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Clarifying a poem: Remnants of the Nyanchos

'I do not mean to chastise....'Re: Responding To Haddy Sanneh
Our able sister, Nyancho Fatou Jaw Manneh, our many Nyancho brothers within the Gambian democratisation struggle, among them (Abdoukarim Sanneh, Dave Manneh, Banka, Kebba Sanneh Sweden, etc) I salute you. The poem I wrote over an year ago was in fact, acknowledging the valour and fortitude of Nyanchoya and the Korinya generation.
I respect the suspicions of Haddy Sanneh in wanting others to provide further explanations to the poem. However, sister Haddy should remember that, poetry is open to individualistic understanding, hence the poetic license terminology. The poem was inspired by the books I read on the adventures of the Nyanchos and Korings across the Gambia and Kabbu. Their motivations, philosophy, thinking and the reasoning behind their military campaigns across what is now the Senegambia intrigue me.

Haddy should be reminded that, the Nyanchos even though were not Muslims use to have very close cordial relationship with the spiritual witch doctors or Marabous (Moros) of which, we the Manden Moris are equally complicit in energising the good and bad expeditions. To this end, a famous episode is associated to the reason why, the Tourays and Sanyang kunda became very strong cousins. The simple explanation of the poem is to do with, the advent of the Nyanchos embracing Islam. And this spiritual turnaround was never by force.
Even after Kaabu fell, the Nyanchos continue to maintain a relatively respectable positions within societies they inhabit. This is evident in the settlements they founded in the Gambia and Cassamance.However, in paganism they vow to die without hesitation for the sake of empire and pride in their heritage. In Islam, pride is curtailed if it is to do with ones birth right, tribe, race, wealth etc.

In Islam, the Nyanchos threw away all the mega idols of Kaabu (Tamba-Julu-Jalans: Kabentu Tabo, Len-ko, Kansala-Sibo and the decommissioned ‘Kantenten Suto’, Bere Kolon Jiinoli and the minor bees they place their trust with).
Islam forbids associating partners with the only creator of mankind. The interest in Idols is to do with the demons that enter them and make believe that, the rocks, Trees, rivers, bees etc people direct their worship and venerations to are intermediary to God. The Nyanchos became prominent in the Monotheistic religion of Islam to earn the title Kan-Sanneh, Kan-Sanyang etc.
So Haddy, it is on that vain the poem was speaking. Extolling the Nyanchos to remain in the faith and never try to allow the pride of the past make wine or idolatry fanciful.I quote the Qur’an:
On IdolsVerily, Allah forgives not that partners should be set up with Him (in worship), but He forgives what is less than that for whom He wills; and whoever sets up partners with Allah in worship, has indeed invented a tremendous sin. (Chapter 4:48)
Finally, on Alcohol, fortunetelling etc"O you who believe! Intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks), and gambling, and Al-ansab and Al-Azlam (divinations by using arrows) are an abomination of Shaitan's handiwork..." ( Qur'an 5:90)
Idolatry and alcohol indulgence was the bedrock of Nyanhoya past time. These two things constitue the worst sins in Islam. On the issue of Idols, that is a straight red card in Islam, whilst Alcohol drinking is classified the mother of all sins. Any Nyancho who freely abandon them is still a hero.

Below are further explanations of the key Mandingo terminology used: I hope that helps?

Kabunka Kelus: Kaabuu men. They use to vow to attain excellence in bravery or martyrdom. The griots would say, these sorts of men are extinct. I would say, may be a few are around.
Fan kun fan kun: This means the selfishness that is now unhidden. People choosing number one even in dire situations where the majority plight should be considered first.
Tipu korto and majah doloh: Tipu korto use to be a certain fashion of trouser in the old days. The top is tight and the leg end is widen.
Maja doloh is the maize wine.Kumaa baa foo and Jamun dima: Boastfulness and seeking praise for the bravado.

