Monday, 10 August 2009

Our sincere prays goes the Banjul Six

Justice is what all genuine human beings should stand for. Journalism is a long and noble profession. Last week, six Gambian journalist were jailed for countering the views of the country's president. This resulted in a short show trial and then a jail sentence for 2 years.

I pray that Allah protect the men in prison and save them from potential illness in jail. Keep them strong and calm. All injustices shall be repaid by our maker. I hope Yaya remembers the temporal power he is possessing is subject to serious accountability. Human beings as they say are the commodity of God himself. If anyone brutalise them, you have him to face to.

Yaya's future actions, one can predict for certainty will a media game. Yaya's real intention is to release this men after a short while on false compassionate grounds. He will play this imprisonment as show of strength and a merciful president. He will use his constitutional power to release them and then claim to the whole world that: 'I respect human rights, i forgive even my worst enemies.'
No one should fall for his bluffs and pretences. Even spending one day in jail is enough reason for Yaya to resign now. He has betrayed Gambians beyond repair. There are a thousand and one way to unseat Jammeh. In fact some of this ways are so easy, he wouldn't be aware what happen to him.
But the issue here is for Gambians to go through this sad episode of their politics together, learn bitter truths together and hopefully come out strong. If all else fail, then let Gambia brace itself.
Allah is always with the righteous.

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