Thursday, 27 August 2009

Nkaran-moo (Teacher)

Blind following
Is allowed
Only to one man
And no one else
The flesh of upright moral character
Never spoken words of lie
Never thought of evil to others
The true guide (al-hadee)

The illiterate educator
Warner and friend
Completed the perfection of mankind
Wishing good for all, regardless
Touched the hearts of even his worst haters
Truth he embodied
Never fears
Cannot fear
A man of the highest spiritual standing

I follow you blindly
In matters of God
In the night journey
All who wish to hold onto light
Come on board—al-islaam
I follow you whole heartedly
Yaa Allah, embed in me the sunnah of your final prophet, the rasuul, nabi
Qataman nabeen, wa-imameen mumineen
Muhammad! (peace be upon him)

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