling the longing for what one will usually take for granted. There are millions of people who can't afford the small things that many takes for granted. fasting is a unique experience, even non-Muslims should try it to experience the feeling. I mean full fasting. Some people fast but would drink a little water and can smoke etc (lens). for Muslims fasting mean complete abstinence. During the night, Muslims eat and drink and also cohabit with spouses.
All adult muslims should attend the eid prayer. it is a strong sunnah. On the 26 of September, i attended the revert ceremony of a British lady in Nuneantion west midlands who fast the whole of the Ramadan whilst not a Muslim. finally on the 26Th of September she made up her mind to enter Islam. she did all this by her won accord, she research and consulted other British white Muslims and then revert.
Finally happy eid to all.

Monday, 22 September 2008

leaderless nations

A POINT OF VIEWWith Suntou Touray

Nations are built on the spirits of great leaders. A good leader possesses qualities that drives his nation forward and enhance the development of the people in every facet. No nation is great with weak and selfish leaders at the helm of its affairs. Leaders have a different comport and outlook on life, but what makes a leader great is the unconditional love and care he/she has for every single person of their nation. These leaders would do whatever it takes to accelerate the growth and development of their nations. More importantly great leaders put in place legislations that would provide for and defend the fundament rights of the people. These legislations are what many nations are lacking today.

One can argue that there is no nation without a leader, but being a leader for the sake of it is the same as existing without one. The majority of third world nations are leaderless. This is why the entire fabrics of these nations’ institutions are in disarray.

As an African, the evident reason that is causing our slow growth in human and structural development is nothing but the lack of innovative and charismatic leaders. There don’t seem to be any progress in our entire economies.

The fore-runners of global dominant nations always possess leaders who love them and would do anything to protect the honour and rights of their people. The embarrassing condition of the African man and woman is nothing but the presence of leaders who has no glue as to what the solutions of our society’s woes are. They go about their business as if nothing is wrong. We are the nations with the least respect in terms of development and riches, yet our continent is endowed with the resources that make others great. Where are the leaders?

We can discuss and argue over the few leaders who should have lived longer and lead us into greatness. Unfortunately, they couldn’t live to witness their dreams.
Why is it that our leaders don’t care about our lives collectively?

Why is it that, our leaders don’t seem to grow up and let go of petty enmity and be bigger men in situations of media melee and political critics? How can they call themselves leaders when they are so fearful of the oppositions; they are willing to kill and imprison unnecessarily?

Leadership is about delegation of duties and policies to the right technocrats.
Leadership is about taking decisions on behalf of the nation for the longer term and by consulting the opinions of experts.

Leadership is about overlooking critics and personal attacks; it is not about trying to proof how tough one is by locking up and meddling in the legal and media institutions.
Leadership is about providing safety to ones people in food, health, water, security, education and all the basic necessities of life.

Our leaders always have done the opposite of what nations with great leaders do. They don’t like us; their words and actions often create enmity among us. They hate us and we hate them. They deceive us, we deceive them, they don’t trust us and we don’t trust them.

This circle of discontent leads officials to continue practising corruption and malpractices detrimental to the development of the nation’s progress.

Which African country’s leader can we place our hand on heart and say he or she is worth leading us.

Our own brands of so-called ceremonial leaders cherish their titles and power. They put in places cultures that will only make every department of our institutions function only for their benefits. No one can change their mindset, they hate anyone who is willing to be different and do what he/she is paid to do. They trifle of self-aggrandisement and false glory. Lavish parties and ceremonies are one thing they believe will make them look honorary. Yet developed nations with educated and selfless leaders are rarely seen in public, let alone partying beyond acceptable limits.

All we ever have is men who thought they are leaders because of wining sham elections and surrounding themselves with sycophants and chicken brains. These leaders know they are nothing compared to the real leaders in international conferences and deal making. Even protecting their country’s interest in trade deals and environmental matters are mostly inadequate and poorly executed.

