Thursday, 27 August 2009

Nkaran-moo (Teacher)

Blind following
Is allowed
Only to one man
And no one else
The flesh of upright moral character
Never spoken words of lie
Never thought of evil to others
The true guide (al-hadee)

The illiterate educator
Warner and friend
Completed the perfection of mankind
Wishing good for all, regardless
Touched the hearts of even his worst haters
Truth he embodied
Never fears
Cannot fear
A man of the highest spiritual standing

I follow you blindly
In matters of God
In the night journey
All who wish to hold onto light
Come on board—al-islaam
I follow you whole heartedly
Yaa Allah, embed in me the sunnah of your final prophet, the rasuul, nabi
Qataman nabeen, wa-imameen mumineen
Muhammad! (peace be upon him)

Islam, Slavery, and some aspects of Black History

The lecture was at Florida University. Dr Quick a descendent of African-American and a muslim did his PhD on African history, dealing extensively on slavery and its impact on black society.

Dr Quick is a straight talker and brilliant scholar. I meet him on few occasions in London. He love black history, in fact he moved to South Africa and travel extensively in many African countries. He wrote a book call deeper roots, explaining many indept issues.
Dr Quick clarifies misconception on Islam and slavery or black people. This is necessary as some people do their utmost to distort this clear and simple facts.

Dr Hakin Quick on war against Muslim women

This is a brillaint lecture by Dr Quick. The lecture portrays the problems women face daily due to ignorant men. The lecture also exposes male bigotry toward their spouses base on false understanding of Islam.

I urge all Muslim men to take time to listen to this intense lecture.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

AFPRC videos

Cutesy Prince's youtube videos.

This is very interesting to watch. Yahya Jammeh was arrogantly parambulating about accountability, transperancy and probity. Yahya didn't even understand those phrases then. Enjoy the making of a would be dictator. Look carefully at the mannerisms.

Monday, 24 August 2009

New additions on Mandinka proverb blog

check the link to the mandinka phrases and proverb with other mandingo related items. Also a video clip on Badibu Kinteh kunda history and that of Kunta Kinteh.


Embarked upon from the inception
No tires neither wheels could stand
The steering controlled by force much higher
Assisted here and there by mutual hands
The routine period by period mutation
Functioning in haphazard patterns
By the minute the system adapt and locate the invincible strings
The intertwined relationship
The passenger unmatched
Inseparable allure
They dive in all adversities
Thick and thin, joy and sorrow
The feelings felts whole across

The talking sensitive transport
Its job is more than an enabler
Surpassing all modes of transports
Decreed the functions are performed
Occasional conflicts galore
Demanding more that necessary
Doing all the wrong manoeuvres
The fare-less transport—it cost and reward—no one can tell
Look after the transport—the journey will surely end

A gateway to the unpredictable

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Islamic human rights commission page
The Islamic human rights website provide valuable information on many aspects of rights abuses that the usual concern rights campaigners are not privy to.
Therefore, it is important that muslims make themselves familair with events in their community that promotes anti-Islamic sentiments. Our century is that of the battles of the minds. You let your mind go dormant someones else will trump on you. The website even have a day for awarding islamaphobes. It also expose elements of the zionist lobby that promotes abuses of innocent children in Palestine and focus attention on Islamic countries whilst covering up allies.

I will recommend the site to interested Muslims and right campaigngers. At the end of the day, we are all human beings. No one should feel that, you are better that others by virtue of wealth, race, tribe, colour or social standing. Whether one belief in God or not, he/she is a complete human being, and that humanity most be respected by all and sundry.

Friday, 21 August 2009

A Small research into Jaliba Kuyateh's music

I am trying to establish a perspective on Jaliba's kora Music. Although i hardly listen to Jaliba but last year listening a lecture by an upcoming scholar and social critic Bakawsu Fofana. He attacked Jaliba for pushing Mandingo music too far. He specifically blame Jaliba for the rise of ills in Mandingo society.
Jaliba sang a love song call embrace, this was offensive says Bakawsu. he said, why should Jaliba be urging on his fans to hug each other regardless of relationship.
Is bakwsu right to object to Jaliba's promotion of Mandingo music which was known for being conservative and less sexplotative.
Has Jaliba reached a point where he should stop and ponder?

