Thursday, 24 September 2009

Why some Gambians in the West can die for Jammeh

Imagine a that the majority of us were born in relative poverty. The majority after attaining a little commence to show off and talk big. The majority of us reraly think wider than our own immediate interest.
The exposure that we attain is mainly through films (movies), and the travel to the developed western countries. What do we understand by development?
Is it the street lights? Is it the tall buildings with magnificent designs? Is it the bridges and water ways? Is it the night clubs and free life, the cars, trains, dresses?
The exposure to a variety of things that we once use to only see in Hollywood blockbusters are more or less in our midst. To some this is development and that any semblance of it anywhere is term a developmental oriented gesture.

The average Gambian in the west is not notice, he/she goes to work or school, come back home and go back into his/her shell. Just another foreigner. Yet he/she is somebody as soon the 747 touched down in the dusted field of Yumdum. The amazing things that are seen and feel in Europe or America are glimpsed in musky Serrekunda. The Street lights, the fast cars, the new rising buildings and some new roads.
The journey to home is more than what is expected. Now wearing the smart dress and raising the shoulder even higher can begin. Is it a dream or did i show a street light?
To these people Yahya was the messier whose coming was anticipated but finally, just finally the man is here. Development is here, progress is here and the dream is no more.

These people unload their psychological traumas of not being notice in the west to not just being notice but at least feeling the things that make the west glorious.
The sentimental Psyche in-built in all of us begin to take control. If Yahya a semi-educated former military officer can do better than a university educated doctor, why should he not be supported?
Yahya Jammeh's leadership has trigger numerous complicated and dynamic problems for Gambians. The issues at play goes beyond mere politics. Yahya personify the divide in Gambian politics like no other.
His defenders and they are many across the ethnic divide view others as enemies of conscience and haters of development and all that it embodied. But to a minority of Yahya's own ethnic group, not supporting Yahya goes beyond politics in a much sensitive way. Yahya they analyse as the only one who has over centuries of existence claim to be the only person who is able to govern over a country or region where the ethnicity is not uniform. Yahya then becomes a messier!
There is no case to see or even contemplate talking or discussing Yahya's wrongs, his crimes and oppression. His eccentric life styles, his arrogance and rudeness. They attribute all of Yahya's crimes as someone reacting to the threats of ENEMIES, TRAITORS. The hash reactions of Yahya against undesirable elements is necessary for his survival, because they naturally know that, being a minority, pre-emptive strike is the only solution to longevity.

Yahya understand the aspirations of Gambians in the most twisted way. The love of fame and glory, love of titles and name. Yahya bid to face lift all the visible areas of the greater Banjul region, construct some roads across the Provence's, and early on the spread of new schools. Those who fall for the cheap propaganda tools swallowed all the traps set by Yahya and his key faceless advisers.
The propaganda machine is easy to turn on and off. Speak against the regime, expect hash reactions and no sympathy from the majority of Gambians. This is why, the government plays dumb on the plight of journalist, opposition members, military antagonist, former spies etc.
Yahya can even afford to pretend not to know the noises about human rights abuses and suppressive atmosphere prevalent in the country.
The successful sacrificing of close aids becomes an art for him. The continual dismissal of staff made him blameless in deaths, torture and unlawful jailing. In fact some will go as far as say, Yahya is not the one responsible for crimes against Gambians. How interesting!
But when a divide and rule mechanism is entrench, critics are enemies and saboteurs, whilst praise singers are patriots.
Next the definition and real meaning of development will be laid out from experts who know the word's technical meaning.
To Gambians in the west who have fallen for the flashy as development, think wisely. Why did you come to Europe or America? Is because of the street lights or roads? Is it because of the tall buildings? Think...

Saturday, 19 September 2009


Fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, Eidul fitr will be tomorrow Sunday the 20th september 2009. The announcement has been made on many Islamic broadcasting networks. All major Muslim countries will observe Eid, a strong sunnah of the Prophet of Islam tomorrow.
It is higly recommended to attend eid prayers in your local Mosque and also it is recommended to sit and listen to the sermon after the two units of prayers.

Suntoumana wish all Muslims a happy Eidul Fitr, May Allah the benevolent accept all our sacrifices and fasting. We pray that, Allah safe us from hell and all torment in the hereafter. We have fasted for you Allah and we end the fast on your commandments, so accept us among the ranks of the nobles. Amen.
The lessons and self-restraint we learnt throughout the month of fasting, May Allah make us become better believers and change in our manners and behaviours.
Enjoy the Eid!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Mali Sarjo by Habib Koite

Another tune of Mali Sarjo by the musician Habib Koite, He sang the song in a melody reminicent of the event.

Thanks Habib

And also Toumani Diabateh on Mali sarjo. i never knew this is how wide the tune of mali sarjo is.

With time, i plan to compile the entire mali sarjo and diarabe historical account in a volume of short story. The Manden heritage and culture most live on.
Another interesting tune:

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


This poems were written by the late president of Guinea, Ahamed Sekou Toure:

Poèmes militants reflects Sékou Touré's charismatic leadership style. It is a raw expression of his vision, void of encumbering description:
Revolution is exigency (Lines 1-10)
"Let us resolutely destroy
Any betrayer of the Nation
Let us nail to the post
The murderers of BOIRO
These weapon-monsters
And the infamous causes
They oppose to liberty
To the right and dignity
Of the great People ever-valiant
Always streaming of sweat

second poem
(Lines 18-30) I am Africa
The Continent of tomorrow!
Neo-colonialism Ferocious as subtle
Wishes to keep in shackles Both my Mind and my Wealth.
Of the evils plaguing me still,
Most debasing is irresponsibility
My Peoples, henceforth Heroic resistants,
Have joined the battle:
Destroying in order to renew.

