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rebuttals to Halifa fans on G-Post and G-L mailing list

I brought this comments here for the sake clarity. Some readers may not be able to follow the beginings of the discussions, but they are all patterning to my opinion in Halifa's recent statements with regards to the jailed journalist and his course of Action:

My response to Malick Kah's excessive praising of Halifa:
The last part of statement is more credible than the accolades on
Halifa. Halifa joining Sam on his own will alter little in the grand
scheme of things.
What is of fundamental importance is that, all the politicians come
together and talk. Agree on an action plan for all the political
prisoners and stage a mass protest.
Getting ready to die must result in a serious outcome. Going by the
timidity of Gambians in general, lone rangerism will not change
The people are not looking for one man saviour, it will not work. If
Halifa is unable to draw other opposition politicians to the table,
let him at least lead a mass of PDOIS supporters and make some audible
noise instead him alone. even the Mandela's, Gandi's, King, Malcoln
needed a group in their struggle. We are all sleepless, it is the
least we can do.

In response to Muhammed Drammeh tribalism accusation:
I agree. But are you free from tribalism? Is Halifa free from Tribalism?
Is Malick free from tribalism? And more importantly, who is free from
tribalism? Answering you this is only meant to higlight to you that,
all this small acussation are irrelevant to me. The topic is, should
Halifa join Sam in prison on pretex that, it may cause a massive
support and the answer is it wouldn't.
What then should Halifa do that can be seen to be different in all his
political actions in the past 15 years? remember, PDIOS in their own
words, give some backing to Jammeh military government. Watch the
video on freedomnews paper or Allgambian. This clearly indicate that,
they under rate Jammeh. Now letters to Jammeh is important, but action
on the level of mass manouvering is what will count. the average
Gambian hardly read any news paper, now you tell me, are you willing
to do a sermon if Halifa send to prison by Jammeh? i don't think
So accuse Suntou of all known tags, i careless. I will speak my mind
any day any where. I respect halifa and that is indicative in all my
comments on his politics. if others see it differently, i can't help.
tribalism, oh yeah..... i love my mandinkaness if that is your
problem, but i equally respect all other tribes. Do u mr Drammeh have
such outlook?

In response to demba Baldeh’s postulation that, my enquiry on Halifa’s politics is tantamount to hate:
Demba, i am disappointed with this gabbage of yours. Get a life and
stop cheap accusation. i comment on Halifa's politics. If that angers
you, i don't give a damn about that.
How on earth can folks like you judge me of hating Halifa? what basis
are you using? Contributing to madness or tyranny doesn't mean leaving
other poolitician alone. They are intending to assume a high office.
if they are not use to being question or investigate now, when will
powerless Demba have the means to say anything credible on them? was
it Halifa's jailing that stop the wtich hunting? what are your proofs?
Jammeh do as he like and stop when he wants. I know, some of you are
mad in propelling Halifa. there are easy ways to do that. Why didn't
Halifa purshue his unjust jailing?

Further response to Demba:
Demba, you have no moral or any authority to question my quest to
maintain a balance perspective on Halifa's politics. I beg to defer
with the chorus of praise singers on politicians who have only been
talking and writing endless long letters.
Halifa and Ousainou couple with Hamat and Sedia did not do anything
that we can say indicate a clear way out of the current nightmare all
is in.
Yes, i know, your ideological position is to drum-up loud bangs and
try to dominate forums with Halifa's name and bravery, but please,
since the coup, what acts did Halifa did which can remotely count as
Wasn't Halifa in the Gambia when students were murdered? Didn’t he
subsequently participate in sham elections giving Jammeh all the moral
authority he requires to continue criminalising everyone? What is that
Halifa wants? Cementing his place in Gambian history through his
letters and briefings or clearly partaking in a genuine avenue to rid
Gambia of Yahya? I am not the subject of any discussion, and it is
quite counterproductive to concentration on me.
Now is not the time to praise any politician, all of them. They,
unlike you and me have some shield by virtue of their standing.
Diplomatic pressure comes in whenever Halifa or Ousainou is arrested.
This is a fact. None of them have taken any bold move which Jammeh can
view as threat to his position.
If you and your ilk’s are glad that Halifa is planning to increase the
numbers at mile 2, well i beg to defer. He was just there not long
ago, and no one went on the streets of banjul for him, why do you
think joining Sam now will make any different?
So long as some of you are quick to praise this folks, i wonder when
Gambia will manage to see serious politicians.
To correct you Demba, i have never sneak in and out of the Gambia. I
go through Yumdum. I never remember telling you or writing anywhere
that i sneak in, thus countering the struggle. Get your fact right.
I repeat, i careless who thinks i hate Halifa. You can drum it for the
whole world to see. I am not satisfied with politicians who are
registered with IEC and then trying to gain momentum with no credible
planning or action.
The onus is for ordinary Gambians to write and speak. The politicians
need to act by genuinely mobilising Gambians on the ground and making
serious leeway. But satisfying an easy mob on the cyberspace is doom
to failure.
You the PDOIS supporters have no higher ground than any Gambian. Your
belonging to that party doesn't mean, you are above all prejudice or
bigot mindedness. So stop accusing others for sentiment many of you
has entrench you.
You party line of thinking is no better than all others. We are blacks
and African, we all love who we are.
PDOIS executives on speaking to the Swedish television expose their
real position after the coup. Jammeh knew their support for his
governmen then, and now let PDOIS come up with something tangible, no
letters, no endless history lessons. Action now! If UDP fail on their
side, people will abandon them and join a serious party. But for now,
none of the opposition leaders are heroes. Heroism is not just by
writing letters.