Sidoyaa anin laban tiinya: Early death and improper end of life. Here I took a swipe at the Nyanchos for preferring to die early instead of living up their dreams. I find them courageous but one should stay and finish a business instead choosing death. But the other side of their choosing death is that, they will never tolerate humiliation, death is better.
Muu nyo mann nyon-soto: patient is a virtue. When one can be calm on the face of adversity, you are a winner.
Suturo maan nyon soto: To be discrete is vital. Allow an air of mystery.
Nka nko kumo lefo aliyee: A talk in MandingoTaa moo kana ale badalindi: The phenomena that travel has created in our society is open for all to see.
Kubaa bee laban, kun din: Everything ends in humility and weakness.
Saya wote baye lah: Death is inevitable. Sometimes our intelligence deceives us.
Nyancholi tubita: The nyanchos have accepted monotheism, i.e. IslamAllah yee tuboli mutale: God has accepted the repentance.Thank you Haddy. The poem was never a ridicule or chastisement. I love the Nyanchos.Suntou

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Lauren Booth became a Muslim at the Global Peace and Unity Conference 2010

It was a fascinating sight seeing Tony Blair's sister in-law (Lauren Booth) accepting Islam at the annual Global peace and Unity Conference. She has been a staunch supporter of the Palestinian statehood and a human activist. Through her years of travel through the Muslims lands, she learned the religion and traditions well before professing the faith. These are privilege individuals who have every opportunity to listen to the Islamaphobes, but God as they say, work in mysterious ways. Welcome to Islam Lauren Booth. We who are born into this beauty of faith and life style should be thankful to the Allah. Below is an article on her back in 2008

September 3, 2008
Lauren Booth, Tony Blair's sister-in-law, stuck in Gaza StripOrly Halpern, in Jerusalem, and Michael Theodoulou Tony Blair's sister-in-law is stuck in the Gaza Strip today after entering the territory without a permit as part of a human rights mission.
Lauren Booth, sister of the former Prime Minister's wife Cherie, has been refused entry into both Israel and Egypt after arriving in Hamas-run territory by boat from Cyprus 12 days ago. She travelled to Gaza as part of a human rights mission called the Free Gaza Movement, which aims to draw attention to the international blockade of the territory.
Israel says it is under no obligation to allow her entry so she can fly home from Tel Aviv because she had entered Gaza without permission. Egypt, meanwhile, claims it refused her entry through its Rafah crossing point because it had been open for humanitarian traffic only. “It could be days, weeks or years before I can leave, depending on the mood of the Israeli authorities,” she told The Times, adding that she was upset she could not be with her children as they began the school year.
Ms Booth said that, after Israel's refusal, she and three others spent hours at the Rafah crossing waiting to cross before Egypt also refused her passage. “We were down there on Saturday in an overheated bus for more than two hours with over 100 people in 90 degree heat,” she said, adding they spent nine hours in total on Saturday and 13 hours on Sunday trying to cross into Egypt. Yigal Palmor, an Israeli foreign ministry spokesman, said: “No country in the world is required to allow a foreign national to enter its territory."
An Egyptian official, who asked to remain anonymous, said: "She was not refused. The crossing was only opened for humanitarian cases that were coordinated in advance by the PA [Palestinian Authority]. Egypt is welcoming anybody at anytime, but not at the Rafah crossing point – which according to a 2005 agreement is being [kept] closed."
Ms Booth broke an Israeli naval blockade on the Strip as part of a human rights mission. The two boats on which she and her party travelled returned to Cyprus a few days later, leaving behind 11 activists to do humanitarian work. Only Ms Booth and three others are trying to leave. “This is a punishment, and it’s a warning to the people who may in the future want to come on the boat: imprisonment in the largest internment camp in history," she said.
Ms Booth said she had visited several refugee camps while in Gaza and took part in a protest to help an old woman who had a spinal tumour to get access to a hospital in Jerusalem. As she remained stranded in Gaza, her brother-in-law - who is now international peace envoy to the Middle East - was holding meetings only a few miles away with officials in Israel. His assistant Matthew Doyle said that the British Consulate was working hard to provide her with assistance.