I don’t see African presidents as leaders; all they are is just mere cult figures with time and resources to waste, simple. If they are credible and effective leaders, they would be good at overlooking the comments of critics and continue to protect the lives and rights of their perceived enemies no matter what. From North to South and East to West; our African leaders are nothing but robots for the nations with credible leaders. Ours are just beggars. They begged so much, they forget how to do it anymore. Aid dependencies make others not consider our leader’s opinion in international matters. It is just like somebody that feeds on your unwanted crumbs. Would you have any respect for such a fellow? Real leaders can always rely on a tap on our own banana leader’s shoulder to silence the bravest amongst us. What a pity!

Finally, continue to be bullies you uncaring and unloving men calling yourselves leaders. Living in a presidential residence doesn’t make you a leader. Working for the people and feeling their pain and doing something about it makes one a leader. Whoever that may be and wherever he/she resides, that is what makes one a leader.

The power to jail, to play the judiciary, to institute harsh laws against the media, creating competitive disadvantages to your opponents, and extra-judicial executions, these all show one’s lack of leadership qualities.

Use common sense now pretenders! Change the course of history. Be a true leader and be willing to hand over the nation’s baton to your political rivals when you know they can do a better job than you.

Every true sons and daughters of Africa will cherish to see that day when real leaders step up to the plate and end the suffering and shame of people of colour.

May I live to see that day. Amen.

Gambians silver jubilee

On the occasion Jawara congratulated the former Nigerian president Babangidah. He went on to emphasise the common interest between the Gambia and Nigeria. Jawara also mention the importance of rule law and the importance of participating in inter-African affairs. Nigrian pivotal role in south Africans independence and Zimbabwe were also noted. The freedom of Nelson Mandela and the fight against racism was key issues in the 1990's. Nigeria's economic and front line technical assistance to other nations necessary in helping other African states prosper. The deep respect for African culture and tradition by the federal state of Nigeria was noble, said Jawara.
Jawara also thanked Babangidah about the assistance Nigeria extended to the Gambia on security, and the educational sector.

Babangidah on his part started by greeting all the distinguish guest and further highlighted his happiness about being invited. Jawara was praised for his championing the cause of human rights, at that material time the human rights head quarters was located in the Gambia. African economic integration was call for by Babangidah, citing the EU closeness as a necessary model for African states to follow.
BB Darboe welcomed Princees Margret sister of queen of England. BB was with his wife and entourage. Later that evening, Jawara held a diner for dignitaries at his residence in state house Banjul. Interestingly George Bush junior was among the invited guest with his wife, he later became the president of the U.S. He was spotting a little beard then. Gambia police band entertain the guest; surprisingly they can sing. DK sabari was the key song, (Allah tentou Anabi jai, dk sabari) fula traditional dancers and acrobats also entertained the guest.
The final episode was on Feb 18, 1990. The independent cerebration was again attended by Jawara and Babangidah. Jawara was escorted to inspect the military guard of honour. He loved it. The army band paraded in a colourful way, playing their army music. current president Yahya must have been in attendance. Samsideen Sarr must also be in attendance.
Some will ask why writing about that historical event after all? my answer is, the physcology of why our leaders overstay, we need to understand the whole set-up of our institutions especially how we over-hype the position of head of state. This leaders enjoy themselves so much, they cannot possibly go by free will. To understand the statement i am making, watch the video. You will see power, fame, adoration, entertainment, praise singers, special personalise songs, amean, the whole fabric of our entertainment machinery is at play here. from police band, Jaliba, Gambia national troop and all other cultural troops.
what is more important than heading all that power play. History in one's hand. Jawara said many things, mainly about the inability for the Gambia to sustain itself after independence. This statements were made by skeptic during the quest for our nation's independence.
finally, what is the faith of Jawara today? where are all those fashion conscious top ranking military officers, the Sam Sarr's. the Pa sallah's, the Trow's, the Alahgie Kanteh's. Life is like turning wheel. No one can predict what the future holds.
Yahya will also be remembered whether we like it or not. But for him, it will with bitterness and anger. Jawara dicko, well, that is life. stay cool many people's kind man.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