More response to another PDOIS sympathiser Jambarr on Gambia post: he said, i am bias towards Halifa because i don’t comment on other opposition politicians:
Jambarr, you must miss something vital in any political dialogue. If i
concentrate on Halifa, what stops you concentrating on Darbo', Hamat or
If Halifa postulates his ideas on changing the direction our country's
politics is in today, don't you think it is only vital someone query
his modes of achieving such ideas? I focus on Halifa because, no one
seems to challenge his ideas. As for Darboe, it is up to others to
challenge him on his plans. My focus on Halifa is on his politics,
never on his person. Unless, you are telling me, him being a
politician means, his private life and his political career are one
and the same.
i know, many who sympathise with him hate my regular comments on his
opinion, but i felt that can only make Halifa stronger, if indeed,
what they is true. "criticism makes us better". it is sad that,
instead of my comments be seen as an alternative opinion, it is seem as
hateful and causing disunity. As a young student, i use listen to
Halifa, Sedia and co tearing PPP policies apart. I thought that was
the way to achieve great geuine political environment, but it seems,
that is only true to a ruling party in the Gambia not an opposition
Jambarr, thanks for your opinion. I guess God himself now knows,
suntou is a hypocrite to all PDOIS stalwarts, may be except a few.

More comments to Muhammad Drammeh: he said Demba should pray for me because i have an opposing views with him:
Muhammad, stop playing with your intelligence. Why should Demba pray
for me? on the basis of my disagreement and different view points?
Grow up. This is not the era of rubber stamping all that a man says.
Not all that glitters is gold, that simple logic applies to all and
sundry. If you are easily mesmerised, i am not. So better direct your
ill-conceive notion of prayer to yourself.
If i need a prayer, i know where to seek it from. how ugly is your
misguided mentality of asking others to forgive whilst you blatantly
slander an individual without you having the decency to ask for his
forgiveness. What did i do to Demba to demand his forgiveness?
speaking my mind. don't you know Demba runs a newspaper, and over
there he airs his opinion regularly. You better grow up yet again
Drammeh. I know some of you folks wish to be seen on the bandwagon of
Sallah, i have no problem with that. All i do and will continue to do,
is examine the proposals of Sallah. This is the least civic duty i can
do as far as pointing out apparent fallacies and unworkable
Pronouncements. Demba, i too have no heart feelings,in fact, me and
you are use to disagreeing over PDOIS issues, Drammeh is just
squeezing himself in the wrong encounter.

My response to Muhammad Drammeh’s personal attack on Ousainou Darboe on Gambia L:
You being a regular writer and observer of discussions here should have seen the duplicity in the PDOIS brigade in topics like this.
One thing you have to understand is that, Muhammad Drammeh is writing as a PDOIS sympathiser especially Halifa. His quest is to discredit Ousainou at the advantage of Halifa.
All his posting bearing on one liners are reminiscent to that.
Ousanious the 'Coward' he would comments. Who else did you see came up with such remarks of late? Another Muhammad in the shape of L Touray.
Did you see any PDOIS con Halifarite say anything in the shape of unity this and that? NOOO.
If someone make a political relevant observation of Halifa's politics, hell break loose. The favourite tag... Ala me especially being a hypocrites start flowing or the resident sister usual statement, 'Suntou spreading discord' inevitably comes in.
The cool heads would take it to the philosophical level. We need political education, sovereign this and that.
Yet, this great ideas desert them when Ousaiou is being insulted. A clear indication that, unless you mention Halifa, we are cool.

Muhammad Drammeh in essence betrays his own Islamic outlook when he started slandering Ousainou in a personal level. Even if it is true that Ousainou do have a tipple, what bearing does that have on the politics of a secular country like the Gambia?
Should we then start question the late or divorce incidence of the PDOIS hierarchy? Why did the leaders leave it too late to marry? but in truth, all that have no relevance to the validity or competency of their leadership. Those are personal life style choice, just like drinking wine or beer.
How many Gambians in high position drink? are we to investigate all those life style choice of private citizens? For Muhammad Drammeh, naming somebody and associating sin to him/her is clear backbiting, equivalent to eating a dead flesh. I know the learned brother knows this, but then his pro-halifa blood blind him to that.
It would be more significant to expose and question Ousainou's political actions. if any UDP sympathiser objects, let him/her counter it with valid arguments and facts. But Ousanou's privacy and life style choice is of little relevance.

Yanks, on the other hand, should not stoop low to include Muhammad Drammeh's father in his rebuff. That is counterproductive. Those who support Ousainou do so for political strategic reasons, and vice verser for Halifa. Their individual privacy shouldn't come into it.

For the PDOIS folks to be taken seriously, they need to weigh when their co-members go out of line, this may give some weight to the Musa Jeng's and Jabou of this forum. if not your so-call unity talk is one sided and dubious.

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