Thursday, 6 August 2009

Tribute to the late Saul Manjang

by suntou Touray
The planner
He has made plans
She has made plans
That person you walk past, also has plans
In fact everyone has plans
The thing that you think of others
The rarely contemplated incidence
But you never know!

Plans cut short, contracts left hanging
Promises unfulfilled
Passions destabilised
Withdrawn away from the glares of the sunrise
The dim moonlight and cold winter breeze
From the warmth of loving families
And fears of enemies

Think about the day your plans will be cut short
May be in ripe old age, but this is not always the norm
Our brother and friend Sulayman Saul Manjang’s plans were cut short
Imagine how Saul intends to execute his plans
The big dreams and aspirations
A man of enormous heart and large smile
Always reassuring and gentle to talk with
But our lord needed him most!
May his soul rest in peace in Jannah.
(Saul Manjang was a friend of mine. We shared accommodation when he first came to England. A good man and fabulous brother. I pray that Allah looks after his children)


aishasaidy said...

suntou,,indeed may Allah grant him jahna and protect his family left behind...sometime you wonder is it worth it?? lets take life as it comes with the everyday opportunities it each moment offers...for you never know.. i still can't recover, having Saul Manjang seeing me growning up, being the best of my sister, a young man full of life, career oriented...this is the bitter taste of life we all have to swallow; an unavoided drink we all must take. May Allah give us all guidance till death meet me us all on the part of righteousness regardless of what our plans maybe at that moment.


Thanks Aisha for the wise words. May Allah accept you duaa.