A new column at the

I am please to announce that the will be allocating me my own column at the online paper. The column name is 'A POINT OF VIEW'. I choose that name because, i will discuss issues pertaining to Gambian cultures and traditions and sometimes politics. the first article will be about our continent leaderlessness. this is a bold commentary. it is a generalise statement but looking at Africa, one wonders when real leaders will step-up to the plate. real leaders who are good managers, good listeners, less arrogant and power hungry. i will try my hand at making sketches. if any one is good at drawing funny things please let me.
my next article after the political commentary will be deeply controversial, it will be about meddling families in their son's marriage. no one will be name or blame. it is a general observation of our social understanding of marriage. mothers and sisters find it hard to let of their male relative. they start fighting his wife and causing unnecessary troubles, sadly some son's listen to ill-comments about their spouses, and this leads disharmony in their marital home. my commentaries will be more socio-religious than political, and also Islamic finance introduction. I pray that the Almighty make us humble and sincere human beings.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Working Alone

The major force in Gambian politics that should have swayed the masses is PDOIS. This party has principles and a good out look for the Gambia. from their early days, things didn't go well with them. One strategy i find puzzling was their non-association with villagers they encounter during campaign trials. I first came across PDOIS in the 1987 election. They won me over instantly, even though at that time i was under the legal age of voting. Their message hit home smoothly. I can still remember Honourable Sedia's comments about a frog in the well, enjoying whilst the well is full with food and goodies.
The big problem of PDOIS which they didn't realise was their refusal to stay with folks in the Provence's. they don't stay with people, they don't drink from others home, neither do they eat from villagers. This i believe was a major culture shock to the local masses. yes PDOIS was doing its best to change the culture of wastage and partying. But they have gone over the top in that process of being independent from local people's food and water. But our culture encourages sharing and communal socialising. this affect PDOIS very much because people show that attitude as an arrogance, and a bunch of people who don't have much respect for the people, so the people blinded themselves to the messages of the party.
Another down side of PDOIS is their insistence on having a close hierarchy. It has only being the same people saying the same thing within the party, there has been very few new faces within the party that has any serious authority to speak on their own behalf. The party should allow other members to speak on issues of human rights, religion, education etc. each important social institution should be handle by an expert not one person doing all the talking. This makes the party unattractive. also succession issue should be made such that the grass root are involve and are in the know.
In general, the party is the most viable party worth our time and energy. They have in place a program, an ideology that people can analyse and study and even criticise, whilst other parties lack this vital element. Politics is about ideas and leaders, African leaders seems to be good at one thing, that is locking up people and making life hard for their opponents, yet even God leave us alone to do as we like until we met him. Why can't our leaders be soft in less critical matters? why can't they over-look trivial matters? They should concentrate of building ideas and being in tune with modern politics. They should labour to Africanise issues that will bolster our identity and respect. They should build on uniting the people regardless of political affiliation. True peace is hard to achieve, but creating a good cordial environment helps.
Finally the shock of last election was a big assault on PDOIS and the Gambia. The failure of Hon. Halifa to win back his Serrekunda seat is a shock to all lovers of democracy. Halifa is force to be recon with whether one likes him or not. He is good for the Gambian politics, it is a big blow to him and the people of the Gambia. The epitome of daily political discussion is the national assembly, an effective national assembly should have men like Halifa, he has the charisma and eloquence to deliver critical messages. And lovers of politics will always be interested in his analysis.
There is still hope, lets hope for the best.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

The Micracles in the Quran

Miracles in The Holy Quran

This is statistical study conducted by Dr. Tariq Al-Suwaidan:

Fist: Equality

The word "this world" is mentioned 115 times the word "the life hereafter" is mentioned 115 times.
The word "Angles" is mentioned 88 and the word "Satan" is mentioned 88 times.
The word "People" is mentioned 50 times and the word "Prophets" is mentioned 50 times.
The word "good doing" is mentioned 50 times and the word "wrong doing" is mentioned 50 times.
The word Ibless "Satan" is mentioned 11 times and the word "seek Allah refuge from Satan" is mentioned 11 times.
The word "Muslims" is mentioned 41 times and the word "Jihad" is mentioned 41 times.
The word " Zakat" is mentioned 88 times and the word "blessing" is mentioned 88 times.
The word " Mohammad" is mentioned 4 times and the word "Shariah" is mentioned 4 times.
The word " Woman" is mentioned 24 times and the word "Man" is mentioned 24 times.
The word " Life" is mentioned 145 times and the word "Death" is mentioned 145 times.
The word " Righteous deeds" is mentioned 167 times and the word "Evil deeds" is mentioned 167 times.
The word "Easiness" is mentioned 36 times and the word "Difficulty" is mentioned 36 times.
The word "the Righteous" is mentioned 6 times and the word "the Wicked" is mentioned 36 times.
The word "Saying aloud" is mentioned 16 times and the word "in public" is mentioned 16 times.
The word "Love" is mentioned 83 times and the word "obedience" is mentioned 83 times.
The word "Right Guidance" is mentioned 79 times and the word "Mercy" is mentioned 79 times.
The word "Peace" is mentioned 50 times and the word "Delicacies" is mentioned 50 times.
The word "Hardship" is mentioned 102 times and the word "Patience" is mentioned 102 times.
The word "Disaster" is mentioned 75 times and the word "Thank" is mentioned 75 times.
The word "Reward" is mentioned 117 times and the word "Thank" is mentioned 117 times.

Second: Miracles

The word "Prayer" is mentioned in the Quran 5 times and the daily prayers are 5.

The word "month" is mentioned 12 times in the Quran and the year is composed of 12 months.

The word "Day" is mentioned 365 times in the Quran and the year is composed of 365 days.

The word "Sea" is mentioned 32 times in the Quran, while the word "land" is mentioned 13 times.

If we add the total number of both words "sea" and "land" we get 45. If we do a simple calculation:
(32/45) x 100 = 71.111%
(13/45) x 100 = 28.888%
The above ratios are exactly the percentage of water (sea) and land in the world.

When drawing a chart representing the number of Sura (Chapter) in the Quran and its number of verses, the result of plotting such a chart is the word of Allah.

The Holy Quran enhance the immune system and lessen stress

In a medical conference held recently in Cairo, a study presented the result of a scientific research, conducted USA, about the mechanism of enhancing the immune system and relief the body from chronic diseases; that the listeners to the Holy Quran witnessed physiological changes that indicates leads to lessen neural stress. This was recorded using advanced instruments. According to Dr. Ahmed ElQadi, Chairman of the Islamic Medical Institute for Education and Research in USA and the team leader of this research, that 79% of whom the experiment was conducted, regardless of whether they are Muslims or know Arabic, witnessed a significant reduction in stress they suffered from.
Dr. ElQadi added that it is know that stress leads to reduction of immune system. This proved by internal glands' secretions. As such the relaxing impact of the Holy Quran on stress enhances the immune system to resist and recover from diseases.

* In the last page of the presentation there is a request, to whoever read the presentation, to spread it to fellow Muslims. You will get rewarded in the life hereafter for doing so inshaa Allah.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