Your thoughts are welcome.
Is Jaliba are good ambassador of Manden culture?

Listen to Bakausu at this link: only those who understand mandingo can understand him:

Ramadan commence on Saturday the 22

This year's Ramadan has brought us some collective unity in the Muslim community. Ramadan will start on Saturday which is the consensus of all major mosques and community groups this year.
Saudi Arabai, Egypt, and all African countries are likely to start ramadan tomorrow. Let us all hope that Allah bless us with a rewarding Ramadan. We change for the better and become tolerant and spiritually upright.
I will post the common erros that people do in ramadan.
Suntoumana welcomes ramadan. suntou's advice is: read much Qur'an and ponder over the verses. Life is not the end in itself, it is the way to another.
Our wealth, health, achievements and friends are all temporal. At most we enjoy not more than 40 years in a life time. The rest are just numbers. After age forty a number of men can't even function quiet well, sex even becomes a problem. After sixty, we enter a new phrase of senior citizenship.
Man is more or less a self-evident warner to him/her self. nothing should make us stop our prayers and good actions. May Allah/God accept our efforts for his sake only.
I Pray that, Allah/God forgive our sins/errors. Give us the heart to be able to ponder over his existence and greatness. Ramadan kareem!

A Short video on Hijab (head scarve) worn by Muslim women

This is short conversation between two women. It is an Islamic message giving a different perspective to the common objections to those wearing Hijab. It is intriguing and funny. But to non-muslims, it will be another propaganda video.

I like this video.


The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: "When one of you becomes angry while standing, he should sit down. If the anger leaves him, well and good; otherwise he should lie down."
A scientific finding confirm that anger recedes when one sits down.
Insults are better taken lying down, claim scientists
Taking insults lying down may hurt your pride but it is less likely to make you angry, claim scientists

By Richard Alleyne, Science CorrespondentPublished: 1:50PM BST 12 Aug 2009
Research showed that those who took personal insults while upright exhibited brain activity linked to attacking but this urge disappeared when they took the same insults lying down.
Eddie Harmon-Jones, a cognitive scientist who led the study at Texas A&M University, said: "In the upright or leaning forward state one might be more likely to attack.
"Maybe in the reclining state you're more likely to brood."
Those who took part in the study were not warned that they were participating in an anger exercise. The researchers asked them to pick something which made them cross, such as abortion or public smoking, and write a brief essay on their stance.
They were then hooked up to a machine which measures brain activity and told that a person in an adjacent room would evaluate the essay.
Then the students chosen for the study heard a voice recording of someone disparaging the intelligence, likeability and logical skills of the essays.
Volunteers who heard these insults while on their backs felt as angry as volunteers who were upright. However, measurements showed that in upright volunteers, a reaction in the brain that has been linked to anger and the likelihood of retaliating.
Those who received their insults while lying down, however, did not experience the same angry brain reaction.
The scientists now think that lying down could affect how the brain handles other emotions, such as desire and happiness.
Peter Bandettini, a brain imager at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland, said: "It never occurred to me that body position might influence behavioural or neuronal activity in the context of aggression - but it makes sense.
"I do think that this is somewhat specialised to things like aggression or anger."
The research was published in the latest edition of the journal Psychological Science.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

How Ali (RA) Describe Anxiety

Ali (RA) the fourth caliph of Islam was a question as to what is the strongest thing that man find hard to overcome: his response is as follows.
Mountains are enormous and strong
But man can use Metal to pierce through it
However man can use Fire to melt metal
But water is at man’s disposal to put out fire
Water is subjected to wind and clouds and boats can be use to sail through it
Alcohol drink can also affect man’s behaviour and actions
But when asleep alcohol too is overcome
What can render man the inability to even sleep is ANXIETY.
Anxiety is the one thing that man find hard to overcome

Adapted from a lecture by Yassa Fazaqa

Koukoi Samba Sanyang's Interview

The links to Koukoi Samba Sanyang's indept interview on the Gambia Journal. It is very important history lesson for the young people during the 1981 coup.

part 1:

part 2:

Part 3:

Koukoi has developed his own philosophy it seems. He has a strong religious awareness and equal secular democractic outlook. I will recommend all Gambians to read the interview.