My Interview with Imam Abu Usama over Gambian politics

I had a serious intense interview with Sheik Imam Abu Usama At-Thahabi yesterday at his Mosque, the prestigious Green Lane Masjid Birmingham. God-Willing, I will publish the finished material in the coming days.
The gap between secular politics and Islamic understanding of it is an important area which is not often address. The Imam was kind enough to allocate enough time in answering the questions pose to him.
He give straight forward wise answers. May Allah reward him.

The association of some members of supreme Islamic council to the secular Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh is a worry. I put questions to him on those issues.

A brilliant Qutba By Sheik Abu Usama At-Thahabi

The lecture is a timily intervention for Muslims. It is about understanding the manners and etiquettes of reacting to provocations directed at Muslims. The Imam extol the worshipers to watch out for a fourth coming book by Ayan Arisi Ali.
The book is fictional dialogs involving intellectuals, gays, non-Muslims debating with the Prophet Muhammad. In the ensuing exchanges, the intellectual got the upper hand, then she went on to insult the Noble Prophet of Allah.
The important advise the Sheik give is for Muslims to remain calm and not hurry in reacting. The highly emotional nature of the incidences meant that, some Muslims will obviously overreact and start giving even more bad name to Islam and Muslims. The intentions of provocative writers like Ayan Arisi Ali is to cause mass reaction whereby they will generate value for their rubbish books, films and so on.
The best medicine to deal with such foolish episode is to let those who can write a fitting respond do it. We can detest her conduct and behavior, but we shouldn't play into their hands. Ignoring them is the best answer and letting Muslims writers and intellectuals deal with the issue in a peaceful, coherent and tolerant manner.
I urge readers to bookmark the clear, upright, straight forward Imam Abu Usama's Juma Qutba web portal. His clarity and understanding of Islam and contemporary issues meant that, he address his topic with the right understanding and context. I found him to be humble, simple and knowledgeable. May Allah increase his knowledge, emaan, and bless him longer life.

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The Basis of the Supreme Islamic council not openly being critical of Yahya Jammeh

The Gambian Supreme Islamic Council avoids criticising the oppressive regime of Yahya Jammeh based on the following religious injunctions. However, this text below is not the wholly rationale for their association and turning a blind eye to the dictatorship of Yahya Jammeh. However, the text below is the main basis point in their muteness in not addressing his blatant human rights abuses. There are many other text I'll bring forward to indicate that, their stance is untenable because, if you don't want to criticise a tyrant, then don't be close to him.

If a religious scholar accept the favours and sweet gift of tyrants and praise him in the open amidst all his criminal and irreligious activities, then something is wrong with the scholarly body. Stay tune.

Revolt Against Rulers, Presidents, Kings etc (One Aspect of the Islamic view points)

With regard to revolt against the rulers, Imaam at-Tahaawee said: “81. We do not believe in revolt against our leaders and rulers, even if they commit injustice, nor do we pray against them or defy their orders. On the contrary, we believe that obedience to them is a duty and a part of our obedience to Allaah, so long as they do not order anything sinful. We pray for their safety and piety.” (Commentary on the Creed of at-Tahawi, p. 337)

Ibn Abil-‘Izz in his commentary on the above mentioned issue said, “As to the rule that we should obey those in authority even if they are unjust, it is because the evil that would result from revolting against them would be many times worse than the evil which resulted from their injustice. In fact, by patiently bearing their injustice we atone for many of our misdeeds and add to our rewards, for Allaah has only inflicted them upon us on account of our misdeeds. The rule is that the recompense of an act is in accordance with the act itself.” (Commentary on the Creed of at-Tahawi, p. 339)