High IQ, Vulnerable to Arrogance

I was listening to a lecture last week, delivered by Dr Mamdou Muhamad an Egyptian scholar. He was talking about arrogance in people, and one thing that stick in my mind was his comment about people with high IQ.
He said "people with intelligence are very much vulnerable to arrogance. the concept of ' i know better, what does he knows' is dangerous."
This is a critical comment by Mamdou muhamad, and interestingly i believe this statement. Many a times we see folks trying their best to put-down others just because their views varies. they will do their best to make you look foolish and ignorant, this way they take the perceive glory. there debating or discussion style range from quoting others every statement and making cheap fun of that. They believe this shows their sophistication and high IQ. But what it is, is only arrogance and pride. As people, we all have aspects that we are good at, no one should allow another to put you down. Politeness is a virtue, but being seen to be weak is also not a good thing.
If one has a wide scope of reading and knowledge about many things, this doesn't mean, your understanding is better the next person. It may indicate your ability to express a point more eloquently, that's all. the idea that people must see things through ones looking glass is nothing but arrogance. and this manner doesn't help explaining issues to people, they will always see you and your ideas as just a pompous arrogant fool. even if that idea is worthwhile, it wouldn't make any impact.
humility is the best way to covey great messages and ideas. this is why religious leaders make quick impact, they humble themselves and has a good ability to listen to others.
Your high IQ is not the end in itself, but the mean to an end. let us all be respectful and humble. if we disagree with others, lets do it politely, not with making fun, you never know, your opponent may be right. we shouldn't be assuming other peoples ideas are rubbish base on our bigoted pre-conceive judgement of them.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Glimpses from the Book: Riyaa : Hidden Shirk
Yasir al-Qathi / Edited ByDr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Linguistically riyaa comes from the root "ra`aa" which means to see, to behold, to view. The derived word 'riyaa' means "eyeservice, hypocrisy, dissimulation; dissemblance."
From a Sharee`ah point of view, "to perform acts which are pleasing to Allah, with the intention of pleasing other than Allah". Thus riyaa originates in the heart.
....from page. 25...
Mahmood ibn Labeed reported that the Allah's Messenger said, "The thing that I fear most for you is the minor Shirk; Riyaa" (Ahmad in his Musnad)
Aboo Sa`eed reported that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s) came to us while we were discussing about Dajjaal and said, "Should I not inform you of that which I fear for you even more than the dangers of Dajjaal? It is the hidden Shirk; A person stands to pray, and he beautifies his prayer because he see as the people looking at him." (Sunan Ibn Majah vol. 2, #3389)
Aboo Moosaa al-Ash`aree reported that Allah's Messenger delivered a sermon to them one day and said, "O People! Fear this Shirk (meaning riyaa), for it is more inconspicuous than the crawling of an ant." (Authenticated in Saheeh al Targheeb wat-Tarheeb, no. 33)
...from page 45...."The causes of Riyaa"
The primary cause of riyaa is a weakness in Eemaan. When a person does not have strong faith in Allaah, he will prefer the admiration of people over the pleasure of Allah.
There are three symptoms that are indicative of riyaa, and it is essential that a believer avoid all of them.
1] The love of Praise---as mentioned in a ahaadeeth of the first three people being thrown into the hellfire; the scholar (who taught for fame), the martyr (who fought for fame), and the person who gave his money in charity (so people would say he is generous). All three of these people desired the pleasure of people over the pleasure of Allah. The person who desires the praise of people must feel some pride in himself, for he feels himself worthy of being praised. There is a danger, therefore, of him becoming arrogant and boastful.
Aboo Hurayrah quoted Allah's Messenger (s.a.w.s) as saying: "Allaah, Most Great and Glorious said: Pride is My cloak, and greatness is My robe, so whoever competes with Me, with respect to either of them, I shall cast him into Hell" (Saheeh Muslim, vol. 4 #6349, Sunan Aboo Dawood, vol. 3 #4079)
Aboo Hurayrah quoted Allah's Messenger (s.a.w.s) warning about a person's adoration of himself: "There are three destruct full things: desires that are followed, greediness that is obeyed, and a person's self-admiration and conceit; and this is the worst of the three"
Allah also warned against falling into the category of those Christians and Jews whom the Qur'ân mentions:
"Do not assume that those who rejoice in what they have done, and love to be praised for what they have not done, think not that they are absolved from punishment, (but rather) for them is a painful torment." (Al-Imran : 188)
2] Fear Of Criticism No one likes to be criticised. The dislike of criticism regarding religious practices may be divided into two categories:
a] The first category is that of a person who neglects a commandment of Allah in order to avoid the criticism of his peers. However, the true believers are described in the Qur'ân as follows: "...They do not fear the criticism of those who criticize. And this is the blessing of Allah; He gives it to whomsoever He wishes. Verily, Allaah is Self-Sufficient, all Knowing. " (Al-Maa`idah : 54) b] The second category is that of a person who obeys certain commandments of Islaam, not for the sake of Allaah, but because he fears people will look down on him and criticise him if he does not do it. For example, a man may make his formal prayers in the mosque because he does not want people to criticize him for praying at home, or to think that he is not praying at all.
3] Greed for people's possessions If a person covets what other people possess, whether it is rank, money or power, then he will wish them to envy him similarly. For example, if he is jealous of a position of a certain person in society, he will try by every possible means to attain the same position. Such desires lead people to spend their lives putting on a show for other people so that they will admire their rank, money, or power.
These three categories are implied in the following statement of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s). Aboo Moosaa related that a person came to the Prophet (s.a.w.s) and asked: "A person fights to defend his honor (i.e. to avoid criticism), another to prove his bravery (i.e. to be praised for it), and a third to show off (i.e. so that his position can be seen); of these three, which one fights in the way of Allah? " He (s.a.w.s) answered: "Whoever fights to make the word of Allaah prevalent [i.e. to bring honor to Islaam, and to establish it in the land], he is the one who fights in the way of Allaah" (Saheeh al-Bukhari vol. 4 #65)
Some scholars advised: "Remove the causes of riyaa` from yourself by considering the opinion of people as important to you as animals and small children. Do not differentiate in your worship between the presence of people or their absence, or between their knowledge of your actions and their ignorance. Rather be conscious of the infinite knowledge of Allaah alone."
....lastly, from page. 77...(summarized)
The Ways to Avoid Riyaaa 1] Increasing knowledge of Islaam 2] Du'aa: The prophet (s.a.w.s) taught the specific Du'aa for riyaa: "Allahumma innaa na`oothu bika an-nushrika bika shay`an na`lamuhu, wa nastagfiruka limaa laa na`lamuh. [O Allaah, we seek refuge in you from committing shirk knowingly, and ask your forgiveness for (the shirk that we may commit unknowingly"] 3] Reflecting upon Heaven and Hell 4] Hiding one's good deeds 5] Reflection upon one self's shortcomings 6] Accompanying the Pious 7] Knowledge of Riyaa`