Monday, 17 August 2009

rebuttals to Halifa fans on G-Post and G-L mailing list

I brought this comments here for the sake clarity. Some readers may not be able to follow the beginings of the discussions, but they are all patterning to my opinion in Halifa's recent statements with regards to the jailed journalist and his course of Action:

My response to Malick Kah's excessive praising of Halifa:
The last part of statement is more credible than the accolades on
Halifa. Halifa joining Sam on his own will alter little in the grand
scheme of things.
What is of fundamental importance is that, all the politicians come
together and talk. Agree on an action plan for all the political
prisoners and stage a mass protest.
Getting ready to die must result in a serious outcome. Going by the
timidity of Gambians in general, lone rangerism will not change
The people are not looking for one man saviour, it will not work. If
Halifa is unable to draw other opposition politicians to the table,
let him at least lead a mass of PDOIS supporters and make some audible
noise instead him alone. even the Mandela's, Gandi's, King, Malcoln
needed a group in their struggle. We are all sleepless, it is the
least we can do.

In response to Muhammed Drammeh tribalism accusation:
I agree. But are you free from tribalism? Is Halifa free from Tribalism?
Is Malick free from tribalism? And more importantly, who is free from
tribalism? Answering you this is only meant to higlight to you that,
all this small acussation are irrelevant to me. The topic is, should
Halifa join Sam in prison on pretex that, it may cause a massive
support and the answer is it wouldn't.
What then should Halifa do that can be seen to be different in all his
political actions in the past 15 years? remember, PDIOS in their own
words, give some backing to Jammeh military government. Watch the
video on freedomnews paper or Allgambian. This clearly indicate that,
they under rate Jammeh. Now letters to Jammeh is important, but action
on the level of mass manouvering is what will count. the average
Gambian hardly read any news paper, now you tell me, are you willing
to do a sermon if Halifa send to prison by Jammeh? i don't think
So accuse Suntou of all known tags, i careless. I will speak my mind
any day any where. I respect halifa and that is indicative in all my
comments on his politics. if others see it differently, i can't help.
tribalism, oh yeah..... i love my mandinkaness if that is your
problem, but i equally respect all other tribes. Do u mr Drammeh have
such outlook?

In response to demba Baldeh’s postulation that, my enquiry on Halifa’s politics is tantamount to hate:
Demba, i am disappointed with this gabbage of yours. Get a life and
stop cheap accusation. i comment on Halifa's politics. If that angers
you, i don't give a damn about that.
How on earth can folks like you judge me of hating Halifa? what basis
are you using? Contributing to madness or tyranny doesn't mean leaving
other poolitician alone. They are intending to assume a high office.
if they are not use to being question or investigate now, when will
powerless Demba have the means to say anything credible on them? was
it Halifa's jailing that stop the wtich hunting? what are your proofs?
Jammeh do as he like and stop when he wants. I know, some of you are
mad in propelling Halifa. there are easy ways to do that. Why didn't
Halifa purshue his unjust jailing?

