Monday, 5 January 2009

Questions and Answers on Sallah

A Brief Q&A with Badru Jaffar on Sallah, Hope you benefit from it.

Asalam alaykum brother Badru Jaffar (BJ).

Q&A. How long can one keep wiping over your socks for Sallah?

BJ. If you are a traveller you are permitted to wipe over your socks three days and three nights starting from the first wiping.
If you aren't a traveller, you are allowed one day and one night starting from the first wiping.

Q&A. How do you correct a salah if you make a mistake by doing less rakah and also if you do more rakahs?
BJ. If you pray less, and you become aware before reciting salaam/salutation you makeup for the mistake and before salaam you do two sajdah before salaam for forgetting.
If its an addition and remember before salaam you do your two sadjah after salaam for the addition and another salam to end the prayer.

Q&A. What about if you sit by mistake whilst you should stand up?

BJ. If you sit by mistake you stand and continue your prayer and do your sajda before salaam for the mistake.

Q&A. What about if you should stand whilst you should sit.?

BJ. If you stand instead of sitting as this is only visible in the middle sitting you continue with your prayer because that sitting isn't obligatory but you do two sajdahs before salaam for forgetting.

Q&A. If you read a surah that is higher than the first surah you read?

BJ. There is no problem with this. No need for correction.

Q&A. If you read the sallah that is suppose to be quiet and you read it loud, what should you do?

BJ. There is no problem with that. No need for correction.

Thank you for the time and scholarly answers put in simple context.
BJ. Don't mention it, i am happy to answer your queries any time.

Suntou. Sallah is the second pillar in Islam, and there have been many authentic narrations that, If a Muslim stops performing his sallah, he is out of the fold of Islam for that period, yet one who performs his Sallah in ignorance without knowing the etiquette or rules is also on a thin line. We shouldn't be too proud to find out matters of our faith and livelihood. Ask your Imam, or scholar for guidance on this matters or buy books on how to perform the prophet mode of performing Sallah. I pray Allah guide us and safe us from the eternal flames. Amen.

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