Sunday, 7 September 2008


Black seed oil is said to have been use by generations of people to cure many ailments. In the Islamic traditions it is said to be a favourite medicine of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Many know it is a good supplement as well but the after taste is discomforting. But now, that is a thing of the past, the Habba Sawda black seed capsule has transform the methods of drinking black seed. the capsule is in a halal gelatin. this makes it easier for Muslims and non-muslims alike to take it as treatment for illness. or check out the benefits of black seed in any search engine. this one shown above is sold for £5 and contains 100 capsules. i take it before the fast commence and after breaking the fast, thus completing the two capsules a day recommended. Traditionally, black seed liquid is mixed with honey and consume after meals, honey is also a powerful medicine. look after your body.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Car worry

Goodness i was having a problem with my small French car. I was driving a ford car before my brother with a French taste gave me his Renault. now Renault's are good and reliable cars but the key is a nightmare. I dread going into the petrol stations. some times after filling up the car wouldn't start. impatient folks will usually start making uncomfortable noises. the problem with the key is a turn-off for Renault megane. i never have any problem with the car, but i am deeply unhappy with the key. i know other Renault owner have the same complaint, i met them in garages and so on. all one complain, the key. i don't know what is the solution for this? reprogramming the key cost a cool £250. and two days ago, after finishing work, the car wouldn't move. my break shoes got stocked inside the drums. it took me two days and a whole days wasted to get a mechanic to fix it in the most annoying of all places, Warwick. i wish some one can tell me a better way to deal the Renault starter problem. i will never go back to driving a ford car. my feistier was a big waste of money. any french man out there, please help!


