Friday, 30 January 2009

Welcoming a new party

The Gambia Moral Congress party was form to bread new blood in our politics. The young party leader Mai Fatty wrote in his news release that he wish to unite Gambians and bring in change for the better.
For now lets hope that the party reinvigorate and bring in added energy and spirit in Gambian politics.
An open mind is required to see what plans the party has for the country.


Anonymous said...

mr mai fatti,leader of this new party, will face a courtcase as soon he arrives in the gambia, this so said in justice believing person, buys goods without paying them, to be continued....


Thanks for your comment. I don't know Mai fatty and certainly cannot comment on his private dealings. I have the opinion that, any citizen of the Gambia who intends to asume public office should first be vetted and scrutised by an independent authority for past frauds, crimes and moral conducts. But this is when the country has independent bodies that can act neutral and objective, but in our case that is not so.
I intend to write about the old forms of leader selection God-willing. But we live a modern world, people can put themselves forward to be elected as future presidents and other lower public officials. This i believe is self-defeating. Mai Fatty is said to be man of strong personality and a capable negotiator. Also he is said have to stood up for the student members of Muslim High school during his head boys days and that he defended folks from rural areas who were intimidated by some city boys. Another news i heard of him was his encounter with a lecturer in Forey Bay college Sierra Leon. The story is that, Mai kept attending the court proceeding of his lecturer in law but the Lecturer warn him to stop attending his sitings, which Mai refuse to do. Later he had a problem with the university authorities.
Do the Gambia needs a strong headed leader at this junture? This is debatable. There have been many sad and bad things that occured in our tiny country. A charismatic and steady person who is intelligent and having a good foresight is thus a suitable person we need, to put the ountry together again.
If anyone argue that the Gambia is not divided today, then that person don't understand the underlying problems brewing under the surface. Yahya has trifle on dividing the population and using heavy handed methods in silencing and cowing the decent citizens of the Gambia. To bring peace and reconcialation, a united opposition is needed for the first five year after Yahya. This will bring us together and help set up several committees to investigate past crimes and deal with them professionally and dignifiablly.
The future of the Gambian union is in the hands of level headed Gambians. Mai seems to be a level headed person, but will his personal dealings haunt him? I don't know. God is the best judge.

Ebou Bah said...

Challenges to modern Gambian leadership.
We the people of Gambia have seen leadership come and go and we are yearning for something better. Something we have never seen that will transform us to an era of hope in the ingenuity of Gambian people again in these trying times of world recession.

Not only do we need individuals that are educated, devoted, calm, and collected but we also need these individuals to possess a quality that has been lacking in Gambian leadership for ages. We need an ounce of humility, proactive proclivities armed with philosophical powers of persuassion.

Our vision of a viable state of affiars does not rest in a house of discord but requires the juxtaposition of a finely tuned interdependent political machinery. Examples of these individuals who can help us reach our destination include the following Gambians: ML Touray, Henry Gomez, Femi Peters, Fatou Jow Manneh, Samsudin Sarr, Jabou Joh, Tijan Nimaga, CJ Chery, Momodou Jallow, and Pa Sillah. The question is that the current administration does not seem to allow these individuals to florish without major challenges. We have all heard of the setbacks that some of these Gambians faced in reaching their ultimate potential and are still facing with harrassement, detention, and threats to themselves or their families. These individuals if listened to can propel our beloved nation to the next level. PDIOS, PPP and UDP has been in the forefront in bringing forth our politicians but we need a different way forward and I know we would have a different country if we allowed our bright, resourceful and hard working people to get into the critical decision making roles.

Ebou Bah, Media Analyst