Friday, 17 May 2013

The Devil's Companions: Elders who grace the Baba Release

According to those who watched the drama of the Imam Baba Leigh release. The speakers Cherno Kah said indirectly, Baba Leigh should have censored himself, Alieu Mboge said, even Britain abduct religious leaders, he gave Abou Hamza as an example whilst Abdoulie Fatty said, Baba Liegh's plight is an act of who are they blaming for unlawfully been arrested, detain and tortured? As the Nigerians will say, 'wonders shall never end'... However, deep down, Abdoulie Fatty, Cherno Kah, and Alieu Mboge all knew who is in the wrong. They know fully well, without Yaya Jammeh's orders, Baba Leigh will not be arrested neither locked up for five months...But the pains of innocent people never go in vain. Justice can be delayed, but is never denied.

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