Monday, 24 August 2009


Embarked upon from the inception
No tires neither wheels could stand
The steering controlled by force much higher
Assisted here and there by mutual hands
The routine period by period mutation
Functioning in haphazard patterns
By the minute the system adapt and locate the invincible strings
The intertwined relationship
The passenger unmatched
Inseparable allure
They dive in all adversities
Thick and thin, joy and sorrow
The feelings felts whole across

The talking sensitive transport
Its job is more than an enabler
Surpassing all modes of transports
Decreed the functions are performed
Occasional conflicts galore
Demanding more that necessary
Doing all the wrong manoeuvres
The fare-less transport—it cost and reward—no one can tell
Look after the transport—the journey will surely end

A gateway to the unpredictable

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