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The founder Clans of Manden empire (kurukan Fuwa (CULLED FROM GAMBIA.DK)

The founding kings of the Mali or Manden empire. The drama exhibit the manner oral and written traditions depict how the kings came to answer the call for a united Manden people against foreign aggression. In those days, like many societies, only military leaders become kings because one has to prove his worth in battle to be trusted to lead.
It was the Kamara clan king who first entered the Kurukan Fuga. Here the list I wrote from the beard or oral singer in the video link above. They speak the richer form of Mandingo prevalent in Liberia, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, Bukina Faso, Siera Leon. The Gambia Mandingo is very diluted:
The clans that constitute the initial founders of the Manden empire. The way the respective kings united to select Sunjatta in leading the charge against the Susu king and other minor kingdoms. The first twelve kings to come to the kurukan fuga yaa are?

Naman Jawara (he is a sarahuleh/marakah)
Sarekoma Konateh
Siriman Touray
Kamajan Kamara
Farawalin Kone
Turamakan Trawally (the general who founded the Kabuu empire, Tiraman head most of expantionist charge)
Fakoli Koroma
Makan Tunbe Kata
Siramanban Koita (kuu bee muu ita leti)
Samadi Bobo
Sunjatta keiter

The Ceesay clan

The website is very rich and the acting is top class. Exaggerating one's worth was the biggest defense mechanism. Words means a lot then, thus the show boating by the actors.

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