Monday, 19 January 2009

The Halifa interview on the just concluded Ghana elections

Some of my responses are directed at Yero Jallow Editor. to get the full discussions click the link below.

Thanks Yero for the forward. To the best of my young and humble knowledge, i thought Halifa was part of the constitutional consultative committee that made us accept the current outdated constitution. Correct me if i am wrong. Sallah did his level best to make Gambians accept the current constitution, so crying over it's lack of term limit now is fruitless.The constitution shouldn't have been accepted in the first place and the opposition should not allow themselves to be used by Yahya. They should boycott partaking in all elections unless the constitution stipulated a two term limit. No amount of coalition efforts will uproot Yahya and his cronies. NADD or whatever Alliance out there must stay away from accepting that constitution, it is useless. For Sallah's comments to be taken seriously, He has to appoligise for the misinformation that resulted in Gambians finding themselves in Yahya perpectual rule. The year 2020 is yahya target, so let's all take a comfortable seat.

my second response to yero:
Thanks again Mowdo yero. Of course i appreciate and acknowledge the dedication and significant role Halifa plays in our politics. Notwithstanding all that, the current Gambian constitution is not worth the paper it is written on.In this day and age, educated and experience brothers like Halifa, Darboe, Hamat should not allow themselves to be used. They will not in any foreseeable future win any election with Yahya controling all the state machinery, including the electoral commission. The PDOIS folks including Halifa campaign that Gambians should vote to accept this current constitution, a constitution that gives Yahya the moral high ground he always cherishes.Halifa being a pan-africanist is undisputed. Infact every African should be a Pan-Africanist. Halifa's comments about the Ghana system exposes him and others in that, they shouldn't have hasten to let Gambians vote to allow Yahya to misrule the Gambia without any term limit. I don't have any intention of contacting Halifa to clarify, if he feels i am wrong, let him correct me here or anywhere.

A fatal error of judgement from my firend Yero:
"Uncle Suntou,I think the problem is; me and you are so intimate here that we avoid being harsh on one another's threads.But in all honesty, your ping-pong hasn't been working on these giant fellows. I also happen to think that your statements are very generic and open. The sooner you avoid hanging out with some of these Halifaphobic fellows in London, the better your enlightenment in these forums be more effective.thanks D..." Yero.

My response to that statement.
Mowdo Yero, you missed a vital aspect of my involvement in the online community. I hardly have close friends who partake in online debates or discussions neither are my friends actively involve in politics. To be honest, i don’t discuss Halifa beyond his role as Gambian politician. I don’t have any interest in his personal life. I see Halifa as two persons, one, a father, husband, sociologist, friend and a private Gambian. That is the same way is I view, Darboe, Hamat and Sedia. There is also another Halifa who spend a good part of his life in educating Gambians towards his political ideology. That Halifa is the same man who headed the NADD coalition in the past national elections. That Halifa is a stakeholder in Gambia’s politics who is not just a foot soldier but a key figure in that arena. That Halifa is well aware of his position in Gambian history, that Halifa knows very well Suntou has nothing against him personally.To try shielding Halifa from historical scrutiny is making him just like Yahya’s supporters made him. We online wouldn’t have any reason to scrutinise Yahya if we try blocking other people’s enquiry into men we support, that is double standard and bias. I see Halifa as a politician who needs to know what modern Gambians expects of her leaders. We need to take out personal relations and friendship in our dialogues. When i write about an issue, it is my sincere feelings that is been expressed. I am not that type of a person who can be used by anyone. I mean anyone.But no one can also use pre-emptive language to block my honest enquiry. I have no allegiance to any human being that transcends the usual courtesy and politeness. I hope we de-personalise topics and discussions and engage in healthy intelligent debates. It is bizarre to see folks who disagree with Halifa’s political outlook as anti-Halifa, in fact, Halifa will distance himself from such remarks. I value our frienship yero, that will not stop me disagreeing with you when needs be, please do not hesitate to counter my arguements. Thanks

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