On the topic of revolt against leaders, Ibn Taymiyyah said, “Where the adverse effects of enjoining the good and forbidding evil outweigh its benefits, it is no longer what Allaah has instructed. It must not be done even if it means abandoning a duty and committing a sin. The believer should fear Allaah when he deals with the servants of Allaah. He is not accountable for their guidance. This is what was meant by the Qur’aanic verse, “O believers, you are responsible for your own souls. He who goes astray cannot hurt you if you are rightly guided.” (5:105) … Many people of innovation, who follow their desires, have set themselves up as enjoiners of good and forbidders of evil, and Jihaad and so on, causing more harm than good. This is why the Prophet (r) commanded that the injustice of leaders be tolerated, and forbade us from fighting them as long as they maintained regular prayers. He said, “Give them their rights and ask Allaah for your rights.” (Collected by at-Tirmithee and authenticated in Saheeh Sunan at-Tirmithee, vol. 2, p. 471, no. 2190).

Consequently, one of the foundations of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa‘ah is adhering to the main body of the Muslim community and abstaining from fighting the Imaams or fighting in time of tumult and internal strife. While the people of private whims and fancies, such as the Mu’tazilites, believe that fighting the Imaams is one of the foundations of their faith.” (Enjoining Good Forbidding Evil, pp. 62-4 and Ibn Taymiyyah Expounds on Islam, p. 536)

[1][54] Based on the following hadeeth of ‘Ubaadah ibn as-Saamit in which he said, “The Messenger of Allaah (r) called us and we made an oath of allegiance to him. Among the injunctions he made binding upon us was: listening and obedience (to the ameer) in what is pleasing us and what is displeasing, in times of adversity and prosperity, even when somebody is given preference over us, and without disputing the delegation of powers to a man duly invested with them except when we see clear and open disbelief from him, for which we have evidence from Allaah..” (Sahih Muslim, vol. 3, p. 1023, no. 4541)
Waa’il al-Hadramee related that Salamah ibn Yazeed asked Allaah’s Messenger, “Prophet of Allaah, if we have rulers who rule over us and demand that we discharge our obligations towards them, but they don’t discharge their own responsibilities towards us, what do you order us to do?” The Messenger of Allaah avoided giving any answer, so Salamah asked him again, but again he avoided giving an answer. Ash‘ath ibn Qays pulled him aside and the Prophet (s) said, “Listen to them and obey them, for on them will be their burden and on you will be yours.” (Sahih Muslim, vol. 3, p. 1027, no. 4551).
Huthayfah ibn al-Yamaan said, “Messenger of Allaah, no doubt, we had an evil time and God brought us a good time in which we are now living. Will there be a bad time after this good time?” He said, “Yes” I asked: Will there be a good time after this bad time? He replied: “Yes.” I then asked: Will there be a bad time after this good time? He again said: “Yes.” I asked: How? He then said, “There will be leaders who will not be led by my guidance and who will not adopt my ways. There will be among them men who will have hearts of devils in the bodies of human beings.” I asked: What should I do, O Messenger of Allaah, if I happen to live in that time? He replied, “You will listen to the Ameer and carry out his orders; even if your back is flogged and your wealth is snatched, you should listen and obey.” (Sahih Muslim, vol. 3, p. 1029, no. 4554)

‘Awf ibn Maalik related that the Messenger of Allaah (r) said, “The best of your rulers are those whom you love and who love you, who invoke God’s blessings upon you and you invoke His blessings upon them. And the worst of your rulers are those whom you hate and who hate you, and whom you curse and who curse you.” It was asked: Shouldn’t we overthrow them with the help of the sword? He replied, “No, as long as they establish prayer among you. If you then find anything detestable in them, you should hate their administration, but do not withdraw yourselves from their obedience.” (Sahih Muslim, vol. 3, p. 1033, no. 4573) See also no. 4569.

