Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I have a Dream

This is a very serious dream. I don't relay dreams ever but this one is of national interest. Politics is a dangerous and serious business. Those of you who has family and relatives engaged in politics will understand the assertion better.
Politics is deadly and unfriendly. It kills reality and rationality. Some will say, there is no truth in politics, and there is no lasting friendship. Everything in it is dispensable, even supporters.

The dream may have been trigger by the current discussion over potential leaderships contention for the 2011 election in the Gambia.
The dream is that, i have seen very many enthusiastic Gambians supporting the cause to change the current regime. People are putting forward candidate names they would prefer to lead a united opposition. But then it became real in the dream that, to uproot Yahya requires breaking limits.
The many people shouting and screaming for change were made aware that, the usual politics will not remove Yahya. They need to give their life's to the devil to remove yahya. Since Yahya is into strange cult practises, one has to go into such things to even consider having the chance to remove him.
At that point many ran back and said. Well, it is not up to that for me. I will not forsake God for Politics. The big crowds became small. I show people dis-passing and going about their business.
Suddenly, i show a very famous Gambian journalist, a hash critic of Yahya. He call out to me. I went to him and he ask that we go somewhere. I didn't ask were we are going, I trusted him.
He took me to a very strange place, very quiet and spooky. There he said "this is my ancestral secret place". I was puzzled! Then he call out to a voice, suddenly some creature appeared. The creature spoke to him. He asked the journalist, "are you all ready for the ultimate sacrifice"? I asked what sacrifice? The voice said, "forsaking God and accepting me, i will help remove the president". I said why should we forsake God? The voice said "I am the rival to God, if you want worldly and material success, obey me". I said no, the world is not that significant to me to loose my herafater.
The journalist said he will obey the creature and forsake his hereafter in order to remove Yahya. I ran away, and the voice chased me, until i escaped. the journalist went all the way and accept the creature, thus preparing him to undo yahya.
This is my dream. Scary!!! If people are willing to do whatever it takes for political gains, even going to hell for it. I became disgusted by politics and political games. Politicians in our part of the world exact so much power and control over us, they can decide our life and death on flimsy grounds.
I hope that those aspiring to be politicians remember the sacrifices that it involves. Playing with human life's, means dumping yourself in the deepest end of hell fire. Make no mistake, God is the overall overseer.

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