Monday, 19 January 2009


My humble analysis of events leading to 1996 elections.

Following the military coup of 1994 a Draft Constitution was drawn for Gambians to approve. Many at the time had no idea about the vital contents of the document under review. During that void period of ignorance and uncertainty the Executive of PDOIS went about canvassing for people to endorse by a ‘Yes’ vote. With expectations that PDOIS Executive knew what was at stake, majority of Gambians naively voted in favour of a totally bastardised Constitution.

Vital elements of the draft Constitution had already been sliced out of it and yet PDOIS political experts did not let Gambians know that. One such important input of the Draft Constitution was about the Presidential Term Limit. This was deliberately omitted and Gambians voted for a constitution that was to give any sitting president a blank ticket for life rule.

It may be argued that though the military knew what they were doing by intentionally deleting that good part of our nation’s book of rules, it was PDOIS Executives who confused Gambians more seriously.

The question remains as who to blame. There were good reasons why the military deleted anything to do with Presidential term Limit. There were better reasons why PSDOIS Executives decided to trick Gambians into voting for a constitution that was totally flawed.

The military at that time banned all political parties and believed the next election was a ready beef to bite and chew. Executives of PDOIS thought it was all in their favour being the only active political party operating in total defiance of military ban on all political parties.

Elections came in 1996 and results showed PDOIS further down rejection lane. Other parties could not heal the fatal wounds inflicted by the long spell of ban that kept them away from genuine politics. Since then the political atmosphere continues getting more and more imbalanced for any decent politics in Gambia .

For historical reflections, the Executive of PDOIS can now keep the crown for leading Gambians towards a political doom. The end.

PS: latest addition due readers reactions.
This short analysis has trigger bitter reactions from sections of the PDOIS ranks, well, if questioning PDOID equal all accusations, then let it fly. I don't see politicians or political groups as above the scrutiny of individual Gambians, and nothing will stop my enquiry into Gambia's political past. If PDOIS supporters are obsessed with the UDP or NRP, then it is up to them to scrutinise them, with time, i intend to air my views on UDP and NRP. Meanwhile, this is only my opinions and observations.
Some even went as far wanting me to convince them, hello! That is not my job. Look into history and do your own findings. A writer went out his/her way to bring in tribal comments. Like i care, if questioning pdois equals fanning tribal discord, so be it. PDOIS was the biggest critic of the PPP, i use to love their analysis and will labor to buy the party's paper every week. If today, i see the need to look into their role in the flawed constitutions rendering Gambian democracy baseless and time wasting, why shouldn't that not be said?
PDOIS is not a single tribe party, me criticising the executives means, questioning the wolof executives, the mandinka executives, the Aku executives, and so on. More comments later God-willing.


Anonymous said...

You are very interesting indeed! How could you make such dangerous allegations about PDOIS executives, without offering any kind of facts or evidence to back your irresponsible assertions. You must be druck with hatred when you were writing those unitelligent remarks.


It seems you too misunderstood my stand point. Who did i hate and why should i hate that person?
We should stop changing the context others put their arguements. If i mention the likeable Halifa, that is only in a political context period. The over sensitive attitude about halifa will make others see Halifa in a very negative light. We African make our own good men and women into dictators. We cannot stand our chosen men be criticise for any reason. I shall continue analysing Gambia's politics in ways i find comfortable. thanks for your comments. i don't hate halifa, i don't need to, it is haram.