The decision as to whether a ruler has exhibited open disbelief or not should be left to the leading scholars to determine in order to avoid hasty judgements of heresy and the costly consequences of premature revolt and rebellion

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The Supreme Islamic Council saga with Imam Bakawsu

God-Willing, the article I intend to write on the subject will be publsih next week. I am consulting an important Islamic scholar on the issue. It will be interesting. I will attempt to clarify with him issues of scholars relationship with politicians.

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Manthia Diawara... Pan-Africanism and Pedagogy


A very educative material on Pan-Africanism. This is a very recommended paper.

The SIC, Bakawsu and The President

I'll develop this topic wider later. The criticism levelled at the SIC leaders have gone beyond the acceptable proportion. We can find elements within certain organisations collaborating with the state against powerless Gambians. However, the manner in which we go after this people requires care.
Our ultimate aim is to undermine the state that is probing all the undemocratic, repressive and totalitarian systems in our country. We need every leader and their followers in this complicated struggle. We cannot afford to alienate groups and their followers by virtue our anger against their actions.
Yes, I hate tyranny, I hate dictatorship and dictators, i dislike all those who collaborate with them. However, I also know that, human beings are decent by nature. They support evil because of underlying social reasons. We have to tackle the master-minder behind the rotten state of affairs. We need Gambian leaders, groups, individuals, just everyone to come to our bidding. And we cannot achieve that, if we berate the supporters of Yahya with loaded anger and scorn.

Yes, I have in past expressed strong opinion against them. However, we cannot keep using the same methods over and over against a system protected in layers of betrayals, ruthlessness and calamity.
The helpers of Yahya jammah are the bigger victims at the end because, like Ex-Army Chief-of-Staff Lang Tonbomg Tamba, he never belief that, the man he protected with all his might will one day frame him and sentenced him to death.
This is how tricky our country is. Hence, all the hangers on we attack are clueless as to the seriousness of dictatorship. We have to talk to them in ways that will open their eyes to real dangers of perpetuating a criminal inhumane system.
Yes, we should detest all those who assist in one way or the other in maintaining Yahya Jammeh, however, let us lessen our all out frankness if not, we are in for a long haul. The ones we are attacking now will never join our ranks and those who will replaces them, will hate us even more.

Equally, the SIC's soft spot for Yahya Jammeh cannot be devorce from the wider Gambia society. I'll explain their rationale for not speaking in the open against Yahya Jammeh in due course. I cannot defend an injustice against any Gambian. I have spent a vast amount of time speaking out, matching out and speaking to higher authourities about the Gambian problem. I have contributed and continue to forbid myself vital resources for the democratic process in the Gammbia. Therefore, to remotely associate me with not taking human rights issues seriously is a gross misjudgement.
I have never like being a bystander, hence, I am in completely against tyranny.

The High handed Detention of Two women's right activist

Culled from the www.thepoint.gm
The ridiculous detention of two Gambian women right activist over theft stank of stage manage trail of the highest order. Where would the women go? Why can't the investigations be ongoing whilst the women are free? This is why, I always maintain that, we the human activist should target the real person behind the criminality against Gambians. Attacking weak links widen our efforts in informing Gambians about Yahya Jammeh. The Gambia has become such a place, everybody requires Yahya Jammeh to survive, therefore, he uses decent people for his mafia style agendas. We need to expose him by every means necessary.

