Sunday, 4 January 2009

The prohibition of Riba, a lecture by an eminent scholar

One of my favourite scholar brother Abu Usama dealt the topic boldly and clearly.
This is a youtube link of a good and clear lecture by an Islamic scholar on the subject of Riba or interest.
You will find other continuation of the part one of this lecture. It will benefit you and increase your understanding of interest or riba. Interest is a big destroyer of economies across the globe. Africa for instance is strangling to death and rampant poverty due to compounded interest on its loans.
Allah warn us against taking riba, why then is a so-called Islamic majority country of the Gambia dealing in riba which is a major sin in Islam? Are the people helpless as to the availability of finance which end up pushing them to take loans at interest? Is it the scholars who are not warning people against it?
the case can be looked at in many different forms. But Riba is bad, it make people bankrupt and poor.

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