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As an organisation, the PDOIS is one party that has stood the test of time. The party has learnt how to survive on a tight budget and meagre resources. This is a great strength in African political landscape. The party founders knew in order to sustain themselves and their ideology, self-reliance and financial discipline must be a top priority. The African continent is filled with political parties that haven't a glue how to manage their party's affairs without recourse to corrupt practises.The PDOIS executive are men whom i can trust with our country. They have shown that although trying to establish themselves as a viable option for Gambians to consider as potential leaders, still remain dignified and humble in their resolve to attain the party's rason deter with regards to proper procedures. Humility, down to earth, educated, composed, philosophical, etc.These are their strengths.But what is evident which no one can deny is the fact that, after so many years, Gambians hasn't consider according the executives the mandate to lead them. This i believe requires the party to consider fighting for a constitutional amendment so that, the party can choose a new fresh leader from the diaspora The PDOIS has many young and committed supporters who can lead the party in modern Gambia were the internet is a key tool in interaction and politicking. The likes of Musa Jeng, Joe Sambou, Jabou Joh, Demba Baldeh, Fra Barbar, Kobo, Shaka, Kayatta, Brikama, ML Touray, Tijan Nimaga etc are all good Gambians that the party can choose from.To challenge Jammeh, fresh blood in our politics is needed. The diaspora PDOIS supporters will do a good job in reinvigorating the party and connecting with young people and those siting on the fence.The current executives can be there as a guide and advisers on policy issues and maintain the party's ideas and philosophy.The new methods of friendly and approachable public relations can be cemented and a network of communication channels created.My humble opinion.suntou Bolong Touray

Welcoming a new party

The Gambia Moral Congress party was form to bread new blood in our politics. The young party leader Mai Fatty wrote in his news release that he wish to unite Gambians and bring in change for the better.
For now lets hope that the party reinvigorate and bring in added energy and spirit in Gambian politics.
An open mind is required to see what plans the party has for the country.

Is Interest the same as Riba part two

The part two of Interest and riba debate.

presentation video part 1

The Presentation was on the 22 of January 2009 at Leicester Markfield conference hall. This was an ordinary debate followed by Q&A. The Video quality may not be very good. That is my humble self smiling throughout. My nick name when in high school was Laugh laugh. I smile too easily. Not good for men.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Take a pot shot but I have to mock some of my kin folks. The family of line of the Tourays is a very long and illustrious one. The Tourays in West Africa are in many region and tribal group. From Mandingo, Sarahuleh, wolof, Bambana, Temene, etc and also the family name can be found in all west African countries.
What is important to my curiosity here is the legacy of Tourays in SeneGambia. Once upon a time, the Tourays were mostly associated with religious propagation and serious endeavours. The descendants of Tourays are always reminded about these stories. The saying about the Tourays goes with being God fearing and Islamic wise knowledgeable.
Well, that was then. I took an interest in observing Touray kunda people from different parts of the world. Whenever somebody tells me, he/she is Touray, I enquiry as to the person’s understanding of the Touray history. To my surprise the ones I came across usually exhibit a serious lack of understanding of their family line in broad category.
What is evident though is the fact that, very few Tourays are Christians or Animist. The term Manden Mori mixes well with Touray; it’s the undisputable praise adjective of Touray kunda people. Ceesays, Janeh, Bereteh, Konmah goes goes with nghanah Manden Mori (those are manden mori’s).
What is a Manden Mori?
Since Manden is historically the original birth place of the Manden speaking people, which include a wide variety of tribes. The role that the Tourays and other Manden Mori’s play is that of spiritual custodianship. The term Mori comes from the verb Moro. A Moro is an Islamic religious healer/guardian. A Moro is a pillar in his community, he doesn’t entertain jokes, neither singing nor dancing. The Mori’s remind people of their responsibilities in life, from that of looking after ones family to the roles in society and more importantly living an upright God-fearing life.
But are the Moros doing this task of late? Hell no. The Sanyang kunda folks whom the Tourays rescue from the clutches of the Devil himself are now more God-fearing than the dancing Tourays. The Ceesay kunda folks aren’t better either. This Moros have now abandoned their post and took over the role of Jali patroniser in very ugly fashion.
To justify my rant against the Dancing Tourays, take a look at any Jaliba Kuyateh DVD or video, you will see and hear him calling on his “Touray Tourays”. Ahhna Touray Touray yee? Where are the Touray Tourays?
The Touray kunda Jaliba fans have shown that, they indeed enjoy the praising of their ancestry, yet lacking any iota of seriousness required of a Manden Mori. Watch Jaliba in Hamburg, London, Birmingham, U.S and many other venues.
How can a Moro be gracing every Jaliba occasion? They don’t attend just the shows as bystanders, but becomes the biggest patronisers and thus getting the highest praises. This is wrong My Touray kin folks. To give to a Jali is purposely for a seeking world praises and name. Whilst helping once close kit and kin or even the needy is more everlasting, rewarding and fulfilling. Stop wasting your hard earn money on Jali’s for unnecessary praise seeking. Your ancestors were truly Manden Moris but you are not. The endless songs about the Tourays is now deafening and boring. Let the Jalis switch their attention to sanyangs and Camaras, they need the Jamundiro or praising more than we do.
Stop dancing and start pondering, the world is not just for jokes and plays. We are all getting fade up of the dancing Tourays. I hope some Ceeay kunda folk can admonish their own boxing it Ceesay mori’s.
Yours brother in the Touray family line
Suntou Touray.

Monday, 26 January 2009


Yesterday at our monthly regular meetings, the Gambian association in Coventry city has put in place plans to set-up a book reading club for our children. This club will help Gambian children able to bond and also read and writer confidently. We have two graduate sisters who are willing to volunteer their time and efforts in helping the kids once or twice a month.
I am delighted at that initiative, as we all know a percentage of black youths end up being disenfranchise and unproductive. This problems all starts from an early stage, parents busy working and engaging in other issues make the kid's idle and stressed out. But a viable reading and writing club will help fostering harmony and the culture of learning among our community.
I have even volunteer to teach the kids Gambian songs and dance! hureey. I will certainly give my time in terms of stories and local songs. Come join us if you have a young Gambian children in Coventry. I will wiggle and dance to "yopi yaya yupi yupi yaya, yupi yaya yupi yupi yaya, i remember when i was a school boy etc" also "Jali kuno bamanso kuno kunbota kandima, suruntu kuno kunu kanjaba alii ngha taakun takuafe". I will also God-wiling create my own kids stories.
If you have any suggestions or comments please do make it.

Is interest the same as riba? A PRESENTATION TO A PANEL

The flow might not be well layout because i convert the talk from my PowerPoint presentation into plain word.

To a Muslim, interest is riba.
The task of unpinning the Islamic jurist views of riba prohibition is an ongoing task. Riba has been a clear and well documented subject in Islamic jurisprudence across time

The Qur’an stated that “riba is forbidden and sale is allowed”. And also “Oh ye who believe, fear Allah and abandon whatever remains of riba...” Qur'an
Muslim scholars never experienced a state of mixed feelings about the legitimacy of trade for profit.
—Indeed trade allows both parties, the investor and the entrepreneur to both share the risk. But few scholars argued in favour of interest due the low rates charged to borrowers for productive purposes.