Further response to Demba:
Demba, you have no moral or any authority to question my quest to
maintain a balance perspective on Halifa's politics. I beg to defer
with the chorus of praise singers on politicians who have only been
talking and writing endless long letters.
Halifa and Ousainou couple with Hamat and Sedia did not do anything
that we can say indicate a clear way out of the current nightmare all
is in.
Yes, i know, your ideological position is to drum-up loud bangs and
try to dominate forums with Halifa's name and bravery, but please,
since the coup, what acts did Halifa did which can remotely count as
Wasn't Halifa in the Gambia when students were murdered? Didn’t he
subsequently participate in sham elections giving Jammeh all the moral
authority he requires to continue criminalising everyone? What is that
Halifa wants? Cementing his place in Gambian history through his
letters and briefings or clearly partaking in a genuine avenue to rid
Gambia of Yahya? I am not the subject of any discussion, and it is
quite counterproductive to concentration on me.
Now is not the time to praise any politician, all of them. They,
unlike you and me have some shield by virtue of their standing.
Diplomatic pressure comes in whenever Halifa or Ousainou is arrested.
This is a fact. None of them have taken any bold move which Jammeh can
view as threat to his position.
If you and your ilk’s are glad that Halifa is planning to increase the
numbers at mile 2, well i beg to defer. He was just there not long
ago, and no one went on the streets of banjul for him, why do you
think joining Sam now will make any different?
So long as some of you are quick to praise this folks, i wonder when
Gambia will manage to see serious politicians.
To correct you Demba, i have never sneak in and out of the Gambia. I
go through Yumdum. I never remember telling you or writing anywhere
that i sneak in, thus countering the struggle. Get your fact right.
I repeat, i careless who thinks i hate Halifa. You can drum it for the
whole world to see. I am not satisfied with politicians who are
registered with IEC and then trying to gain momentum with no credible
planning or action.
The onus is for ordinary Gambians to write and speak. The politicians
need to act by genuinely mobilising Gambians on the ground and making
serious leeway. But satisfying an easy mob on the cyberspace is doom
to failure.
You the PDOIS supporters have no higher ground than any Gambian. Your
belonging to that party doesn't mean, you are above all prejudice or
bigot mindedness. So stop accusing others for sentiment many of you
has entrench you.
You party line of thinking is no better than all others. We are blacks
and African, we all love who we are.
PDOIS executives on speaking to the Swedish television expose their
real position after the coup. Jammeh knew their support for his
governmen then, and now let PDOIS come up with something tangible, no
letters, no endless history lessons. Action now! If UDP fail on their
side, people will abandon them and join a serious party. But for now,
none of the opposition leaders are heroes. Heroism is not just by
writing letters.

More response to another PDOIS sympathiser Jambarr on Gambia post: he said, i am bias towards Halifa because i don’t comment on other opposition politicians:
Jambarr, you must miss something vital in any political dialogue. If i
concentrate on Halifa, what stops you concentrating on Darbo', Hamat or
If Halifa postulates his ideas on changing the direction our country's
politics is in today, don't you think it is only vital someone query
his modes of achieving such ideas? I focus on Halifa because, no one
seems to challenge his ideas. As for Darboe, it is up to others to
challenge him on his plans. My focus on Halifa is on his politics,
never on his person. Unless, you are telling me, him being a
politician means, his private life and his political career are one
and the same.
i know, many who sympathise with him hate my regular comments on his
opinion, but i felt that can only make Halifa stronger, if indeed,
what they is true. "criticism makes us better". it is sad that,
instead of my comments be seen as an alternative opinion, it is seem as
hateful and causing disunity. As a young student, i use listen to
Halifa, Sedia and co tearing PPP policies apart. I thought that was
the way to achieve great geuine political environment, but it seems,
that is only true to a ruling party in the Gambia not an opposition
Jambarr, thanks for your opinion. I guess God himself now knows,
suntou is a hypocrite to all PDOIS stalwarts, may be except a few.

More comments to Muhammad Drammeh: he said Demba should pray for me because i have an opposing views with him:
Muhammad, stop playing with your intelligence. Why should Demba pray
for me? on the basis of my disagreement and different view points?
Grow up. This is not the era of rubber stamping all that a man says.
Not all that glitters is gold, that simple logic applies to all and
sundry. If you are easily mesmerised, i am not. So better direct your
ill-conceive notion of prayer to yourself.
If i need a prayer, i know where to seek it from. how ugly is your
misguided mentality of asking others to forgive whilst you blatantly
slander an individual without you having the decency to ask for his
forgiveness. What did i do to Demba to demand his forgiveness?
speaking my mind. don't you know Demba runs a newspaper, and over
there he airs his opinion regularly. You better grow up yet again
Drammeh. I know some of you folks wish to be seen on the bandwagon of
Sallah, i have no problem with that. All i do and will continue to do,
is examine the proposals of Sallah. This is the least civic duty i can
do as far as pointing out apparent fallacies and unworkable
Pronouncements. Demba, i too have no heart feelings,in fact, me and
you are use to disagreeing over PDOIS issues, Drammeh is just
squeezing himself in the wrong encounter.