Even Sékou Touré's foray into the role of women is marked by his zeal for human reaction:

Woman of Africa ( A peom By Ahamed Sekou Toure)
(Lines 27-37, 53-64) Women of Africa,
Women of the Revolution!
You will rise up to apex
You will journey endlessly
At a walking pace of the social Revolution,
To the rhythm of cultural progress,
In the train of economic boom
To the great and beautiful city Of the exacting ends
And were in leading Your brothers,
your husbands and your children...
Women of Africa, Women of the Revolution!
Equality is not offered,
It must be conquered.
To emancipate the women Is to rid the society
Of its belmishes, its deformities.
The conquest of science,
The mastery of Technics Will open to the Women the way
That of intra-social combat Rendering her "subject and no longer object".

Reproduce by Suntou Touray


Mali Sarjo Version Three
BY Sory Kandia Kuyateh.

The third version of Mali Sarjo bring the epic to a close. For me the epic involves reviving the childhood stories i was told. And it is tradition to pass on the little we remember. I have to give credit to an Australian Man who became equally fascinated with this Manden epic story. After reading the part one, he contacted me and ask that i look into other versions, which i did. After the version two, he again emailed requesting that i further look into more versions.Indeed as a passionate Mandingo, i took it upon myself to satisfy a non-Mandingo's curiosity into this fascinating event. There i knew he may have heard a version that i am not privy to. At that point, i did what Bob Marley said, "bend down low let me tell you what i know". Intellectualism demands humility and research. I ask that he brief me of what he knows about the Mali Sarjo epic.He narrated this version i am now sharing with you. His pen name is Drew. Thank you for narrationsMali SarjoBafula is a town in the west of Mali, were the Senegal river forms two tributaries. Bafula is said to be in the Kayes region, the heartland of both the mandinke and Khasonke people.Once upon a time, in the bafula, a pregnant woman went to the river to do the laundry. All the women were doing as is the custom to draw water, to bath and do the laundry. This woman was carrying a child. A hippo befriended the woman and called; hey you woman! that child you are carrying if it is a girl, i will make her my friend and if he became a boy i make him my friend.The woman drew water and return home. Soon she gave birth to a girl, the child began to crawl and walk.Eventually the child came to the river to wash dishes. The hippo launched a jet of water and called out to the girl. Hey child! its you that your mother carried inside her. I vowed to her: I will make you a friend.Tiatio the girl became a beautiful young woman that many great suitors start eyeing she turn them all down. In addition, her parents and contenders cannot understand the friendship between a girl and a male hippo. Her parents wonder how to marry a girl with such a strange and notorious friendship.They consult with the elders, one of whom was a Sinbo, a great hunter, who himself was interested in the girl. After a while, it was decided they would kill the hippo. When this was announced, the girl threaten she would kill herself. But no one one took the threat seriously. The men went out to seek the hippo and they shot it. That day, Tiatio also died.The song was composed: Hali koro te kani mila, bemow ye koro sila kanina (friendship between two men or two women is accepted, but when a woman and man become friends, this is badly interpreted).The hippo is describe to be having white legs, and was well loved. Some other narrated that the hippo use to warn the villagers of impending dangers. Every one of Maniba cries were interpreted by the wise elders of the village. some say a french commander by the name Cauchon shot the hippo because he was constantly disturb by its loud cries.Others say, the village head hunter Minangouron Diallo killed it but cunningly convince the people that Cauchon had done the killing.
In this version three, the village name became known and the time line seems to fall in the period of western advancement in Africa. The name of the girl is also mention. Those are revealing parts of the story.This is the end of the version three.


Folks, we have gone through the larger part of fasting now. we hope and pray that Allah accept our efforts and make it a source of our salvation from eternal doom, arrogance and pride. Let us increase our efforts for last four to five remaining days. i know the Sanyang kunda are in a hurry, but soon guys, soon. fasting for the sanyang is not difficult becus of the food and drink, but avoiding other things is the harder bit. May we live to fast many more ramadan. Ameen

The sunbali kumons should think deeply next time. Let us forgive each other, increase our ibadah and smile more.
I ask for the forgiveness of all forumates i may have offended, guys i forgive all trespasses against me. Dr Jaiteh, Haruna, Bambalaye, Galleh, LJ, brother Bailo, demba, Edi, Jabou, Ml, Mballow, Halifa, Ousainou, Sedia, just any body who Suntou may have trespass against.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

A new version of Mali sarjo by Alhagie Mbye

For the fans of Mali Sarjo story, i listen to a different version by Jali Alhagie Mbye. He narrated his one in English at
The story is relay in varied form, but his one is also very credible. You can check the archieves here for all the other versions.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Ramadan going fast

Today is the sixteeth day of ramadan. It going queit fast. May Allah accept all our little efforts. Amen. The last ten days are important days, i hope we get the night of power.