—The questions requiring answering here is that, if interest is not riba because it is use for productive ventures now. Is there any evidence to suggest that riba was all for consumptions?
—Abu Zahrah stated that “there is absolutely no evidence to support the contention that the riba of al-Jahiliyya (pre-Islamic days) was on consumption and not on development loans.” The Pakistan religious ideology council equate interest with riba succinctly.

"Riba encompasses interest in all its manifestations irrespective of whether it relates to loans for consumption purposes or for productive purposes, whether the loans are of personal nature or of a commercial type, whether the borrower is a government, a private individual or a concern, and whether the rate of interest is high or low."

Interest in the main stream sense:

—Interest is regarded as a way of earning legitimate income.
—Most companies thrive of borrowing to finance their working capital.
—Interest is into every thing. To paraphrase the noble prophets hadith, “even if you don’t deal in interest, it’s dust will affect you”. Sadaqa Rasululah. (The prophet's word came true)

To illustrate how interest is entrench in modern capitalism:

—Every public company by law must prepare an annual financial report.
—The financial report contains the affairs of the company.
—The first items that the company shows are it’s profit and loss.
—Which consist of the following:

—Revenue xxx
The cost of sale (xxx)
Gross profit xxx
Other incomes xxx
Income b4 interest xxx
Interest or finance costs (xxx) important*
Then corporation tax is paid after deducting interest.

Is this a coincidence?

—The government regulators make the tax laws such that interest is not taxed for businesses. Why?
—Because riba here is a legitimate income for an investor who will be paying tax on his interest earnings.
—Many a Muslim are working for companies that are being finance through this kinds of sources.

What is riba then?

—Riba means an increase. To a Muslim economist, this increase is not legitimate neither justified. To his counter part in the main stream system, an economy cannot be seen to function without riba.
—What is interest define as then?
—It is in short payment for the use of money. Or something added in making a return.

—Fakhr al-Din al-Razi (d. 606/1209), a medieval Islamic Jurist questions the objection of the prohibition of loans for profitable venture, the rational rhetorical answer he gave was “while the earning of profit is uncertain, the payment of interest is predetermined and certain. The profit may or may not be realised. Hence there can be no doubt that the payment of something definite in return for something uncertain inflict harm."
The effects of Riba/interest today is businesses failures and financial ruins for many companies.

In conclusion:

The problem of differentiating between riba and interest is fundamental, as some Muslim cleric are of the opinion that interest is not riba.
Tabari explained that
—"Riba is prohibited (haram). Riba denotes the excess which the lender earns because the borrower extends the tenor of the loan and defers the payment of the principal”. Yet again, the deferment issues keep arising. The lenders charges the borrower the excess as a compensation for the use of his money, even though no actual transaction has taken place with regards to the excess amount charged. Riba is interest no doubt.

Many businesses are now operating base on the niche of extending other people’s borrowing. Companies like, money shop, providend, pay day loans, etc. All this companies give money to workers at lower amount than the cheque paid to them. This means charging interest for the use of money and also extending the pay date at a cost also.
May Allah provide us with halal earnings. Amen.


This analysis by Nyarikannbana at It is perfector. to clarify past issues will not make us disunited, in fact, we will be careful in future.

Santanfara, Thanks for your posting. Notwithstanding all the crude defences these people will put forward on PDOIS's behalf, the truth is Halifa Sallah and his Co-Authors of the 1997 constitution cheaply sold Gambian to the APRC regime. They drafted and sold a constitution that was not only tailor- made for the junta but also lacking any sense of safeguard that could negate the possibility of a return to the status quo of quasi- monarchical rule. E.g.• The constitutional Review Commission recommended a term limit of two 5yr terms which the Junta rejected. And despite this Halifa Sallah went all his way out in a frenzy campaign telling people throughout the length and breadth of the country, that it is the best constitution anybody can imagine. And he did this despite a ban on political activities in the country then. He was selfish enough not to even ask the junta who were his friends then, to lift this ban so that the other side of the debate can be heard thereby enabling Gambians to make an informed choice at the polls which followed.• The Constitution prescribed a second- round ballot electoral system so as to avoid a minority government ever ruling the Gambia and to allow a multi-party participation that does not give an undue advantange to the incumbent. But this prescription was despicably and hopelessly weak and devoid of any protection whatsoever. That is why it was easily amended and without fuss. These kind of constitutional prescriptions suppose to be essential to the progress and wellbeing of our nation’s democracy and therefore should have been an entrenched clause that could not be amended without a referendum. Halifa knows this and yet he told us it is the best constitution anybody can dream of.• The election of chiefs should also have been an entrenched clause. That way, it would not have been open to the kind of abuse that have been vitiated on it by the APRC. Halifa knows this too, and if he had used his friendship with the junta wisely and persuaded them to allow the other side of the debate to be heard, the Gambian people would have been well advised by the reasonable voices that would have filtered through the debate.I can go on and on and on but to put everything in a nutshell, the bottom line of the matter is that Halifa and PDOIS were bought and cowed into supporting and promoting a constitution that was knowingly [to them] open to abuse and manipulation and lacking any sense of safeguard or mechanism that could effectively curtail any tendency of executive abuse, monarchical leadership or self-perpetuation. It was a complete carte blanc for any incumbent to manipulate in their own favour and for all sorts of selfish interests even if at the expense of our individual rights and freedoms or indeed the viability of our democracy. This is why when I read Halifa's scribblings in the newspapers describing the powers of the president under the present constitution as monarchical; it makes me wonder whether calling him a hypocrite alone is enough a condemnation. I think it is now best to call him a deceit too. No wonder APRC likes going on a constitutional amendment spree anytime they like to make life lot easier for themselves, and in all cases, their prayers has always been;'Praise be to Ayatollah Sallah for his arrogance and decietful behaviour that earned us all the previledges we enjoy today and which we shall enjoy for many years to come. Ameen!' Thanks

Responding to kayatta:

The first one was to reject the draft constitution and force the military junta to come up with another (hopefully a better) one. This will inevitably prolonged military rule, political volatility, and the economic sanctions that the country was facing at the time. - KayJattaThis is misleading and part of the deception game Halifa has always been playing in his own defence. Unfortunately, here is someone buying it. You bought the wrong stuff, mate!Here is the truth; The National consultative Committee setup by the Junta itself recommended a 2yr transitional period [from Military to Civilian rule] which the Junta accepted wholeheartedly. That literally set their tenure of office to 2yrs only which was to expire in 1996 and not subject to any renewal whatsoever. So if the draft constitution had been rejected, that doesn't give any leverage to the Junta, under any pre-existing convenant to which they are a signatory, to renage on their words and prolong the military rule but rather it would have given rise to an interim civilian government that would have prepared the country for a return to constitutional rule as was the case in Liberia. In other words, the transition to constitutional rule would have been prolonged but not necessarily military rule.Thanks

This is what kaanibaa pointed out:

I remember posing a specific question to Halifa ; to wit , who is going to ensure that what is/ was being proposed as our draft constitution would be respected and not manipulated as it was shortly afterwards, to the advantage of the AFPRC. His argument was exactly what Kay posited above, I was one of the doubting Thomases, then and hey man they just wriggled their way out , I believe it was better with all things considered to have rejected the proposed constitution. Accepting it did not solve our problems and as a lot of water has now gone under the bridge, one can with hindsight see that we did not take the bull by its horn so we were taken for a crazy ride. Apportioning blame for the Constitutional imbroglio at this stage might seem an exercise in futility but like all things happening in our dear country post-mortem examinations expose faults or explains what went wrong and those who erred in that case should own up.Some one surely was responsible for campaigning for national acceptance of the draft, Halifa certainly campaigned in support , was his act the catalyst , who knows? but; that had he just taken a different route what might have been the result. The current situation; though leaves much to be desired. Like a journey which comes to a dichotomized junction those who decide a route to follow cannot say they did not contribute to any woes if there are any as they would have taken credit for any good so to speak. My stupid brain tells me that this is what I should expect from people who chose to convince me about such phenomenal life changing decisions. Am I mad about this , you bet I am and do not know if I can forgive the defaulters in this case.As for what I voted for , men it was a big counter to the proposals which I am crying about as it was defeated, was it fairly ; hell no!. So those who chose to thread the lines safely ended up having a tainted and grossly manipulated constitution for us ; which thereafter left out very vital clauses for our national safeguards against tyranny as I feared.It did not help that the draft was accepted because in the end the dirty group got a vote which they claim made them legitimate. You see!

Sunday, 25 January 2009


Bailo, How are you? Sorry for the delay in responding to your questions. Now then, let’s put things in proper perspective.
The exchanges could have been a fruitful one hadn’t been for your maligning and miscalculating comments. Here is why I said that:

“In essence, you, Does the above mean that PDOIS is responsible for The Gambia’s current state of political affairs? Not the British Colonialists! Not the PPP! Not A(F)PRC! Certainly, not your UDP/NRP coalition! If so, that’s incredible! Mbamah kokoh!” Bailo Jallow

Balio, no matter how much i disagree with you, I will never resort to sectioning you in a corner that you didn’t explicitly place yourself. Seriously, I have never in any of my writings associated or declare my support for UDP/NRP, never.
What give you the assumption that, I support those two parties and not PDOIS? Haven’t you ever read politicians disagreeing with their party policies and strategies? The labour party is a good example. Many of its MP’s voted against Blair’s actions and voice their anger at certain party lines. Again, the Democratic Party in U.S, don’t we see the congressmen and women disagreeing over policy and strategy. Did Bush campaign for McCain? In-fact, few days ago the conservative party in Britain brought back one of the party’s biggest critic, Ken Clark. Our exchanges shouldn’t make us the subject matter of the discussions, when that happen, the facts get buried and emotions takes over.
I engage in online debates purely for intellectual reasons. However, the UDP AND NRP are legitimate political parties operating with due regards to the Gambia’s rule of law and trying their best to promote tolerance and democratic values. I will not be embarrassed or fear anyone in declaring my support for them if I so wish. Cowardice is never a thing i associate with my short comings.
Bailo, the PDOIS is not responsible for the Gambia’s whole problems. What i accuse them of is simple and straight forward. But i expected the Calvary to charges no doubt. I am not sure whether the likes of Apha Robinson would have been pleased at your posture considering their radicalism during the PPP era. The irony is that, the crew that were well known for their radicalism during Jawara’s time are now no were to be heard. I wonder why? The scrutiny i reiterate that PDOIS subjected the Jawara regime to, if they could just do half of that now, things may be better.
Before going to the questions, the Mandinkas would most likely say "woi ntii mba" before mbama kokoh.
Please let’s not engage in what Saddin Sardar would called “distorted imaginations”. Take me for what i present myself as.
Your questions Bailo:

“assuming that all your above statement was factual, what’s the problem from your perspective?” Bailo.

I guess you don’t need me to repeat myself again Bailo. I stated what I know to be the reasons why Jammeh is ruling us today the way he wants. This is because he can always claim to be democratic and at best Pan-Africanist. The constitution that PDOIS’S executive vigorously advocated for is the same constitution that Yahya is using bulling every one of his opponents. Notwithstanding holding his head high in international conferences and diplomatic gatherings, why? Because he is ruling us allegedly according to constitutional democracy.

“Is it PDOIS’s optimism that “it was all in their favourâ€�” Bailo

Where they optimistic? I am not aware of that. What i know is that PDOIS has a firm intention to assume power in the Gambia. This ambition cannot be clouded by any intellectual oratory or personal simplicity. The reasons why the PDOIS started writing secretive underground news papers is to pave the way for their full recognition today and influence the thinking and mindset of many intelligent sons and daughters of the Gambia. This is not just to parade them as socialist – democrat but actually as a base to promulgate their ideology and political goals fulfilment.

“or PDOIS’s “ total defiance of military ban on all political parties�? Why then didn’t other parties join PDOIS in their total defiance of the military junta’s ban on all political parties?” Bailo.

Well, which other parties? The PPP was overthrow and the NCP and GPP leaders were among the average Gambians who feel the ban was “unreasonable and unjustifiable” SM Dibba direct words and Hasan Musa stated at the time “however long a night may be, it most break into days”. This shows that, those party leaders accepted the degree banning them with a heavy heart. They were both into politics since independence.
The defiance of PDOIS! The most publicise bravado of the leaders is always mention in many occasions. What that defiance did was gave them the opportunity to test their radical postures. I was pleased that, they defy the junta. But in terms of evident and tangible result, what did that defiance produce? I will hasten to say it did accord them political platform in strengthening their claims to being genuine politicians
The PDOIS nullified their defiance by propagating us to accept a flawed constitution. The reasoning to me is nothing but the notion that, they stand a better chance of gaining power after the transition is over and normal political service resumes. Again Bailo, the party leaders under estimated the trickery of the Junta. The Junta uses every available brain willing to work with them in learning about our country’s political games. The "Nyaye conpins" which was started by PS Njie in Banjul was utilise to the full, the traditional elders and the youth wings were all set up. PDOIS’S grand plan disappeared in tin air when Jammeh declared his candidacy.
Another sad episode for the PDOIS was the lack of confidence Gambians has on them when the bans were lifted. The newly formed UDP AND NRP overwhelming surpass them in support and following.
Bailo, the saying that, “any publicity is good publicity” is true. The PDOIS should listen to critics and learn from what they say. Trying to section critics and align them with rival parties will not result in any gains for them. By the way, i spoke with both Sedia and Suwaibou about my concerns. I also did spoke to Ousainou and Ebou Manneh as well some UDP people in U.S. This goes the same way with the PDOIS Diaspora key supporters. I try understanding the issues in our politics. Bailo, many debates here are a repetition, i can sense that.
The claims that the PDOIS influence lot of Gambian BUHABAS is true to an extent. But the Gambia today has many buhabas that don’t also agree with the PDOIS. Our country can pride itself of producing competent individuals in every field of academic learning. How many sociologists do we have? How many IT experts are out there? How many brilliant lawyers, accountants, bankers, engineers , doctors, geologist, journalist etc do the country have? Plenty. The era has come for us to listen to alternative views and not judge other on flimsy grounds. No Gambian can today claim to be the master of any field singularly. That is a fact.

Thank you and wasalam.

