Sunday, 17 October 2010

The SIC, Bakawsu and The President

I'll develop this topic wider later. The criticism levelled at the SIC leaders have gone beyond the acceptable proportion. We can find elements within certain organisations collaborating with the state against powerless Gambians. However, the manner in which we go after this people requires care.
Our ultimate aim is to undermine the state that is probing all the undemocratic, repressive and totalitarian systems in our country. We need every leader and their followers in this complicated struggle. We cannot afford to alienate groups and their followers by virtue our anger against their actions.
Yes, I hate tyranny, I hate dictatorship and dictators, i dislike all those who collaborate with them. However, I also know that, human beings are decent by nature. They support evil because of underlying social reasons. We have to tackle the master-minder behind the rotten state of affairs. We need Gambian leaders, groups, individuals, just everyone to come to our bidding. And we cannot achieve that, if we berate the supporters of Yahya with loaded anger and scorn.

Yes, I have in past expressed strong opinion against them. However, we cannot keep using the same methods over and over against a system protected in layers of betrayals, ruthlessness and calamity.
The helpers of Yahya jammah are the bigger victims at the end because, like Ex-Army Chief-of-Staff Lang Tonbomg Tamba, he never belief that, the man he protected with all his might will one day frame him and sentenced him to death.
This is how tricky our country is. Hence, all the hangers on we attack are clueless as to the seriousness of dictatorship. We have to talk to them in ways that will open their eyes to real dangers of perpetuating a criminal inhumane system.
Yes, we should detest all those who assist in one way or the other in maintaining Yahya Jammeh, however, let us lessen our all out frankness if not, we are in for a long haul. The ones we are attacking now will never join our ranks and those who will replaces them, will hate us even more.

Equally, the SIC's soft spot for Yahya Jammeh cannot be devorce from the wider Gambia society. I'll explain their rationale for not speaking in the open against Yahya Jammeh in due course. I cannot defend an injustice against any Gambian. I have spent a vast amount of time speaking out, matching out and speaking to higher authourities about the Gambian problem. I have contributed and continue to forbid myself vital resources for the democratic process in the Gammbia. Therefore, to remotely associate me with not taking human rights issues seriously is a gross misjudgement.
I have never like being a bystander, hence, I am in completely against tyranny.

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