A Poem.
The leaderless
I weep for Africa
I weep for me
Crying is not the solution
But it makes the pain burn out
All turning gives little hope
Hope is what makes men grow
But false hope only polishes draw backs
The lead and the leader
They can’t see eye to eye
When their eyes met
Hate is the overpowering sure signs
The killers and the jail men
The sycophants and the praise singers
The bribe takers and the foot soldiers
The ignorant masses and the sweet talkers
Are all in a deep hell-hole
Never ending deepening hole
No one to hang unto
The leaderless people
Your problems are out in the open
Cos the whole world knows about your woes
Woes of death
Of hardship
Of disease
Hunger and thirst
The never ending woes
No leader to respite the whole
I weep and cry, cos I do it for me and you
We are leaderless.

Monday, 1 September 2008


traditional food may be the solution for must our small illnesses if prepared with good hygiene standards.


As a proud black man, I view our feature with deep admiration and love. Yes, black is said to be beautiful. But do we really mean that statement? For black men, beauty is very simple and ordinary. I mean for the majority, there are a minority of black men who are worried about their features.
Few days ago, I embark on a fact finding mission, a probe more like. I wanted to know whether our sisters can look beautiful without the hair extension. The main reason that triggers the soul search was to do with a TV program on BBC Three about the origins of the hair that many black women wear.
The main question is, can modern black women go out without the artificial hair?
The artificial hair is divided into two categories:
The synthetic hair and the Human hair. The synthetic hair is manufactured from synthetic sources. According to the many cosmetic shop keepers I spoke to, the prices of the two categories of artificial hair don’t defer much. But whenever you see a black sister with either a wig or plaited artificial hair, know that she has spend a lot of money on that product. Plaiting or weaving this artificial hair is so expensive; one wonders whether it is worth spending hard earned money on it.
In the TV program, the human hair industry is very vast. What is of worry is the ways the hairs are collected and process in factories across Asia. In India for instance, the human hair industry is worth million. Over two hundred tones of human hair is gain from Hindu temples. The Main religion in India is Hinduism, a form of multiple God worship. The temples are an integral part of the Hindu society and Indian women pride their hair as the significant determinant of their beauty.
With the culture of hair being a beauty symbol, to the extent that women with shorter hair struggle to find a mate. With hair as a sacred symbol, some women are pushed to shave-off their hair out of poverty and family problem. If a woman is unable to afford accommodation or food, she shave-off her hair in the temple as a form of sacrifice to the Gods. The woman would be blessed by the custodian of the Gods in the temple. Beauty is sacrifice for blessing and also people hand out gift to shaven headed females, it’s an unspoken communication about once poverty.
But these hairs sacrificed to the Hindu Gods don’t go to waste. They are sold to multinational factories that specialise in processing these hairs into the wigs and weaves we see in our sisters’ head. (BBC Three with Jamilia)
Where is the pride that the advocates of black beauty would like reminding us? The beautification of oneself with the hair of others is self-defeating. How do the Indian women who grow their hair and then sells it see the many black ladies parading themselves with such hairs?
Black beauty doesn’t seem to anchor well without synthetic and other non-black race hair. It is very depressing seeing young and old beautiful black women, displaying the different brands of artificial hairs, without which, many can’t venture out. What can we do to instil the pride of black beauty back into our consciousness?
There is some other hair that is not imported from India or Russia. This artificial hair is the closest to natural black hair; it is best referred to as AFRO-KINKY. This is the hair of choice for Jamaican sisters. But wigs are mostly human hair. This is because it is easy to manage and fit better than synthetic hair
I am no male chauvinist; the concern is the BLACK IMAGE. If our image is of low self-esteem and low confidence, then its better we accept being mediocre and give-up the struggle for equality and advancement. This is no self-image psychology, but a little reminder to all the black sisters. Be proud of your natural beauty and maintain and nourish it in a dignified and respectable manner.
Brothers out there, when next you smile because of your missus’s wig or artificial hair, remember the hair could have come from a dump site in India or Russia. You too are guilty for promoting the use of other’s hair in beautifying our sisters. We can do without all the crappie synthetic artificial hairs. It is a difficult subject, just like bleaching, once one is deep into it, turning back is near impossible. May God guide our actions.