Friday, 23 January 2009


Why Pig Fat is not mentioned but code(s) are printed?PIG FAT by Dr. M. Amjad Khan. In nearly all the western countries including Europe , the PRIMARY choice for meat is PIG. There are a lot of farms in these countries to breed this animal. In France alone, Pig Farms account for more than 42,000.
PIGS have the highest quantity of FAT in their body than any other animal. But Europeans and Americans try to avoid fats.Thus, where does the FAT from these PIGS go? All pigs are cut in slaughter houses under the control of the department of food and it was the headache of the department of food to dispose of the fat removed from these pigs.
Formally, it was burnt (about 60 years ago). Then they thought of utilizing it. First, they experimented it in the making of SOAPS and it worked.Then, a full network was formed and this FAT was chemically Processed, Packed and Marketed, while the other manufacturing companies bought it. In the meantime, all European States made it a rule that every Food, Medical and Personal Hygiene product should have the ingredients listed on its cover. so, this ingredient was listed as PIG FAT.Those who are living in Europe for the past 40 years know about this. But, these products came under a ban by the ISLAMIC COUNTRIES at that time, which resulted in a trade deficit.Going back in time, if you are somehow related to South East Asia , you might know about the provoking factors of the 1857 CIVIL WAR. At that time, Rifle Bullets were made in Europe and transported to the sub-continent through the Sea. It took months to reach there and the gun powder in it was ruined due to the exposure to sea.
Then, they got the idea of coating the Bullets with fat, which was PIG FAT. The fat layer had to be scratched by teeth before using them. When the word spread, the soldiers, mostly Muslim and some Vegetarians, refused to fight. Which eventually lead to the Civil War. The Europeans recognized these facts, and instead of writing PIG FAT, they started writing ANIMAL FAT. All those living in Europe since 1970's know this fact. When the companies were asked by authorities from the MUSLIM COUNTRIES, what animal fat is it, they were told it was COW and SHEEP Fat. Here again a question raised, if it was COW or SHEEP Fat, still it is HARAAM to MUSLIMS, as these animal were not SLAUGHTERED as per the ISLAMIC LAW. Thus, they were again banned. Now, these multinational companies were again facing a severe drought of money as 75% of their income comes from selling their goods to Muslim Countries, and these earn BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of Profit from their exports to the MUSLIM WORLD.Finally they decided to start a coding language, so that only their Departments of Food Administration should know what they are using, and the common man is left lurking in the dark. Thus, they started E-CODES. These E-INGREDIENTS are present in a majority of products of multinational firms including, but not limited to:
TOOTH PASTE, SHAVING CREAM, CHEWING GUM, CHOCOLATE,SWEETS, BISCUITS, CORN FLAKES, TOFFEES, CANNED FOODS, FRUIT TINS, Some medication Multi-vitamins. Since these goods are being used in all MUSLIM Countries indiscriminately, our society is facing problems like shamelessness, rudeness and sexual promiscuity.So, I request all MUSLIMS or non pork eaters to check the ingredients of the ITEMS of daily use and match it with the following list of E-CODES.

If any of the ingredients listed below is found, try to avoid it, as it has got PIG FAT;
E100, E110, E120, E140, E141, E153, E210, E213, E214, E216, E234, E252,E270, E280, E325, E326, E327, E334, E335, E336, E337, E422, E430, E431,E432, E433, E434, E435, E436, E440, E470, E471, E472, E473, E474, E475,E476, E477, E478, E481, E482, E483, E491, E492, E493, E494, E495, E542,E570, E572, E631, E635, E904.
Dr. M. Amjad KhanMedical Research Institute United States

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Sister Jabou: Suntou's Mission to Foster Discord
my response:
Mentioning the pdois executive member here, means dealing with a circle, that circle’s social consciousness transcends any narrow ethic sentiment. It’s rather unfortunate you associate my observations with phony ethnic discord.
Pdois’s ethnic composition is one of the most balance in Gambia’s political divergence. Looking at the executive members is evident enough to that effect.
The founders of pdois live beyond tribal sentiment, at a time when Sedia was nominated the first presidential candidate for pdois, it was not on tribal line.
It is better for us to be less sentimental in this kind of discourse and concentrate on key facts presented. Wollof adage, Bul baggne nyu yeckal laa chi gallu haj yai bulnangu nyu feka ngai chi lecka (being judgemental).
Sister Jabou, if making a broad base comment about your beloved party translates into one being label a rat, then i am happy to embrace the rat race. Obama is one in the U.S context and many honourable folks are rats according to your view point.
I have not in any way try to pacify or please crowds about my views, neither do i look for acknowledgements, so sister i will continue to indulge my hobby come rain or shine. In-fact, the next thing i wish to do is analyse the economic propositions of PDOIS. Reserve the strongest damnation for me please.
As Jesus Christ told a baying mob wanting to stone a prostitute to death: “let the one who is free from sin cast the first stone”.
I commented about the executive members of PDOIS involvement in campaigning for the speedy return of our country to democratic rule, yet, the junta utilises the oversight of the learned brothers to their advantage. Since when did Africans start trusting soldiers in a state house? The fault line extends not only to rampage PDOIS but also the newer parties that join in the carnival atmosphere without effective scrutiny of the constitution. Today, the talk is about uniting the sokolon opposition, yeah, that is a unifying stance, but the stance has all the potentials to fail. When leadership aspirant hide their true interest in boldly declaring their hearts content for the sake of wanting to be seen as less power hungry, discord will unravel our good sister. Such fault line needs fixing first, then the talk can be about how to choose a capable candidate to lead. Let all those who wish to lead throw their hats in the ring, instead of waiting for the last minute and highjack the process.
Don’t blame me for spreading discord; my fingers are too weak for that. Mandinkas would say, kuu siya titi. Still our disagreement on this topic ends on this subject. I will continue to enjoy your insightful postings whenever time permits.
Mbalen jam. Good night


Wise words Edi. I will be two years here on this mailing list in two months time. The surprising thing is, after several years of people exchanging ideas here, we seems to be too weak on our feat when subjects close to hearts are discuss. Our society especially those who have lived in diaspora for years must now inhabit a mental strength of embracing and sensibly disagreeing without being unfair. Is PDOIS that weak to crumble under my personal opinions? What happen to the works of Adama Bah, Sam Sarr, Lady Amie Sillah, Halifa, Sedia and many more staunch militants of the party?
Unity comes with different perspective. I don't see Obama and Hilary stop speaking because they challenge each other sometimes in very unhealthy ways, in-fact Obama now appreciate Hilary now more than any time before. This is call mature politics. Ours is still buried in some nerve button some were ready to explode at a moments notice. Allegiance and friendship circles seems to dictate our truth.


Precisely Jabou. That is the truth you wanted all to see. It seems that even you fall short of accepting decent. what hopes do we have Madam for a Gambia that should be bigger than all?
Again, the readers are not stupid, if that is clear in your mind, why get worked-up over nothing? By all means stick to your guns, but remembers others have the rights and privilege to also do what they see fit.
Good morning.

