Friday, 21 August 2009

Ramadan commence on Saturday the 22

This year's Ramadan has brought us some collective unity in the Muslim community. Ramadan will start on Saturday which is the consensus of all major mosques and community groups this year.
Saudi Arabai, Egypt, and all African countries are likely to start ramadan tomorrow. Let us all hope that Allah bless us with a rewarding Ramadan. We change for the better and become tolerant and spiritually upright.
I will post the common erros that people do in ramadan.
Suntoumana welcomes ramadan. suntou's advice is: read much Qur'an and ponder over the verses. Life is not the end in itself, it is the way to another.
Our wealth, health, achievements and friends are all temporal. At most we enjoy not more than 40 years in a life time. The rest are just numbers. After age forty a number of men can't even function quiet well, sex even becomes a problem. After sixty, we enter a new phrase of senior citizenship.
Man is more or less a self-evident warner to him/her self. nothing should make us stop our prayers and good actions. May Allah/God accept our efforts for his sake only.
I Pray that, Allah/God forgive our sins/errors. Give us the heart to be able to ponder over his existence and greatness. Ramadan kareem!

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