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Sister Jabou: Suntou's Mission to Foster Discord
my response:
Mentioning the pdois executive member here, means dealing with a circle, that circle’s social consciousness transcends any narrow ethic sentiment. It’s rather unfortunate you associate my observations with phony ethnic discord.
Pdois’s ethnic composition is one of the most balance in Gambia’s political divergence. Looking at the executive members is evident enough to that effect.
The founders of pdois live beyond tribal sentiment, at a time when Sedia was nominated the first presidential candidate for pdois, it was not on tribal line.
It is better for us to be less sentimental in this kind of discourse and concentrate on key facts presented. Wollof adage, Bul baggne nyu yeckal laa chi gallu haj yai bulnangu nyu feka ngai chi lecka (being judgemental).
Sister Jabou, if making a broad base comment about your beloved party translates into one being label a rat, then i am happy to embrace the rat race. Obama is one in the U.S context and many honourable folks are rats according to your view point.
I have not in any way try to pacify or please crowds about my views, neither do i look for acknowledgements, so sister i will continue to indulge my hobby come rain or shine. In-fact, the next thing i wish to do is analyse the economic propositions of PDOIS. Reserve the strongest damnation for me please.
As Jesus Christ told a baying mob wanting to stone a prostitute to death: “let the one who is free from sin cast the first stone”.
I commented about the executive members of PDOIS involvement in campaigning for the speedy return of our country to democratic rule, yet, the junta utilises the oversight of the learned brothers to their advantage. Since when did Africans start trusting soldiers in a state house? The fault line extends not only to rampage PDOIS but also the newer parties that join in the carnival atmosphere without effective scrutiny of the constitution. Today, the talk is about uniting the sokolon opposition, yeah, that is a unifying stance, but the stance has all the potentials to fail. When leadership aspirant hide their true interest in boldly declaring their hearts content for the sake of wanting to be seen as less power hungry, discord will unravel our good sister. Such fault line needs fixing first, then the talk can be about how to choose a capable candidate to lead. Let all those who wish to lead throw their hats in the ring, instead of waiting for the last minute and highjack the process.
Don’t blame me for spreading discord; my fingers are too weak for that. Mandinkas would say, kuu siya titi. Still our disagreement on this topic ends on this subject. I will continue to enjoy your insightful postings whenever time permits.
Mbalen jam. Good night


Wise words Edi. I will be two years here on this mailing list in two months time. The surprising thing is, after several years of people exchanging ideas here, we seems to be too weak on our feat when subjects close to hearts are discuss. Our society especially those who have lived in diaspora for years must now inhabit a mental strength of embracing and sensibly disagreeing without being unfair. Is PDOIS that weak to crumble under my personal opinions? What happen to the works of Adama Bah, Sam Sarr, Lady Amie Sillah, Halifa, Sedia and many more staunch militants of the party?
Unity comes with different perspective. I don't see Obama and Hilary stop speaking because they challenge each other sometimes in very unhealthy ways, in-fact Obama now appreciate Hilary now more than any time before. This is call mature politics. Ours is still buried in some nerve button some were ready to explode at a moments notice. Allegiance and friendship circles seems to dictate our truth.


Precisely Jabou. That is the truth you wanted all to see. It seems that even you fall short of accepting decent. what hopes do we have Madam for a Gambia that should be bigger than all?
Again, the readers are not stupid, if that is clear in your mind, why get worked-up over nothing? By all means stick to your guns, but remembers others have the rights and privilege to also do what they see fit.
Good morning.

TO Pierre:
The junta that ended up swapping cloths are the same people ruling us in what we now call a democracy. The current president never seize what he started doing when he was a military. It seems then that the intention of the executive members of PDOIS of a speedy return to democracy never produce any tangible result.
Better we endure all hardships as a nation and come of out it once and for all than this way. What has PDOIS achieve politically since our return to DEMOCRACY? How many Gambians today are living in fear and the threat of jail in the mere utterance of an alternative political view? How many members of parliament has NADD has?
I am a peace loving Gambian Pierre. But You and many other voted yes, how many of those who voted yes among the 70 percent illiterate population knows any thing about the implications of the YES VOTE?
Who went to the radio stations, printed news bulletins, made cassettes and other materials to convince us to vote yes?
Remember the UDP and NRP also calculating join the fray after bans on parties were lifted. Did their massive support change anything? No. in fact the UDP party leader have to run for his life before results were announce. What happen to constitution's guaranteeing the rights of all?
History is not one big mirror that we all see things the same way. History Pa Pierre is about variable analysis, if you think mine is wrong. well and good, certainly i believe yours is wrong also.
You mention prolong military rule, well, then how long shall the disguise military rule be? since party politics hasn't shown any indication that Yahya will be removed in the usual every five years elections.
my claims:
Unless they are willing to spend all their lives having 4, 5, 6 members of parliament. which all decent observers know is not genuine democracy.

TO Peirre again:
Ask your yourself PA where were you? You see we thought the learn-ed brothers had it all worked out. Yet today after 15 years, they haven't a glue as to what to do or how to divert the situation. All that the party militants can do now is try to blame others for the fatal error the executive members made. Pa, i will not desist finding out the role PDOIS played in the doom democratisation process. You Pa or any PDOIS stalwart cannot twist the real role played by the informed executives. Yahya's atrocities are his and his alone. But who underrated him?
The propaganda wing of the PDOIS was functioning perfectly during the military rule (foroyaa). in fact the burning issue was spread by keen supporters all over the place. PDOIS were operating through foroyaa even during the ban on other parties, they should have refuse to contest the elections based on perpetual presidency. I know PDOIS would have inserted the term limit back into the constitution if they had won, but that was just an illusion. Yahya never intended to leave.
Pa, oil the wheel of the camp PDOIS, my interest is exposing some uncomfortable bits of what happen.

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