Saturday, 23 October 2010

A brilliant Qutba By Sheik Abu Usama At-Thahabi
The lecture is a timily intervention for Muslims. It is about understanding the manners and etiquettes of reacting to provocations directed at Muslims. The Imam extol the worshipers to watch out for a fourth coming book by Ayan Arisi Ali.
The book is fictional dialogs involving intellectuals, gays, non-Muslims debating with the Prophet Muhammad. In the ensuing exchanges, the intellectual got the upper hand, then she went on to insult the Noble Prophet of Allah.
The important advise the Sheik give is for Muslims to remain calm and not hurry in reacting. The highly emotional nature of the incidences meant that, some Muslims will obviously overreact and start giving even more bad name to Islam and Muslims. The intentions of provocative writers like Ayan Arisi Ali is to cause mass reaction whereby they will generate value for their rubbish books, films and so on.
The best medicine to deal with such foolish episode is to let those who can write a fitting respond do it. We can detest her conduct and behavior, but we shouldn't play into their hands. Ignoring them is the best answer and letting Muslims writers and intellectuals deal with the issue in a peaceful, coherent and tolerant manner.
I urge readers to bookmark the clear, upright, straight forward Imam Abu Usama's Juma Qutba web portal. His clarity and understanding of Islam and contemporary issues meant that, he address his topic with the right understanding and context. I found him to be humble, simple and knowledgeable. May Allah increase his knowledge, emaan, and bless him longer life.

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The provocateurs against Muslims want ratings, money, fame and name for their products. If people don't have the ability to take care of an issue, you don't have to do anything.

Young Muslims should not act erroneously and ruin their whole life. Going to jail for silly remarks and actions is a waste of life. Islam wish it followers to stay alive and not be in distress.
Allah doesn't want believers to harm themselves. This is done by putting one selve in situations that is beyond ones capacity.
Muslims should slow down and take their time. The political motivated
reactions should end. Don't be pushed into hasty reactions. Be fair and just.
Knowledge is require in addressing sensitive issues, by weighing the pros and con. No Machiavellian concept of the end justify the means." Abu Usama's lecture paraphrased