My response to Muhammad Drammeh’s personal attack on Ousainou Darboe on Gambia L:
You being a regular writer and observer of discussions here should have seen the duplicity in the PDOIS brigade in topics like this.
One thing you have to understand is that, Muhammad Drammeh is writing as a PDOIS sympathiser especially Halifa. His quest is to discredit Ousainou at the advantage of Halifa.
All his posting bearing on one liners are reminiscent to that.
Ousanious the 'Coward' he would comments. Who else did you see came up with such remarks of late? Another Muhammad in the shape of L Touray.
Did you see any PDOIS con Halifarite say anything in the shape of unity this and that? NOOO.
If someone make a political relevant observation of Halifa's politics, hell break loose. The favourite tag... Ala me especially being a hypocrites start flowing or the resident sister usual statement, 'Suntou spreading discord' inevitably comes in.
The cool heads would take it to the philosophical level. We need political education, sovereign this and that.
Yet, this great ideas desert them when Ousaiou is being insulted. A clear indication that, unless you mention Halifa, we are cool.

Muhammad Drammeh in essence betrays his own Islamic outlook when he started slandering Ousainou in a personal level. Even if it is true that Ousainou do have a tipple, what bearing does that have on the politics of a secular country like the Gambia?
Should we then start question the late or divorce incidence of the PDOIS hierarchy? Why did the leaders leave it too late to marry? but in truth, all that have no relevance to the validity or competency of their leadership. Those are personal life style choice, just like drinking wine or beer.
How many Gambians in high position drink? are we to investigate all those life style choice of private citizens? For Muhammad Drammeh, naming somebody and associating sin to him/her is clear backbiting, equivalent to eating a dead flesh. I know the learned brother knows this, but then his pro-halifa blood blind him to that.
It would be more significant to expose and question Ousainou's political actions. if any UDP sympathiser objects, let him/her counter it with valid arguments and facts. But Ousanou's privacy and life style choice is of little relevance.

Yanks, on the other hand, should not stoop low to include Muhammad Drammeh's father in his rebuff. That is counterproductive. Those who support Ousainou do so for political strategic reasons, and vice verser for Halifa. Their individual privacy shouldn't come into it.

For the PDOIS folks to be taken seriously, they need to weigh when their co-members go out of line, this may give some weight to the Musa Jeng's and Jabou of this forum. if not your so-call unity talk is one sided and dubious.

Friday, 14 August 2009


For those interested in learning more about female circumcision, visit a website dedicated to puting all the points across. I visited the site and it is balance and precise. here is the link: It is run by Emma.
As Africans, we should welcome all debates on the subject by allowing comments from others. We can also put across the underlying reasons why the practice is still upheld today.
I have some debates on the topic from kenyan Muslims, who like myself distant Islam from the practice.

With time i will go through my documents and provide the rich discussions.
Thanks Emma for starting this site.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Are we meant to be scared

A list published by and consisting of people wanted by the Gambian state, what is it meant to achieve? I salute the agent who send it to the media, he has confirm what we know for a long time.
Gambia is our home, no one can deny us going there. Let Yahya make his blades ready. We will not be cowed or intimidated. We have equal stakes in that country. His oppression and tyranny cannot stop us coming there, never. And if he tries to harm us, then legitimate self-defence becomes a necessary calling.
He will regret his foolish actions God-willing.

Wife, life time companion or what?

