Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Islamic new year, Recommended to Fast

The Islamic year start with the month of Muharram, and it is highly recommended by the Noble Prophet Muhammad for us to fast for two days. This days are on the 9Th and 10Th of muharram or 10Th and 11th of the Muharam month. For those interested to observe the fasting, this days will fall on the 5th of January which will be the 9th of Muharam and the 6th of January which will be the 10th of Muharam. Or you can start the fast on the 6th of January the 10th of Muharam and the 7th of January the 11th of Muharam.
The virtues for fasting this two days is that, all your minor sins for the past year will be forgiven my God the most merciful. Also even spending on once family on this days will incur blessing from Allah and he will put barakah in our possessions.
Now is not the time for us to despair, for sincere believers, their aim is to be successful in this Life and the hereafter. Aiming to be dominant in this life at the expense of the hereafter should not be intention of true believers in God. The enemies of God try to pollute believers mind by making their power and dominance the ultimate goal of life. However wealthy and prosperous we may be, one day, that wealth will not benefit us, however much people of religion and faith are ridicule, they will be the ultimate successors.
May Allah give us strong emaan to see truth in this cloud of injustice and tyranny and also provide us halal means to take care of our daily businesses. Amen.

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