TO Pierre:
The junta that ended up swapping cloths are the same people ruling us in what we now call a democracy. The current president never seize what he started doing when he was a military. It seems then that the intention of the executive members of PDOIS of a speedy return to democracy never produce any tangible result.
Better we endure all hardships as a nation and come of out it once and for all than this way. What has PDOIS achieve politically since our return to DEMOCRACY? How many Gambians today are living in fear and the threat of jail in the mere utterance of an alternative political view? How many members of parliament has NADD has?
I am a peace loving Gambian Pierre. But You and many other voted yes, how many of those who voted yes among the 70 percent illiterate population knows any thing about the implications of the YES VOTE?
Who went to the radio stations, printed news bulletins, made cassettes and other materials to convince us to vote yes?
Remember the UDP and NRP also calculating join the fray after bans on parties were lifted. Did their massive support change anything? No. in fact the UDP party leader have to run for his life before results were announce. What happen to constitution's guaranteeing the rights of all?
History is not one big mirror that we all see things the same way. History Pa Pierre is about variable analysis, if you think mine is wrong. well and good, certainly i believe yours is wrong also.
You mention prolong military rule, well, then how long shall the disguise military rule be? since party politics hasn't shown any indication that Yahya will be removed in the usual every five years elections.
my claims:
Unless they are willing to spend all their lives having 4, 5, 6 members of parliament. which all decent observers know is not genuine democracy.

TO Peirre again:
Ask your yourself PA where were you? You see we thought the learn-ed brothers had it all worked out. Yet today after 15 years, they haven't a glue as to what to do or how to divert the situation. All that the party militants can do now is try to blame others for the fatal error the executive members made. Pa, i will not desist finding out the role PDOIS played in the doom democratisation process. You Pa or any PDOIS stalwart cannot twist the real role played by the informed executives. Yahya's atrocities are his and his alone. But who underrated him?
The propaganda wing of the PDOIS was functioning perfectly during the military rule (foroyaa). in fact the burning issue was spread by keen supporters all over the place. PDOIS were operating through foroyaa even during the ban on other parties, they should have refuse to contest the elections based on perpetual presidency. I know PDOIS would have inserted the term limit back into the constitution if they had won, but that was just an illusion. Yahya never intended to leave.
Pa, oil the wheel of the camp PDOIS, my interest is exposing some uncomfortable bits of what happen.

Monday, 19 January 2009

The Halifa interview on the just concluded Ghana elections

Some of my responses are directed at Yero Jallow Editor. to get the full discussions click the link below.

Thanks Yero for the forward. To the best of my young and humble knowledge, i thought Halifa was part of the constitutional consultative committee that made us accept the current outdated constitution. Correct me if i am wrong. Sallah did his level best to make Gambians accept the current constitution, so crying over it's lack of term limit now is fruitless.The constitution shouldn't have been accepted in the first place and the opposition should not allow themselves to be used by Yahya. They should boycott partaking in all elections unless the constitution stipulated a two term limit. No amount of coalition efforts will uproot Yahya and his cronies. NADD or whatever Alliance out there must stay away from accepting that constitution, it is useless. For Sallah's comments to be taken seriously, He has to appoligise for the misinformation that resulted in Gambians finding themselves in Yahya perpectual rule. The year 2020 is yahya target, so let's all take a comfortable seat.

my second response to yero:
Thanks again Mowdo yero. Of course i appreciate and acknowledge the dedication and significant role Halifa plays in our politics. Notwithstanding all that, the current Gambian constitution is not worth the paper it is written on.In this day and age, educated and experience brothers like Halifa, Darboe, Hamat should not allow themselves to be used. They will not in any foreseeable future win any election with Yahya controling all the state machinery, including the electoral commission. The PDOIS folks including Halifa campaign that Gambians should vote to accept this current constitution, a constitution that gives Yahya the moral high ground he always cherishes.Halifa being a pan-africanist is undisputed. Infact every African should be a Pan-Africanist. Halifa's comments about the Ghana system exposes him and others in that, they shouldn't have hasten to let Gambians vote to allow Yahya to misrule the Gambia without any term limit. I don't have any intention of contacting Halifa to clarify, if he feels i am wrong, let him correct me here or anywhere.

A fatal error of judgement from my firend Yero:
"Uncle Suntou,I think the problem is; me and you are so intimate here that we avoid being harsh on one another's threads.But in all honesty, your ping-pong hasn't been working on these giant fellows. I also happen to think that your statements are very generic and open. The sooner you avoid hanging out with some of these Halifaphobic fellows in London, the better your enlightenment in these forums be more effective.thanks D..." Yero.

My response to that statement.
Mowdo Yero, you missed a vital aspect of my involvement in the online community. I hardly have close friends who partake in online debates or discussions neither are my friends actively involve in politics. To be honest, i don’t discuss Halifa beyond his role as Gambian politician. I don’t have any interest in his personal life. I see Halifa as two persons, one, a father, husband, sociologist, friend and a private Gambian. That is the same way is I view, Darboe, Hamat and Sedia. There is also another Halifa who spend a good part of his life in educating Gambians towards his political ideology. That Halifa is the same man who headed the NADD coalition in the past national elections. That Halifa is a stakeholder in Gambia’s politics who is not just a foot soldier but a key figure in that arena. That Halifa is well aware of his position in Gambian history, that Halifa knows very well Suntou has nothing against him personally.To try shielding Halifa from historical scrutiny is making him just like Yahya’s supporters made him. We online wouldn’t have any reason to scrutinise Yahya if we try blocking other people’s enquiry into men we support, that is double standard and bias. I see Halifa as a politician who needs to know what modern Gambians expects of her leaders. We need to take out personal relations and friendship in our dialogues. When i write about an issue, it is my sincere feelings that is been expressed. I am not that type of a person who can be used by anyone. I mean anyone.But no one can also use pre-emptive language to block my honest enquiry. I have no allegiance to any human being that transcends the usual courtesy and politeness. I hope we de-personalise topics and discussions and engage in healthy intelligent debates. It is bizarre to see folks who disagree with Halifa’s political outlook as anti-Halifa, in fact, Halifa will distance himself from such remarks. I value our frienship yero, that will not stop me disagreeing with you when needs be, please do not hesitate to counter my arguements. Thanks


My humble analysis of events leading to 1996 elections.

Following the military coup of 1994 a Draft Constitution was drawn for Gambians to approve. Many at the time had no idea about the vital contents of the document under review. During that void period of ignorance and uncertainty the Executive of PDOIS went about canvassing for people to endorse by a ‘Yes’ vote. With expectations that PDOIS Executive knew what was at stake, majority of Gambians naively voted in favour of a totally bastardised Constitution.

Vital elements of the draft Constitution had already been sliced out of it and yet PDOIS political experts did not let Gambians know that. One such important input of the Draft Constitution was about the Presidential Term Limit. This was deliberately omitted and Gambians voted for a constitution that was to give any sitting president a blank ticket for life rule.

It may be argued that though the military knew what they were doing by intentionally deleting that good part of our nation’s book of rules, it was PDOIS Executives who confused Gambians more seriously.

The question remains as who to blame. There were good reasons why the military deleted anything to do with Presidential term Limit. There were better reasons why PSDOIS Executives decided to trick Gambians into voting for a constitution that was totally flawed.

The military at that time banned all political parties and believed the next election was a ready beef to bite and chew. Executives of PDOIS thought it was all in their favour being the only active political party operating in total defiance of military ban on all political parties.

Elections came in 1996 and results showed PDOIS further down rejection lane. Other parties could not heal the fatal wounds inflicted by the long spell of ban that kept them away from genuine politics. Since then the political atmosphere continues getting more and more imbalanced for any decent politics in Gambia .

For historical reflections, the Executive of PDOIS can now keep the crown for leading Gambians towards a political doom. The end.

