Monday, 10 August 2009

Suntoumana welcomes

Our capable and well known media personality, Fatou J Manneh has recently graced us with her new online medium Suntoumana is glad to welcome sister Fatou and her crew to the online media and bloggershere. She is a long time writer and a lady with real opinions.

Sister Fatou as you all know was a victim of lawless Gambia not long ago and she came out the debacles well formidable, which many men like myself might be incapable of. Fatou, welcome and I pray that Maafanta becomes a success and Gambians can share their thoughts there.
The time as come when Gambians should stop keeping their knowledge and ideas to themselves. Let us be generous and dialogue with each other. Our aim should not be seen to be perfect, but partaking in avenues of free expression in dignity and mutual respect. The phone conversations should now be switch to real time media debates. We will all grow together. It is not easy to accept challenge, but when you become accustom to it, nothing is more pleasurable.
Welcome Maafanta.

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