Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The fight of Two Chickens and Its Repercussion

An epic old wisdom by Suntou Touray
This story like any other has a purpose. Many of the readers may have heard or read it before.
Once upon a time, there live a variety of animals in a farm house with their owner. The animals live happily together, but since difference breed occasional contempt and the animals are no exception of this phenomenon.
Invariably they accommodate each and go about their daily activity regardless. The animals consist of, two chickens, a dog, a goat, ram and bull.
One day, two hens start fighting. The dog shows the skirmishes and asks the chickens to stop fighting. But the chickens continue pushing and pulling. The dog then decided to go to the goat and ask it to intervene in the fight. The goat responded by saying, “what is the business of a goat in the quarrel of two hens?”
The dog then continued to the ram, it informed the Ram about the fight between the two chickens in the farm. The Ram also repeated the statement of the goat, that is, there is no concern of a ram in the war of two chickens.
The dog still continued unabated, it further visited the bull. The dog informed the Bull of the continued fighting between the chickens in their farm. The dog mentioned that, all other animals decline to stop the fighting between the chickens. The dog shows that, since all the animals live together, they shouldn’t allow two of their neighbours to be quarrelling whilst they look the other way.
The bull after hearing the dog’s deliberations also prompted the news and said to the dog, “in the fight of two chickens, what is the business of a bull in such matter”?
The dog disappointed and sad went to sit in his tent. The two chickens after tiring each other out ended up starting a fire. Their feathers throw some fire particles on the roof. The fire slowly caught the whole roof and became a major fire. The whole house was burnt down and the compound destroyed.
As tradition dictates, the in-laws of the farm owner decided to assist in the rebuilding of the houses destroyed. The in-laws first came to clear the ground in preparation for moulding of the bricks. On the day of the clearing, the son in-law decided to slaughter the goat for the main course meal.
Before the Goat was slaughtered the dog came to it, he reminded the goat of the day he asked it to intervene in stopping the fight between the two chickens. The goat couldn’t say anything, since it is too late. The goat was slaughtered for lunch guilty ridden.
Then on the day of the rebuilding of the house to completion, the son-in-law decided to entertain his in-laws by slaughtering the ram for dinner. Again before the slaughter took place; the dog came by again to remind the Ram about the day he asked it to intervene in the fight of the two chickens. The ram too regretted not stopping the fight. It too is slaughtered. Indifference leads to his demise.
Then finally on the day of finishing the house decoration and moving in furniture, the son-in-law decided to seal the thanks giving by slaughtering the bull for his in-laws. Before the bull too was killed, the dog came by again reminding the bull of the day it asked it to stop the fight. The bull too regretted his inaction, but all the same he died living the dog and the chicken alive.
So is life, when you think the troubles of your neighbours are of no concern to you, there you are wrong. The goat, ram and bull all lost their lives because they thought the chickens fighting was for chickens to resolve. They learn the bitter truth, and the dog went on to welcome new farm animals.
As the Mandingos would say: sinyo kuu buka sinyo karr.
Thank you. The end.

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