Saturday, 17 January 2009

Memorable Mandingo classic sukuwo or hymns

This hymn by Mr Fatty reminds me of early childhood in my uncles home. They are the Imams in our village and they take care of all religious matters. We collect firewood in the afternoon for the night Qur'anic reading. We encircle the fire and read in unison, each age group read according to your level.
The Islamic festivals like Eid and Kitimo or Lailatukadir is marked with wonderful hymns or sukuwo. The must regularly hymn sukuwo is Ntubita nma lah, (I ask your forgiveness). Then the experts steps in to hym the classic sukuwos only sang by elders. The link above has some version of that binibo. Enjoy it if you understand mandingo, if not just listen to the patterns.

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