GAMCOTRAP officials file bail application
africa » gambia

Friday, October 15, 2010
Lawyers representing two top officials of the Gambian Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children (GAMCOTRAP) have filed a bail application at the high court in Banjul before Justice Emmannuel Amadi, The Point has learned.
The bail application is seeking, among other things, the high court to grant bail to Dr Isatou Touray, Executive Director of GAMCOTRAP, and Amie Bojang-Sissoho, Programme Coordinator of the same organisation, who were both charged with theft.
The application followed the decision of Magistrate Nkea of the Banjul Magistrates' Court not to grant them bail, and to remand them in custody at the Mile 2 state central prison.
Dr Isatou Touray and Amie Bojang Sisaho, who were arraigned before the Banjul Magistrates' Court on Monday, were alleged to have sometime in the year 2009, in Banjul and diverse places in The Gambia, jointly stole the sum of 30,000 Euros being money provided by the YALOCAMBA SOLIDARIDAD of Spain to GAMCOTRAP.
When arraigned before the court earlier this week, they pleaded not guilty to the charge, and Magistrate Nkea ordered them to be kept in police custody pending his ruling on an application for bail made by their defence counsel, and the objection to the application submitted by the police prosecutor chief superintendent Tijan Badjie.
Subsequently, when the magistrate gave his ruling on Tuesday, he ordered that they be remanded in custody at the state central prison.
This prompted their counsel to file another bail application at the high court, which is expected to be heard today.
Dr Isatou Touray and Amie Bojang-Sissoho are well-known Gambian women's rights activists, whose organisation is spearheading the campaign against female genital mutilation in The Gambia.
Author: By Sainey M.K. Marenah
Source: Picture: Amie Bojang Sissoho and Dr Isatou Touray

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The Wollof language vibrate in Ndur's eloquent combine Ndaga and Arab music. The songs are a praise to the Sufi saints from Amadou Tijani, Seriegn Bamba, Buu Kunta etc.
Music here is use to attain happiness and joy through the songs. This is the Sufi way.


Wollof is the language my great grand father, A Fana Fana Mbye Touray spoke. He migrated from Saloum to Wulli. This migration is said to be his father's instruction. His fathers was the royal ruler in a certain part of Saloum. He is related to the Touray's of Saloum.

Although, Mbye spoke Wollof Fana Fana during his youth, however after settling in Wulli, Darsilame Tenda, he later marry Mandingo women and spoke Mandinka. His children all later spoke Mandinka, although he taught some of them Wollof as well. However, Mbye's ancestors where migrating Mandingos that settled among the Wollofs it is related.
I am doing my best to reconnect with the Touray's of Saloums, to see how related we are and how I can find out about my great grand father.
If you are from Saloum and of the Touray stock, be in touch.

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The founder Clans of Manden empire (kurukan Fuwa

http://kanjamadi.com/manden/kurukanfuwa18.htm (CULLED FROM GAMBIA.DK)

The founding kings of the Mali or Manden empire. The drama exhibit the manner oral and written traditions depict how the kings came to answer the call for a united Manden people against foreign aggression. In those days, like many societies, only military leaders become kings because one has to prove his worth in battle to be trusted to lead.
It was the Kamara clan king who first entered the Kurukan Fuga. Here the list I wrote from the beard or oral singer in the video link above. They speak the richer form of Mandingo prevalent in Liberia, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, Bukina Faso, Siera Leon. The Gambia Mandingo is very diluted:
The clans that constitute the initial founders of the Manden empire. The way the respective kings united to select Sunjatta in leading the charge against the Susu king and other minor kingdoms. The first twelve kings to come to the kurukan fuga yaa are?

Naman Jawara (he is a sarahuleh/marakah)
Sarekoma Konateh
Siriman Touray
Kamajan Kamara
Farawalin Kone
Turamakan Trawally (the general who founded the Kabuu empire, Tiraman head most of expantionist charge)
Fakoli Koroma
Makan Tunbe Kata
Siramanban Koita (kuu bee muu ita leti)
Samadi Bobo
Sunjatta keiter

The Ceesay clan

The website is very rich and the acting is top class. Exaggerating one's worth was the biggest defense mechanism. Words means a lot then, thus the show boating by the actors.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

I had a quiet pleasing break away from the cyber world

It is good to once in a while enjoy a quiet break, away from everything even the Internet. It was at the end of 2006 (November) to be precise that, i commence reading the online media. I came across the Gambian cyber world by accident.

