Tuesday, 15 September 2009


This poems were written by the late president of Guinea, Ahamed Sekou Toure:

Poèmes militants reflects Sékou Touré's charismatic leadership style. It is a raw expression of his vision, void of encumbering description:
Revolution is exigency (Lines 1-10)
"Let us resolutely destroy
Any betrayer of the Nation
Let us nail to the post
The murderers of BOIRO
These weapon-monsters
And the infamous causes
They oppose to liberty
To the right and dignity
Of the great People ever-valiant
Always streaming of sweat

second poem
(Lines 18-30) I am Africa
The Continent of tomorrow!
Neo-colonialism Ferocious as subtle
Wishes to keep in shackles Both my Mind and my Wealth.
Of the evils plaguing me still,
Most debasing is irresponsibility
My Peoples, henceforth Heroic resistants,
Have joined the battle:
Destroying in order to renew.

Even Sékou Touré's foray into the role of women is marked by his zeal for human reaction:

Woman of Africa ( A peom By Ahamed Sekou Toure)
(Lines 27-37, 53-64) Women of Africa,
Women of the Revolution!
You will rise up to apex
You will journey endlessly
At a walking pace of the social Revolution,
To the rhythm of cultural progress,
In the train of economic boom
To the great and beautiful city Of the exacting ends
And were in leading Your brothers,
your husbands and your children...
Women of Africa, Women of the Revolution!
Equality is not offered,
It must be conquered.
To emancipate the women Is to rid the society
Of its belmishes, its deformities.
The conquest of science,
The mastery of Technics Will open to the Women the way
That of intra-social combat Rendering her "subject and no longer object".

Reproduce by Suntou Touray



one of sekou Toure's hallmark speech.


solo said...

The dry meat that fills the mouth
The elderbrother of the young
The grand dad of the old

Ahead of his time, he was
Yet he was human too
If only we leant the lessons
He wishes us to master

African culture is booming
Indebted to women
The Revolution

After more than 20 years we tend to grasp what he meant


Indeed Solo, you have captured Sekou's thought succently. Although some will discard him as a mad man, but his time was filled with contradictions and imperial interfarences.
Thanks for the counter poem. Long may African culture live. Amen

solo said...

Manju was human too, I do not expect him to be perfect and he was not.
But good deeds are praise worthy