PS: latest addition due readers reactions.
This short analysis has trigger bitter reactions from sections of the PDOIS ranks, well, if questioning PDOID equal all accusations, then let it fly. I don't see politicians or political groups as above the scrutiny of individual Gambians, and nothing will stop my enquiry into Gambia's political past. If PDOIS supporters are obsessed with the UDP or NRP, then it is up to them to scrutinise them, with time, i intend to air my views on UDP and NRP. Meanwhile, this is only my opinions and observations.
Some even went as far wanting me to convince them, hello! That is not my job. Look into history and do your own findings. A writer went out his/her way to bring in tribal comments. Like i care, if questioning pdois equals fanning tribal discord, so be it. PDOIS was the biggest critic of the PPP, i use to love their analysis and will labor to buy the party's paper every week. If today, i see the need to look into their role in the flawed constitutions rendering Gambian democracy baseless and time wasting, why shouldn't that not be said?
PDOIS is not a single tribe party, me criticising the executives means, questioning the wolof executives, the mandinka executives, the Aku executives, and so on. More comments later God-willing.

Saturday, 17 January 2009


Vision of a people
Hearts united in kindness
Just the ordinary people
A wee bit fortunate
But still concern, caring and loving
They see beyond the horizon
A people far away
In lands of warmth and smiles
Good people, nice persons, yet some in-need
The distance of the land, the stars, the oceans, the sun and moon
Is never a barrier
A monumental idea
The goal of enhancing others in learning and social welfare
Engendering and providing decent facilities for the young
And old improving them in better things
Your service to our people is a thankful one
An honourable sacrifice
Of wealth, time, energy and dividing your love
Reaching throughout by individual donations,
not by the mega rich
The average Sue, Andy, Barbara and Frank
Our racial and cultural difference is not an issue
Humanity in proper perspective
GETSUK, The Gambia Thank You
Long may the charity lives!


Memorable Mandingo classic sukuwo or hymns

This hymn by Mr Fatty reminds me of early childhood in my uncles home. They are the Imams in our village and they take care of all religious matters. We collect firewood in the afternoon for the night Qur'anic reading. We encircle the fire and read in unison, each age group read according to your level.
The Islamic festivals like Eid and Kitimo or Lailatukadir is marked with wonderful hymns or sukuwo. The must regularly hymn sukuwo is Ntubita nma lah, (I ask your forgiveness). Then the experts steps in to hym the classic sukuwos only sang by elders. The link above has some version of that binibo. Enjoy it if you understand mandingo, if not just listen to the patterns.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Is warm water good for the heart? This short article says so

Heart Attacks And Drinking Warm Water
This is a very good article. Not only about the warm water after your meal, but about Heart Attacks ... The Chinese and Japanese drink hot tea with their meals, not cold water, maybe it is time we adopt their drinking habit while eating. For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you. It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion. Once this 'sludge' reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine. Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal. C ommon Symptoms Of Heart Attack... A serious note about heart attacks - You should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting . Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line You may never have the first chest pain during the course of a heart attack. Nausea and intense sweating are also common symptoms. 60% of people who have a heart attack while they are asleep do not wake up. Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep. Let's be careful and be aware. The more we know, the better chance we could survive. A cardiologist says if everyone who reads this message sends it to 10 people, you can be sure that we'll save at least one life. Read this & Send to a friend. It could save a life. So, please be a true friend and send this article to all your friends you care about.
This is an email forwarded to me.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I have a Dream

This is a very serious dream. I don't relay dreams ever but this one is of national interest. Politics is a dangerous and serious business. Those of you who has family and relatives engaged in politics will understand the assertion better.
Politics is deadly and unfriendly. It kills reality and rationality. Some will say, there is no truth in politics, and there is no lasting friendship. Everything in it is dispensable, even supporters.

The dream may have been trigger by the current discussion over potential leaderships contention for the 2011 election in the Gambia.
The dream is that, i have seen very many enthusiastic Gambians supporting the cause to change the current regime. People are putting forward candidate names they would prefer to lead a united opposition. But then it became real in the dream that, to uproot Yahya requires breaking limits.
The many people shouting and screaming for change were made aware that, the usual politics will not remove Yahya. They need to give their life's to the devil to remove yahya. Since Yahya is into strange cult practises, one has to go into such things to even consider having the chance to remove him.
At that point many ran back and said. Well, it is not up to that for me. I will not forsake God for Politics. The big crowds became small. I show people dis-passing and going about their business.
Suddenly, i show a very famous Gambian journalist, a hash critic of Yahya. He call out to me. I went to him and he ask that we go somewhere. I didn't ask were we are going, I trusted him.
He took me to a very strange place, very quiet and spooky. There he said "this is my ancestral secret place". I was puzzled! Then he call out to a voice, suddenly some creature appeared. The creature spoke to him. He asked the journalist, "are you all ready for the ultimate sacrifice"? I asked what sacrifice? The voice said, "forsaking God and accepting me, i will help remove the president". I said why should we forsake God? The voice said "I am the rival to God, if you want worldly and material success, obey me". I said no, the world is not that significant to me to loose my herafater.
The journalist said he will obey the creature and forsake his hereafter in order to remove Yahya. I ran away, and the voice chased me, until i escaped. the journalist went all the way and accept the creature, thus preparing him to undo yahya.
This is my dream. Scary!!! If people are willing to do whatever it takes for political gains, even going to hell for it. I became disgusted by politics and political games. Politicians in our part of the world exact so much power and control over us, they can decide our life and death on flimsy grounds.
I hope that those aspiring to be politicians remember the sacrifices that it involves. Playing with human life's, means dumping yourself in the deepest end of hell fire. Make no mistake, God is the overall overseer.


I am reliably informed by my Mechanic that salt is good for us. I hope the ladies look else were for now. The conversation started after he took break from fixing my car to buy chips. he came with his chips and a bottle of salt. he started spraying salt all over the chips. i was shocked. he said "salt is good for the proper function of John Deed/ lang Sanbujang". he is 50 plus and that he has been functioning fine without no problem becus of salt and good food. is this correct? Is salt good for John Deed/ lang Sanbujang? lets hear it. this is serious.


Folks, forgive my ranting, but sometimes you cannot but rant. I have known and came across quiet a lot of Gambians in Europe selling American cloths, shoes, and other accessories. I have never been tempted to buy any such cloths. This brothers and sisters who engage in the trade knew lots of people don't like American cloths in Europe, they are mostly oversize and expensive.
So they employ a tactic of smooth selling. They hand you the items and then tell you pay anytime, by installment. This is a trick. I have seen many got caught up this quagmire, i felt sorry for many.
Guess what, i became a victim of this unscrupulous sellers. A month or so ago, i chaired a meeting were Gambians from nearby towns came. After the meeting, an old brother about 45 years old came to me. I knew him but not very well. He is a close friend to my elder brother in their city. He was having a car full of this trappy American cloths and shoes. He approached me and said, "i have a shut for you". I said what, he said have a look. I said, sorry but i don't wear shuts often, becise, i wear the cheapest ordinary brands, mostly grey and black, nothing fancy. he said, no, have this and pay anytime.
I said, how much, he said £125. Come on, a shut for £125, i said that's way too expensive. He said no problem. pay any amount you like. I said no, thanks, i don't need it. He started getting into some emotional stuff and his friendship with my brother and so on. I said ok, i will pay not more than £80. becus as Gambians we should patronise our brothers. He said, take your time and pay by installment if you like. After all i am a student, paying heavy fees, talk less of my fuel for the 80 miles return journey to my lecture a day. So installment it is.
A week later this guy started texting and calling me Demanding payment. I was shocked, i said you said anytime and by installment. he said yes, but that he is in financial problem, woo woo woo.
I said ok. I took his account number paid some money, i phone to say i will pay the rest later. Two days later, he call again.
I got angry man. What is this, I never even put on that Italian branded American shut. Come pick it up, i said.
He calm down. Another few days, he phone for the balance. This time, i said to him, i will pay when i can, clear off. He even came knocking my door for the money.
Be mindful of this smooth talkers and tricksters. If you have cash to buy your American cloths, please do, but avoid the credit sellers.
That's my rant.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


