Friday, 17 May 2013

Our Daughters, Our Friends

Every honest father will admit that, their daughters are more close to them than the boy child. Unless if you don't have a daughter, hence you will not understand the difference. However, both mother's and father's still tend to prefer having a son to a daughter. It is high time, we think deep and hard. Daughters are the best friends to fathers than sons. So let us appreciate the kindnesses the girl child show to us as fathers and love them equally to our sons. Daughters are huge pillars, for me, my daughter demonstrate a lot of concern whether i travel, went to work or even whilst gone for shopping.
 However, I have seen people getting unhappy with pregnancy news as soon the baby is confirmed to being a girl. Pray that, God bless your child abundantly and put strength in her to be successful, full of piety. A father cannot but notice the huge love the daughter has for him. God bless our daughters and sons. Ameen, never be unhappy because you have a daughter.

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