Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I am reliably informed by my Mechanic that salt is good for us. I hope the ladies look else were for now. The conversation started after he took break from fixing my car to buy chips. he came with his chips and a bottle of salt. he started spraying salt all over the chips. i was shocked. he said "salt is good for the proper function of John Deed/ lang Sanbujang". he is 50 plus and that he has been functioning fine without no problem becus of salt and good food. is this correct? Is salt good for John Deed/ lang Sanbujang? lets hear it. this is serious.


ousman ceesay said...

I hate to be the naysayer, but sodium and erectile function? Wow. Where do I start? Well why not keep it simple. Sodium makes your body hold onto water. This makes your heart work harder and your blood pressure rise. Needless to say cardiac arrest, hypertension, diabetes will be lurking around the corner.

is sodium important in your diet, you betcha. But like everything else in life, taking it in moderation is the key. Your mechanic friend may want to lay off salt a little or he might be worrying about more serious ailments than his erectile prowess.


Thanks moribolong. Your views are always educational. Yes indeed, i guess my mechanic is just over doing it. too much of even pleasure is not good let alone food. You have indeed put the salt issue in perspective.