By Suntou Touray
Oh that city – Great and holy
Birth place of Prophets and noble folks
Holiness embodied in land, sea and air
Pelican vision from heavens above
On all the atoms and fine mechanism
Sacred it is to all believers!
Its land, sea and air
Evil and grotesque by marauding fake corrupt
Webs of the devilish king-making vampires
Unchallenged the devils incarnate
Killing and slaughtering
Hiding behind thwarted historic past
Coning political game
For votes and power they kill
Lies dressed in pageant cloths
Baffling even the very elect

Chosen Indeed
But chosen for what?
Thieving? Killing? Lying? Fornicating? Alcoholism?
Deviating masses? Or moreover, endangering humanity!
Chosen for what?
Our God who acts in heaven
Holy be thy name
Chosen for what?
The day will surely come
When matters shall be solved
The wrongs repaid
All-ies on you
Give peace a chance

Monday, 5 January 2009

Questions and Answers on Sallah

A Brief Q&A with Badru Jaffar on Sallah, Hope you benefit from it.

Asalam alaykum brother Badru Jaffar (BJ).

Q&A. How long can one keep wiping over your socks for Sallah?

BJ. If you are a traveller you are permitted to wipe over your socks three days and three nights starting from the first wiping.
If you aren't a traveller, you are allowed one day and one night starting from the first wiping.

Q&A. How do you correct a salah if you make a mistake by doing less rakah and also if you do more rakahs?
BJ. If you pray less, and you become aware before reciting salaam/salutation you makeup for the mistake and before salaam you do two sajdah before salaam for forgetting.
If its an addition and remember before salaam you do your two sadjah after salaam for the addition and another salam to end the prayer.

Q&A. What about if you sit by mistake whilst you should stand up?

BJ. If you sit by mistake you stand and continue your prayer and do your sajda before salaam for the mistake.

Q&A. What about if you should stand whilst you should sit.?

BJ. If you stand instead of sitting as this is only visible in the middle sitting you continue with your prayer because that sitting isn't obligatory but you do two sajdahs before salaam for forgetting.

Q&A. If you read a surah that is higher than the first surah you read?

BJ. There is no problem with this. No need for correction.

Q&A. If you read the sallah that is suppose to be quiet and you read it loud, what should you do?

BJ. There is no problem with that. No need for correction.

Thank you for the time and scholarly answers put in simple context.
BJ. Don't mention it, i am happy to answer your queries any time.

Suntou. Sallah is the second pillar in Islam, and there have been many authentic narrations that, If a Muslim stops performing his sallah, he is out of the fold of Islam for that period, yet one who performs his Sallah in ignorance without knowing the etiquette or rules is also on a thin line. We shouldn't be too proud to find out matters of our faith and livelihood. Ask your Imam, or scholar for guidance on this matters or buy books on how to perform the prophet mode of performing Sallah. I pray Allah guide us and safe us from the eternal flames. Amen.

Badru Jaffar Swaleh Secretary, Majlis Ulamaa & Chairman Fatawa Committee. Tel: +254 0202022753 PO BOX 40290 00100 Nairobi/Kenya

Sunday, 4 January 2009

A Lecture about oppressive Rulers
Take time to listen to this. The lecture deals with anyone in a position of authourity who is unjust and oppressive. The practise of corruption and power hungry. Imam Abu Usama put the issue in proper perspective. he differenciate between Islam and those who create disgruntle element in soceity and leads to terrorism and criminnality.
The lecture is based on a book by Adahabe, May his soul rest in peace. injustice is a grave crime in Islam as well in other faiths. God will not forgive oppressors and those who aid and abate them.

The prohibition of Riba, a lecture by an eminent scholar

One of my favourite scholar brother Abu Usama dealt the topic boldly and clearly.
This is a youtube link of a good and clear lecture by an Islamic scholar on the subject of Riba or interest.
You will find other continuation of the part one of this lecture. It will benefit you and increase your understanding of interest or riba. Interest is a big destroyer of economies across the globe. Africa for instance is strangling to death and rampant poverty due to compounded interest on its loans.
Allah warn us against taking riba, why then is a so-called Islamic majority country of the Gambia dealing in riba which is a major sin in Islam? Are the people helpless as to the availability of finance which end up pushing them to take loans at interest? Is it the scholars who are not warning people against it?
the case can be looked at in many different forms. But Riba is bad, it make people bankrupt and poor.

The Islamic new year, Recommended to Fast

The Islamic year start with the month of Muharram, and it is highly recommended by the Noble Prophet Muhammad for us to fast for two days. This days are on the 9Th and 10Th of muharram or 10Th and 11th of the Muharam month. For those interested to observe the fasting, this days will fall on the 5th of January which will be the 9th of Muharam and the 6th of January which will be the 10th of Muharam. Or you can start the fast on the 6th of January the 10th of Muharam and the 7th of January the 11th of Muharam.
The virtues for fasting this two days is that, all your minor sins for the past year will be forgiven my God the most merciful. Also even spending on once family on this days will incur blessing from Allah and he will put barakah in our possessions.
Now is not the time for us to despair, for sincere believers, their aim is to be successful in this Life and the hereafter. Aiming to be dominant in this life at the expense of the hereafter should not be intention of true believers in God. The enemies of God try to pollute believers mind by making their power and dominance the ultimate goal of life. However wealthy and prosperous we may be, one day, that wealth will not benefit us, however much people of religion and faith are ridicule, they will be the ultimate successors.
May Allah give us strong emaan to see truth in this cloud of injustice and tyranny and also provide us halal means to take care of our daily businesses. Amen.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Interview confirmations

Two erudite Gambians have accepted an interview request which will be conducted in the near future. I am delighted the two brothers are able to accommodate the interview request in their busy schedules. I am very grateful that, they accept the request. It is my intention to conduct as many interviews as possible, this is to increase awareness and the spreading of knowledge. Our minds feeds on knowledge which cannot be gain just in lecture halls. We need to read and read a lot and also know what others are thinking which can enhance our world view.

Gambian Muslims in Diaspora

I have approach a Gambian intellectual for an interview on Gambian Muslims welfare in diaspora. This doesn't mean i am neglecting Gambian Christians or Gambian animist. But the intention is to probe into certain activities that are covered with an Islamic cloth and others that go against all the tenet of Islam.
I hope that the learned brother will accord me the opportunity to conduct such a very important and pertinent topical interview with him. I will not disclose his/her identity until after the successful completion of the interview. Should in case he decline my approach, i have got confirmation from a learned Turkish scholar and researcher in Birmingham University and Markfield Institute who is willing to provide his opinions on my questions.
It should be fascinating read.