I was chatting with a friend who told me about the falling apart of Gambian opposition politician over coalition discussions in 2005. I wasn't aware of any Coalition talks let alone it disintegrating. I was amazed but at the same time angry at myself for settling in the United Kingdom buried in my studies and family live.

I then started googling Gambian news. Lo and Behold, there happen to be quiet few of them. I was stroke with a sense of quilt. What made me oblivious on the existence of all the online commotion? I thought then, well because i was too busy, i don't have time for the media. But then, i watch every morning and evening news bulletin of U.K, therefore, it was a mentality of what i later referred to as "Gambians and their comfort zone".

I am comfortable in Europe, the land of the whites. How can I be so comfortable, to take their normal developed society for granted? I then decided, I will slog it out with fellow country men/women anytime I have the time.

2007 became the turning point in my adaptation of the online world. I debated in heated, aggressive, thunderous and mellow ways in equal measure. I use the pen name Santanfara in Bantaba (clawed from the Lalo Keba famous song, Drammeh Kanji Santanfara). Although the name is a praise for folks of the Drammeh family, Santan is in fact a fragrance we use in the villages. I also use Mosobe in Allgambian.net forum respectively.

I started by delving in the subject that is more natural to me (religion, culture and history).

Later, I hit it out in politics. Before then, I acclimatised myself with all the ill and tyrannical rule in the Gambia. To expose and write against Yahya Jammeh on countless topics. Later in November 2007, i started using my real name after I returned from a trip to the Gambia. I couldn't believe how terrified people get on the mere mention of Yahya Jammeh. The extent his cult personality and terror reign is unbelievable.
From then on, nothing stops me, not my new baby daughter whom i love so much or my two other sons. In fact, not even my Master's program in Economics, banking and finance disturbed my interest in expressing opinions.

In 2009 August, I joined the UDP headed by Ousainou Darboe. I am hooked man. But then man deserves some much needed rest, my sabbatical will end soon. All praises are due to Allah.
The cyber world has produce so many anonymous Gambia writers, you can be throwing hard ball with your best friend without your knowledge. To deal with Gambians using their real identity, i decided to cool it down at the Gambia.dk forum. There, folks who are using their real identity in Gambia L change into their nasty cloth in Gambia.dk because nobody can know who they are.
The Gambian online world is very vibrant but still only few people express themselves whilst many prefer to read and be amused.
My advise to all those who emailed me for suggestions on how to deal with bullies on the cyber world, be yourself and never be intimidated. Some will try to criticise your grammar, try to gang against you. The bottom line is, if you haven't rattle them, they wouldn't be inventing plots against you. Respect everyone but never be a softy, we are all blood suckers now. If we smell weakness, we aim to dismantle with ruthless precision. I take no prisoners.
The politics make us partisan with serious hate and vigour. Halifa Sallah came under my lens a while back. This caused his supporters to hate me with every borne in their body but then, such is life.