I am writing a short commentary on modern marital relationship more or less exploring the current arrangements.
The work load that women undertake, is this acceptable now, considering those of us in the west share common things down the middle. Work, school, and tiredness. It should be interesting.
Any ideas?

Monday, 10 August 2009

Our sincere prays goes the Banjul Six

Justice is what all genuine human beings should stand for. Journalism is a long and noble profession. Last week, six Gambian journalist were jailed for countering the views of the country's president. This resulted in a short show trial and then a jail sentence for 2 years.

I pray that Allah protect the men in prison and save them from potential illness in jail. Keep them strong and calm. All injustices shall be repaid by our maker. I hope Yaya remembers the temporal power he is possessing is subject to serious accountability. Human beings as they say are the commodity of God himself. If anyone brutalise them, you have him to face to.

Yaya's future actions, one can predict for certainty will a media game. Yaya's real intention is to release this men after a short while on false compassionate grounds. He will play this imprisonment as show of strength and a merciful president. He will use his constitutional power to release them and then claim to the whole world that: 'I respect human rights, i forgive even my worst enemies.'
No one should fall for his bluffs and pretences. Even spending one day in jail is enough reason for Yaya to resign now. He has betrayed Gambians beyond repair. There are a thousand and one way to unseat Jammeh. In fact some of this ways are so easy, he wouldn't be aware what happen to him.
But the issue here is for Gambians to go through this sad episode of their politics together, learn bitter truths together and hopefully come out strong. If all else fail, then let Gambia brace itself.
Allah is always with the righteous.

Suntoumana welcomes

Our capable and well known media personality, Fatou J Manneh has recently graced us with her new online medium Suntoumana is glad to welcome sister Fatou and her crew to the online media and bloggershere. She is a long time writer and a lady with real opinions.

Sister Fatou as you all know was a victim of lawless Gambia not long ago and she came out the debacles well formidable, which many men like myself might be incapable of. Fatou, welcome and I pray that Maafanta becomes a success and Gambians can share their thoughts there.
The time as come when Gambians should stop keeping their knowledge and ideas to themselves. Let us be generous and dialogue with each other. Our aim should not be seen to be perfect, but partaking in avenues of free expression in dignity and mutual respect. The phone conversations should now be switch to real time media debates. We will all grow together. It is not easy to accept challenge, but when you become accustom to it, nothing is more pleasurable.
Welcome Maafanta.

Gambian family names: Some of the meanings

In the above link, we have tried to discuss and explain the meanings of our Senegambian or broad west African family names. correct or add meanings of your family name if you know it. It is only through written knowledge that our future generations can comfortably access our the past. oral conversation are getting more and more distorted and unrealiable. Our grannies are now full of life, they don't have time for history lessons.
Modernity and its trapping have penetrated them as well. I am very please that, our capable Serre brother Tamsier have provided us more meaning to common Gambian family names with Serre or even Wollof roots.
Please think about the linguistic meaning of your family name. It may have been explained to you as child or in the recent past. Some take the prasing of their family name to be it's meaning. Njie is a family name but Jata njie or in some Mandingo community Njiekunu is a combination of Njie and it's praise.
Darbo is praise as Jula, but are they the only Julas... Jula is only a praise.
don't be shy, educate us... I hope Tukulore family names like Chongan are explain to us. They sound so unique, one is curious to know what it means.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Tribute to the late Saul Manjang

by suntou Touray
The planner
He has made plans
She has made plans
That person you walk past, also has plans
In fact everyone has plans
The thing that you think of others
The rarely contemplated incidence
But you never know!

