Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Voices of Gambian Queens In Raleigh

By Suntou Touray
When Me become too big and Us too small
When a call fell on deaf ears, but scrutiny became prevalent
When the nobleness of silence is raped
When plagues spread like wild fire
And the sorrows of the affected decline to affect the heart
When moving on and seeing a grand view
Of the African Sun became too inartistic
God's beauty lost in transition
Our beauty irrelevant
I love women, but hate their beauty
You tell me, "this is how it should be done"
But Cannot and did not do it yourself

When 'I' say, my rights, my hero, my scholar
My my my consume the heart
A cause is lost and the lost cause get blamed!!
"Who are you", British footy fans will sing
"Who are you?"
"Who are you?"
The African little tyrants, our many faceted tyrants
In the media, in social media
In politics and in government

Please, My Gambian, my African kings and queens
See the vastness of our beauty
Our beautiful  women, in their elegant ropes, and make ups
Attended our gathering, they spoke
Yell and preached
Didn't that touched your heart
The Beautiful faces
Of Smiles, And large Gambian smiles, together
Of Smiling Coast Smiles
Let Raleigh--North Carolina Conference Be
Petty me me's

Friday, 17 May 2013

Gambian men health

Gambian Men: Some of us involve in Gambian associations and community issues are well aware of the rate Gambian men are been diagnosed with serious health problems. The bulk of the health issues centered around the food we eat. Gambian men are highly likely not to be engaged in fitness exercise in Europe or America. The rate at which Gambian men are dying from corollary health condition is becoming alarming. As people of faith, we know, our time is decreed by our Maker, however, a bit healthy lifestyle can go a long way.
The big question is, since many Gambian men, including myself eat more home cooking than eating takeaways or at restaurants. Is it the responsibility of our spouses: Wife's to look after the diet?

Between 2012 to date, more than 6 Gambian men died, some of it sudden, some whilst at work. Some conditions are said to hereditary, but many are from eating highly nutritious food without shaking it. The summer is coming, I encourage our Gambian brothers, wherever they are, to engage in some form of physical exercise, even walking long distances will help. Many of us, now feature with pot belly, which is a big sign of danger. Let Gambian women reduce the cooking of palm oil, it is very rich and full of fat. The sisters should encourage the husbands to be fit, although the sisters too should watch the waistline. The amount of sugar we consume is also high. Let us watch our health. A bless Friday all.

Former MP Mahawa Cham with Me in Dakar

Me and Mahawa Cham in Dakar back in January. He is a very nice human being and someone full of hope for the Gambia. He is active and always engaging in Gambian affairs. Now he is missing, I hope and pray he is safe and sound. His disappearance is a testimony that, our struggle is complex and Senegal is a difficult base for Gambians.
 Many confided in me that, the powers that be in Senegal are in no rush to see Jammeh go, according to them, since Yaya Jammeh assume power, Gambia lost many advantages in trade and other economic dynamic that use to make Senegalese come to Gambia for business. This is our mess, we must be counted and clean it.

The Devil's Companions: Elders who grace the Baba Release

According to those who watched the drama of the Imam Baba Leigh release. The speakers Cherno Kah said indirectly, Baba Leigh should have censored himself, Alieu Mboge said, even Britain abduct religious leaders, he gave Abou Hamza as an example whilst Abdoulie Fatty said, Baba Liegh's plight is an act of who are they blaming for unlawfully been arrested, detain and tortured? As the Nigerians will say, 'wonders shall never end'... However, deep down, Abdoulie Fatty, Cherno Kah, and Alieu Mboge all knew who is in the wrong. They know fully well, without Yaya Jammeh's orders, Baba Leigh will not be arrested neither locked up for five months...But the pains of innocent people never go in vain. Justice can be delayed, but is never denied.

11 May London Congress was a success

The attendance of the 11 May 2013 London Congress was excellent. The hall was full and I saw on the faces of Gambians the urgency to see change happen. It was stimulating  to be chosen to head the funding raising pillar and be responsible for the organisation funds. It is high time we devise every possible means to take the country forward from bondage and madness. This aim should be attain in a Unified manner with divergent sectors of the Gambian community on board. Forward we match.
Myself, Bamba Mass and BB

Our Daughters, Our Friends

Every honest father will admit that, their daughters are more close to them than the boy child. Unless if you don't have a daughter, hence you will not understand the difference. However, both mother's and father's still tend to prefer having a son to a daughter. It is high time, we think deep and hard. Daughters are the best friends to fathers than sons. So let us appreciate the kindnesses the girl child show to us as fathers and love them equally to our sons. Daughters are huge pillars, for me, my daughter demonstrate a lot of concern whether i travel, went to work or even whilst gone for shopping.
 However, I have seen people getting unhappy with pregnancy news as soon the baby is confirmed to being a girl. Pray that, God bless your child abundantly and put strength in her to be successful, full of piety. A father cannot but notice the huge love the daughter has for him. God bless our daughters and sons. Ameen, never be unhappy because you have a daughter.