Thursday, 1 January 2009


This research was forwarded to me and i feel it is interesting enough to share it with others. Some of the facts may be dated now but still relevant for the central message of the study. Why are Muslims not regarded anywhere in the world? Yet with a clear revelation and message. The seeking of knowledge hold central in the message of the Quran and the Hadith yet, Muslims are ranked very low in academic achievements. Why? The Jews today play the muslims palestinians like a football and use the media to rubbish all other claims, yet the muslims can't seems to organise themselves and responded in a civilise manner to the death and suffering of their fellow brothers and sisters. Why?
The email starts here
Happy 1430 Hijra
Happy? But situations in the Muslim world is still sad as it was 500 years ago since we relaxed our quest for knowledge. Because of that influence and power shifted to the Christian world - and have remained there ever since. The figures are speaking themselves very loudly but we refuse to listen. Some thoughts - Extracts of speech by Hafez A.B. Mohamed. Director-General, Al Baraka Bank. Demographics: World Jewish population: 14 million Distribution: 7m in America 5m in Asia 2m in Europe100 thousands in Africa World Muslim population: 1.5 billion Distribution: 1 billion in Asia/Mid-East 400m in Africa 44m in 6m in the Americas Every fifth human being is a Muslim. For every single Hindu there are two Muslims For every Buddhist there are two Muslims For every Jew there are 107 Muslims Yet the 14 million Jews are more powerful than the entire 1.5 billion Muslims... Why..? Here are some of the reasons. Movers of Recent History Albert Einstein - Jewish Sigmund Freud - Jewish Karl Marx - Jewish Paul Samuelson - Jewish Milton Friedman - Jewish Medical Milestones Vaccination needle: Benjamin Ruben - Jewish Polio vaccine: Jonas Salk Jewish Leukaemia drug: Gertrude Elion- Jewish Hepatitis B: Baruch Blumberg - Jewish Syphilis drug: Paul Ehrlich Jewish Neuro muscular: Elie Metchnikoff Jewish Endocrinology: Andrew Schally Jewish Cognitive therapy: Aaron Beck - Jewish Contraceptive pill: Gregory Pincus - Jewish Understanding of human eye: G. Wald Jewish Embryology: Stanley Cohen - Jewish Kidney dialysis: Willem Kloffcame - Jewish Nobel Prize Winners In the past 105 years, the 14 million Jews have won 180 Nobel prizes whilst the 1.5 billion Muslims have achieved only 3 Nobel winners. Inventions that changed History: Micro-processing chip: Stanley Mezor - Jewish Nuclear chain reactor: Leo Sziland - Jewish Optical fibre cable: Peter Schultz - Jewish Traffic lights: Charles Adler - Jewish Stainless steel: Benno Strauss - Jewish Sound movies: Isador Kisee - Jewish Telephone microphone: Emile Berliner Jewish Video tape recorder: Charles Ginsburg - Jewish Influential Global Businesses Polo: Ralph Lauren - Jewish Coca-Cola: Jewish Levi's: Levi Strauss - Jewish o Starbuck's: Howard Schultz - Jewish o Google: Sergey Brin - Jewish o Dell Computers: Michael Dell - Jewish o Oracle Computers: Lary Ellison: - Jewish o DKNY: Donna Karan - Jewish o Baskin Robbins: Irv Robbins Jewish o Dunkin' Donuts: Bill Rosenberg - Jewish Influential Policy-makers/ Politicians o Henry Kissinger, US Sec. of State - Jewish o Richard Levin, President Yale University Jewish Alan Greenspan, US Federal Reserve - Jewish o Joseph Lieberman, US Senator - Jewish o Madeleine Albright, US Sec. of State - Jewish o CasperWeinberger, US Sec. of Defence - Jewish Maxim Litvinov, USSR Foreign Minister Jewish o David Marshal, Singapore Chief Minister Jewish Isaac Isaacs, Gov-Gen. Australia- Jewish o Benjamin Disraeli, British Statesman - Jewish o Yevgeny Primakov, Russian PM - Jewish Barry Goldwater, US Politician - Jewis o Jorge Sampaio, President of Portugal - Jewish o Herb Gray, Canadian Deputy PM - Jewish o Pierre Mendes, French PM Jewish
Michael Howard, British Home Sec. - Jewish Bruno Kriesky, Austrian Chancellor - Jewish o Robert Rubin, US Sec. of Treasury
- Jewish Global Media Figures o Wolf Blitzer, CNN - Jewish o Barbara Walters, ABC News - Jewish o Eugene Meyer, Washington Post - Jewish o Henry Grunwald, Time Magazine - Jewish o Katherine Graham, Washington Post Jewish o Joseph Lelyeld, New York Times - Jewish o Max Frankel, New York Times
- Jewish Global Philanthropists o George Soros - Jewish o Walter Annenberg Jewish Why are they powerful and why are Muslims powerless? Here's another reason... We have lost the capacity to produce knowledge. o In the entire Muslim world (57 Muslim countries) there are only 500 universities o In USA alone, 5,758 universities o In India alone, 8,407 universities Not one university in the entire Islamic World features in the Top 500 Ranking Universities of the World o Literacy in the Christian world - 90% o Literacy in the Musli world - 40% o 15 Christian-majority countries' literacy rate - 100% o Muslim-majority countries with 100% - None o 98% in Christian countries completed primary education o Only 50% in Muslim countries completed primary education o 40% in Christian countries attended university o In Muslim countries, a dismal 2% attended university o Muslim-majority countries have 230 scientists per million o The USA has 5000 per million o The Christian world - 1000 technicians per million o Entire Arab world - only 50 technicians per million o Muslim world spending on R&D - 0.2% of GDP o Christian world's R&D - 5.0% of GDP Conclusions The Muslim world lacks the capacity to produce knowledge. Another way of testing the degree of knowledge is the degree of diffusing knowledge. o Pakistan: 23 daily newspapers per 1000citizens o Singapore: 460 per 1000 citizens o UK book titles per million is 2000 o Egypt book titles per million is only 17 Conclusion.. . Muslim World is failing to diffuse knowledge. Applying knowledge is another such test. o Exports of high-tech products from Pakistan: 0.9% o In Saudi Arabia only 0.2% o Kuwait, Morocco and Algeria : only 0.3% o Tiny Singapore (4mil pop.) : 68% Conclusion.
Muslim world is failing to apply knowledge. What do you conclude? No need to tell... The figures are speaking themselves very loudly but we are unable to use the ears Allah gave us to listen and eyes to let us see... Advice Please educate yourself and your children. Excuses like lack of money, ability or opening are nothing more than that - excuses. Always promote education, don't compromise on it. We hate to be weak, illiterate and poor but are we too weak to give our children the opportunity to break the curse? Don't ignore your children's slightest misguidance from education... and please, for Allah's sake, don't use your personal contacts to promote your children in their education. If they fail, let them because it will make them learn the sweetness of success. Remember... if they can't do it now, they can't ever. With knowledge comes power, and with it even the small can rule over the big. We are world's biggest but sadly NOT strongest nation. All we need is to identify and explore our inner selves. Insha-Allah, our weapon to victory, our duty to spread God's words and our opportunity save all humankind is best through knowledge, creativity, literacy... And nothing else. Wake up O khalifahs of the land .... Wake up ...