Saturday, 13 September 2008

High IQ, Vulnerable to Arrogance

I was listening to a lecture last week, delivered by Dr Mamdou Muhamad an Egyptian scholar. He was talking about arrogance in people, and one thing that stick in my mind was his comment about people with high IQ.
He said "people with intelligence are very much vulnerable to arrogance. the concept of ' i know better, what does he knows' is dangerous."
This is a critical comment by Mamdou muhamad, and interestingly i believe this statement. Many a times we see folks trying their best to put-down others just because their views varies. they will do their best to make you look foolish and ignorant, this way they take the perceive glory. there debating or discussion style range from quoting others every statement and making cheap fun of that. They believe this shows their sophistication and high IQ. But what it is, is only arrogance and pride. As people, we all have aspects that we are good at, no one should allow another to put you down. Politeness is a virtue, but being seen to be weak is also not a good thing.
If one has a wide scope of reading and knowledge about many things, this doesn't mean, your understanding is better the next person. It may indicate your ability to express a point more eloquently, that's all. the idea that people must see things through ones looking glass is nothing but arrogance. and this manner doesn't help explaining issues to people, they will always see you and your ideas as just a pompous arrogant fool. even if that idea is worthwhile, it wouldn't make any impact.
humility is the best way to covey great messages and ideas. this is why religious leaders make quick impact, they humble themselves and has a good ability to listen to others.
Your high IQ is not the end in itself, but the mean to an end. let us all be respectful and humble. if we disagree with others, lets do it politely, not with making fun, you never know, your opponent may be right. we shouldn't be assuming other peoples ideas are rubbish base on our bigoted pre-conceive judgement of them.

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