Plans cut short, contracts left hanging
Promises unfulfilled
Passions destabilised
Withdrawn away from the glares of the sunrise
The dim moonlight and cold winter breeze
From the warmth of loving families
And fears of enemies

Think about the day your plans will be cut short
May be in ripe old age, but this is not always the norm
Our brother and friend Sulayman Saul Manjang’s plans were cut short
Imagine how Saul intends to execute his plans
The big dreams and aspirations
A man of enormous heart and large smile
Always reassuring and gentle to talk with
But our lord needed him most!
May his soul rest in peace in Jannah.
(Saul Manjang was a friend of mine. We shared accommodation when he first came to England. A good man and fabulous brother. I pray that Allah looks after his children)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The fight of Two Chickens and Its Repercussion

An epic old wisdom by Suntou Touray
This story like any other has a purpose. Many of the readers may have heard or read it before.
Once upon a time, there live a variety of animals in a farm house with their owner. The animals live happily together, but since difference breed occasional contempt and the animals are no exception of this phenomenon.
Invariably they accommodate each and go about their daily activity regardless. The animals consist of, two chickens, a dog, a goat, ram and bull.
One day, two hens start fighting. The dog shows the skirmishes and asks the chickens to stop fighting. But the chickens continue pushing and pulling. The dog then decided to go to the goat and ask it to intervene in the fight. The goat responded by saying, “what is the business of a goat in the quarrel of two hens?”
The dog then continued to the ram, it informed the Ram about the fight between the two chickens in the farm. The Ram also repeated the statement of the goat, that is, there is no concern of a ram in the war of two chickens.
The dog still continued unabated, it further visited the bull. The dog informed the Bull of the continued fighting between the chickens in their farm. The dog mentioned that, all other animals decline to stop the fighting between the chickens. The dog shows that, since all the animals live together, they shouldn’t allow two of their neighbours to be quarrelling whilst they look the other way.
The bull after hearing the dog’s deliberations also prompted the news and said to the dog, “in the fight of two chickens, what is the business of a bull in such matter”?
The dog disappointed and sad went to sit in his tent. The two chickens after tiring each other out ended up starting a fire. Their feathers throw some fire particles on the roof. The fire slowly caught the whole roof and became a major fire. The whole house was burnt down and the compound destroyed.
As tradition dictates, the in-laws of the farm owner decided to assist in the rebuilding of the houses destroyed. The in-laws first came to clear the ground in preparation for moulding of the bricks. On the day of the clearing, the son in-law decided to slaughter the goat for the main course meal.
Before the Goat was slaughtered the dog came to it, he reminded the goat of the day he asked it to intervene in stopping the fight between the two chickens. The goat couldn’t say anything, since it is too late. The goat was slaughtered for lunch guilty ridden.
Then on the day of the rebuilding of the house to completion, the son-in-law decided to entertain his in-laws by slaughtering the ram for dinner. Again before the slaughter took place; the dog came by again to remind the Ram about the day he asked it to intervene in the fight of the two chickens. The ram too regretted not stopping the fight. It too is slaughtered. Indifference leads to his demise.
Then finally on the day of finishing the house decoration and moving in furniture, the son-in-law decided to seal the thanks giving by slaughtering the bull for his in-laws. Before the bull too was killed, the dog came by again reminding the bull of the day it asked it to stop the fight. The bull too regretted his inaction, but all the same he died living the dog and the chicken alive.
So is life, when you think the troubles of your neighbours are of no concern to you, there you are wrong. The goat, ram and bull all lost their lives because they thought the chickens fighting was for chickens to resolve. They learn the bitter truth, and the dog went on to welcome new farm animals.
As the Mandingos would say: sinyo kuu buka sinyo karr.
Thank you. The end.

Appeal to Gambians from kaur

I have an information about a Gambian man from Kaur. I need to discuss this issue with someone from Kaur. The man whose matter i require discussing is in some state of bother. He needs all the help he can get, please email me so that we can piece together how to assist this vulnerable man.
As Gambians even if we cannot give each other anything, but our care and compassion is the least we should share. Thank you in advance.

Sha'ban the 15th

We are in the Sha'ban an Islamic luner months before Ramadan. It highly recommended to fast as much as possible in this month. But scholars indicated that, fasting on the 15th of the month is of high merits and much recommended by the prophet Muhammad.
The 15th is going to be on Thursday the 6th of August. Ramadan may commence on the 20th or 21th August. I hope the Sanyang kunda and others are making their bodies ready for it.
May Allah accept our little efforts and forgive us our errors and mistakes.