Secularism THE SUPREME idea that cannot be challenged

By Suntou B Touray
Religion is seen and taken by many to be divisive and a barrier to human interaction. An idea that replaces religion is therefore none other than secularism which is promoted and idealises by people across the religious divide. Every other idea, philosophy, belief or thought is subjected to the test of rationality and the scrutiny of the free minded people. Such scrutiny can take the form of ridiculing or even outright rejection with accompanying satire or depictions making mockery of a targeted belief system.
Secularism according some writers promises freedom and equality to all in every given public space. However, the price for accepting secularism is that, no sectional belief can be left beyond the reach of the freedom to question, to doubt and disparage (Sardar 1990)
To men/women of religious persuasions, to ridicule or caricature their faith on the guise of freedom of expression is just not on. But since we all live in the confine space of secularism, it will be intolerant and barbaric to refuse the natural order of free expression of views in any chosen mode. Be it art, music, or literature.
The modern world can be trusted to function peacefully with secular paradigms. Secularism is the ONLY ideal that can be trusted with freedom, liberty and the power of determination in every society. To religious minded people, this is also unrealistic. How can laws devised by men, presided over by men and executed by men be fairer than laws ordained by God the most high? How can a man-made idea based on the abrogation of faith and spirituality override religion?
Secularism purports to champion plurality, yet secularism can live only with plurality that accepts reformation upon secularist principles. The dogmatic scientism and rationale is enforced to silence religious adherers. The secularist celebrates new converts among their ranks who proclaim to also have undergone a transformation of the loss of faith. Loss of faith in the supernatural creator; therefore the secularist sees human potency and reasoning as the beginning and end of all debates.
The intellectual acumen and the skills of writers to marvel in arts and literary field strengthen the desire of the secularist in replacing the divine with the mortal divine-human intelligence-the arrogance of man, a weak being.
Secularist are quick to ridicule adherers of traditional values, they see those people as primitive and medieval. They accuse men/women of religion as hypocrite. The secularist do what they like whilst religious people pretend not to enjoy or want to do certain things deem forbidden. If the liberty to do as one like is what defines secularism, then there will always be those who will object to the freedom to disobey a God.
The likes of Ghandi, an educate lawyer proclaimed to the modernist secularist propagandist that, what they promote is base on the premise of a vacuum of emptiness. The emptiness that drives men to alcoholism and indulgence in all sorts of vices in a quest to fulfil a void.
P. L. Berger refers to secular modernism as the homeless mind. It is clear to read from script of folks from traditional back grounds infused with secular toxic agenda in their brains, distancing themselves from traditional values and doing their utmost to be seen as enlighten and up-stars. The feeling that cultural ethos is backward and uncivilised is the convincing argument they have. Who do they model themselves with?
Is it a crime to champion one's own culture? To champion one owns culture is not akin to protecting the prevalent practices, neither to romanticise nor glorify a past. It is neither also to seek the past as ones present. But traditions guide and inhabit a sense of belonging and direction; it ground people to what one can refer to in difficult and happy times.
In secular thoughts, the freedom for writers and artist to distort the image of others is seen a literary master work, yet who are the judges and jury in the clandestine castigations by prestige writers? Who are behind them? Wyn Davies former broadcaster asked this question: if the majority of right-thinking people in a society already have as a common currency a distorted image of the person or group defamed, how could that person be vindicated by a jury? the perfect system is in fact faulty. The image of blacks is not pretty at all in a modern secular advance human loving societies. Or is it?
As for Muslims in the west, the distorted information built upon ignorance taken for scholarly knowledge, full of inaccuracies, partial information rubber stamped as fair comment peddle by the media: TV, newspapers, Books, films, dramas, talk-radios etc is made to be the representative of a general currency.
The ugly part in the imposing of the secularising process on the world is promoted by subservient non-western writers and thinkers who swallowed every distorted understanding of the other, mainly the religious people. These black, Asian and Arab thinkers amplify the prejudices and continue repudiating their own cultures and traditional patrimony. This is a result of the legacy of years of pandering over secular modernist blanket assault on tradition and religion.
The proponents of secular values blame religion for all the problems of the world, yet when one analyse the global geo-political landscape properly, the agenda for secular values to be imposed on other people is self-evident. In a world where domination is the rule, as well as the ruler, the need to colonise the minds of many as been a necessary evil. The real politiks of power and control hover over every soul nowadays, you either go along with cultureless, tradition free and ultra-secular fundamentalist or you are a cast away.
The weapon against religion is spare headed by the artist. The artist saying the unsayable, thinking the unthinkable, has been part not merely of the quest but a prime agent in securing what are called human freedoms; that is how history has been made. Sardar and Davies 1990.
Tradition and religion are not the enemy of mankind, but men exhibit all the dangers tantamount to human proclamation struggles. These two ideals can never be destroyed, ever.